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  1. Great site and I love your transformation videos! 👍
  2. Watched it last night and it was a good time, I wish the sound effects were remastered.
  3. Watched in IMAX, overall it's a fantastic movie and a faithful adaptation to Herbert's novel. The art direction is very subtle but sleek, It'd be better if they included the banquet on Arrakis. Also, I was really touched by the Duncan Idaho's scene.
  4. Hi all, Selling some old collections. They are new, unused items. Asking $190 shipped for the EVA $80 shipped for the Alpha Azieru
  5. Update to the first post: * Add VF-1A VF-1A was the first mass-produced viable fighter for the U.N. It was used extensively in Space War I and was in production until the 2020s. Arguably, VF-1 is the most recognizable variable fighter in the Macross world. VF-1A standard weapons are 1 RÖV-20 anti-aircraft laser cannon, 1 GU-11 gun pod, and 12 AMM-1 missiles. In Gerwalk. The concept of mass production gives Macross a sense of reality Battroid VF-1A on screen. One of the battroid is actually a VF-1J if watched carefully. VF-1A in Macross DYRL VF-1A with Superpack. With QF-3000 Ghost Used an extra superpack and waterslide decals. I airbrushed red (Tamiya XF-7) to match the original art and Bandai’s missiles. This is a movie version VF-1A 2.0, Yamato also released a T.V. version before. as use Original art, from: http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/vf-1a-valkyrie.htm Have fun!
  6. Update to the first post: * Add ES-11D ES-11D was a type of recon spaceplane for the U.N. before the Space War I. Because of its non-variable simple design, some were still active in the 2040s. Here is an ES-11D stationed on Planet Eden’s New Edwards TFC, with a special paint to celebrate Sharon Apple’s galaxy tour at the time. ES-11D has both conventional and thermo-nuclear reaction engines. I wish there will be more releases of the minor aircrafts. How about a F-203 Dragon II or MiM-31 Karyovin? The main colors are Mr. Hobby C69 (off white, fuselage) and C71 (midnight blue, radome) On screen, Macross episode 7 and 10 I was fortunate to acquire this rare copy of Moscato 1/72. It’s well designed and beautifully sculpted by John F. Moscato. It'd be perfect if canopies were made with clear plastics Cockpit close up. The pilots are from Shapeways 3D Printing https://www.shapeways.com/product/VJ23S29SZ/1-72-scale-pilots-for-vf-1j?optionId=165958660&li=ostatus The custom decals for this project. I tested different sizes on regular papers before the final print. Original art from Macross Mecha Manual http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/catseye.htm Have fun!
  7. Update to the first post: * Add S-37 The Sukhoi S-37 was an experimental fighter for the Anti-U.N. near the end of the Unification Wars. Few S-37s were used to test advanced technologies (e.g. active stealth) in combat, and that helped the development of the SV-51 variable fighter. Here shows a S-37 in D.D. Ivanov's colors and Klimov RD-35A/R booster. S-37 is deadly in the hands of an experienced pilot. This one has two micro-missile launcher/auxiliary tanks, two RD-33D mid-range missiles, plus more weapons in its internal bay. S-37 is powered by two Soloviev D30-F6 engines. They were upgraded to D30-F6X on the SV-51s. http://www.macross2.net/m3/macrosszero/sv-51.htm The missiles, decals, booster, and pilot came from a Hasegawa SV-51 kit. A possible blue S-37 on screen, Macross Plus episode 3. D.D. Ivanov’s SV-51, its colors resemble the real S-37. S-37 in the real world. It was renamed to Su-47 Berkut in 2002. Examples of active stealth in Macross. They are likely based on the plasma stealth technology which the former Soviet Union was keen on developing. S-37 without the booster. It was fun to build this Hobby Boss 1/72. I love when a model has good details and yet is simple in design. Some of the colors that I used for this project. Most are from Hasegawa's SV-51 paint guide. Have fun!
  8. Update on the first post * Add YF-29 The YF-29 Durandal is an experimental variable fighter designed to combat the Vajra. YF-29 is improved from the VF-25 Tornado pack, and has integrated Fold Quartz to disrupt the Vajra networks. Its weaponry includes a HBP-01A heavy quantum beam rifle and 12 MBL-02S micro-missile launchers. Here is Alto Saotome’s custom YF-29 with super pack, with the fold wave projectors deployed. (http://www.macross2.net/m3/macrossf/yf-29.htm) On screen, Macross Frontier the Movie Wings of Goodbye Battroid The full set pack YF-29 has various improvements over the previous releases. One is the wing boosters and the chest now have ratchets, and that really helps the playability. Atmospheric fighter mode. I used Tamiya black and grey panel liners, TS-80 flat coat, and Gundam markers. I've been busy moving to my new home. With all the hobby stuff, moving was a pain in the butt but I'm glad that everything arrived safely. Summer is coming, have fun and see you next time!
  9. Update to the first post: * Add VF-X The VF-X was an experimental prototype Valkyrie. It cannot transform but is equipped with thermal-nuclear reaction engines, and that is opposite from the VF-0s. With the success of VF-X, U.N. began mass production of VF-1s as its main variable fighter. VF-X has no head and arms, so it can only transform partially. Here is the VF-X in quasi-Gerwalk mode. VF-X in Claudia’s flashback, Macross episode 33 Original art from Macross Mecha Manual:http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/vf-x.htm The Yamato version 2 Valkyries are fine toys. I wish Arcadia and Bandai would release more lesser known Macross products. Here I avoided yellow warning marks to better match the VF-X’s original colors. Have a great weekend everyone!
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