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  1. Aaadriiann

    Hi-Metal R

    Finally here from Nippon Yasan! I really feel like this is the superior look over the flashback version. I'm getting an airbrush soon so I might try to paint the yellow trim red.
  2. My set came in! Happy to get my Super Pack, 3 mode display going. Thanks Yeti!
  3. Here! It's pretty nifty! https://cricut.com/en_us/?_ga=2.230591196.194087572.1584739947-1771142911.1581750024
  4. Bandai Robot Spirits Evangelion Unit 03! I had this a few years ago and regretted selling it so I'm glad to have this in the collection once again. And! I technically purchased this blank shirt from Walmart for my wife to use her Cricket to print me a SMS logo. I love subtle anime shirts.
  5. I only have 1 VF-31J Kai. That's it! So what do I win? Lol
  6. Since I am the latter viewer/fan described I also appreciate the with the wealth of knowledge, like yourself!
  7. Aaadriiann

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm one of those late orders, pre-ordered 12/15/19 to be exact. But I got this reply yesterday after inquiring, " We apologies for the delay in your pre order. After checked with the dispatch center they did not receive yet our stock for figure. Since it already released, we will receive it during this month. One more time we apologies for this inconvenience, and please be sure when we will have the product we will ship fast as possible your pre order." So I'm not worried, it'll be around eventually lol
  8. Aaadriiann

    Hi-Metal R

    Resourceful! I see. Thanks gents! I'll be experimenting with some options in the near future. Plenty of 1/100 ordanance asking to be used on some HMR.
  9. Haha, that's why I await my Yeti Stands with much anticipation. Get some proper height and banking poses going. I'm just glad for now that they fit.
  10. Aaadriiann

    Hi-Metal R

    Say what? How did you go about mounting? I'd love to do the same on my copy.
  11. Being the masochist I am, I finally read all 554 pages of this thread over the last 2 weeks lol. What a journey, especially the hundreds of pages dedicated to the VF-31A and NY. So with some current topic contributions...I just got a Vf-31J Kai off Mandrake recently and I honestly think it looks so good in Gerwalk. You get to see the trim and take advantage of the armaments. Can't wait for the super parts and Yeti Stands to come in.
  12. Aaadriiann

    Hi-Metal R

    How do you like it as a figure? I've been debating on grabbing this or the the S variant just to have a type of VF-19 in my 1/100 collection.
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