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  1. I got it from Taobao.com (Chinese Ebay). Maybe you can ask one of the Macross decal sellers from China (on our Ebay) and see if they have it.
  2. Thanks. It's actually waterslide decals because trimmed stickers can only go so far
  3. Great site and I love your transformation videos! 👍
  4. Watched it last night and it was a good time, I wish the sound effects were remastered.
  5. Watched in IMAX, overall it's a fantastic movie and a faithful adaptation to Herbert's novel. The art direction is very subtle but sleek, It'd be better if they included the banquet on Arrakis. Also, I was really touched by the Duncan Idaho's scene.
  6. Update to the first post: * Add VF-1A VF-1A was the first mass-produced viable fighter for the U.N. It was used extensively in Space War I and was in production until the 2020s. Arguably, VF-1 is the most recognizable variable fighter in the Macross world. VF-1A standard weapons are 1 RÖV-20 anti-aircraft laser cannon, 1 GU-11 gun pod, and 12 AMM-1 missiles. In Gerwalk. The concept of mass production gives Macross a sense of reality Battroid VF-1A on screen. One of the battroid is actually a VF-1J if watched carefully. VF-1A in Macross DYRL VF-1A with Superpack. With QF-3000 Ghost Used an extra superpack and waterslide decals. I airbrushed red (Tamiya XF-7) to match the original art and Bandai’s missiles. This is a movie version VF-1A 2.0, Yamato also released a T.V. version before. as use Original art, from: http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/vf-1a-valkyrie.htm Have fun!
  7. Update to the first post: * Add ES-11D ES-11D was a type of recon spaceplane for the U.N. before the Space War I. Because of its non-variable simple design, some were still active in the 2040s. Here is an ES-11D stationed on Planet Eden’s New Edwards TFC, with a special paint to celebrate Sharon Apple’s galaxy tour at the time. ES-11D has both conventional and thermo-nuclear reaction engines. I wish there will be more releases of the minor aircrafts. How about a F-203 Dragon II or MiM-31 Karyovin? The main colors are Mr. Hobby C69 (off white, fuselage) and C71 (midnight blue, radome) On screen, Macross episode 7 and 10 I was fortunate to acquire this rare copy of Moscato 1/72. It’s well designed and beautifully sculpted by John F. Moscato. It'd be perfect if canopies were made with clear plastics Cockpit close up. The pilots are from Shapeways 3D Printing https://www.shapeways.com/product/VJ23S29SZ/1-72-scale-pilots-for-vf-1j?optionId=165958660&li=ostatus The custom decals for this project. I tested different sizes on regular papers before the final print. Original art from Macross Mecha Manual http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/catseye.htm Have fun!
  8. Update to the first post: * Add S-37 The Sukhoi S-37 was an experimental fighter for the Anti-U.N. near the end of the Unification Wars. Few S-37s were used to test advanced technologies (e.g. active stealth) in combat, and that helped the development of the SV-51 variable fighter. Here shows a S-37 in D.D. Ivanov's colors and Klimov RD-35A/R booster. S-37 is deadly in the hands of an experienced pilot. This one has two micro-missile launcher/auxiliary tanks, two RD-33D mid-range missiles, plus more weapons in its internal bay. S-37 is powered by two Soloviev D30-F6 engines. They were upgraded to D30-F6X on the SV-51s. http://www.macross2.net/m3/macrosszero/sv-51.htm The missiles, decals, booster, and pilot came from a Hasegawa SV-51 kit. A possible blue S-37 on screen, Macross Plus episode 3. D.D. Ivanov’s SV-51, its colors resemble the real S-37. S-37 in the real world. It was renamed to Su-47 Berkut in 2002. Examples of active stealth in Macross. They are likely based on the plasma stealth technology which the former Soviet Union was keen on developing. S-37 without the booster. It was fun to build this Hobby Boss 1/72. I love when a model has good details and yet is simple in design. Some of the colors that I used for this project. Most are from Hasegawa's SV-51 paint guide. Have fun!
  9. Update on the first post * Add YF-29 The YF-29 Durandal is an experimental variable fighter designed to combat the Vajra. YF-29 is improved from the VF-25 Tornado pack, and has integrated Fold Quartz to disrupt the Vajra networks. Its weaponry includes a HBP-01A heavy quantum beam rifle and 12 MBL-02S micro-missile launchers. Here is Alto Saotome’s custom YF-29 with super pack, with the fold wave projectors deployed. (http://www.macross2.net/m3/macrossf/yf-29.htm) On screen, Macross Frontier the Movie Wings of Goodbye Battroid The full set pack YF-29 has various improvements over the previous releases. One is the wing boosters and the chest now have ratchets, and that really helps the playability. Atmospheric fighter mode. I used Tamiya black and grey panel liners, TS-80 flat coat, and Gundam markers. I've been busy moving to my new home. With all the hobby stuff, moving was a pain in the butt but I'm glad that everything arrived safely. Summer is coming, have fun and see you next time!
  10. Update to the first post: * Add VF-X The VF-X was an experimental prototype Valkyrie. It cannot transform but is equipped with thermal-nuclear reaction engines, and that is opposite from the VF-0s. With the success of VF-X, U.N. began mass production of VF-1s as its main variable fighter. VF-X has no head and arms, so it can only transform partially. Here is the VF-X in quasi-Gerwalk mode. VF-X in Claudia’s flashback, Macross episode 33 Original art from Macross Mecha Manual:http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/vf-x.htm The Yamato version 2 Valkyries are fine toys. I wish Arcadia and Bandai would release more lesser known Macross products. Here I avoided yellow warning marks to better match the VF-X’s original colors. Have a great weekend everyone!
  11. I just found A-10 on screen, unbelievable!
  12. Update to the first post: * Add A-10 Thunderbolt II The A-10 (nicknamed Warthog) was a close air support attack aircraft for the U.N. It was widely used against the Anti-U.N. ground units during the Unification Wars. The A-10 carries a massive number of weapons. Here it shows a 30mm GAU-8 autocannon, 12 MK-82 general purpose bombs, 2 GBU-10 laser-guided bombs, 4 AGM-65 anti-armor missiles, 2 AIM-9L air-to-air missiles, and an ALQ-119 ECM pod. The A-10s are well known for their survivability. Many A-10s were heavily damaged on the battlefield but still managed to fly back to the base. On screen, Macross episode 1 A-10 in the real world USAF. The YA-9 prototype (top) and experimental unmanned A-10PCAS (bottom). Although this Hobby Boss may be the best among all 1/48 A-10s, its quality is only average. I was not happy with this kit to be honest, mainly because of the bad fuselage and the engine designs, which made polishing very difficult. About the Hasegawa 1/72, I wanted to build it at first but gave it up because of its raised panel lines. The colors are MRP 038 (light ghost grey) and 097 (dark ghost grey). This combination works well on the F-15s but its contrast was a bit too strong on the A-10s, therefore I sprayed a much thinned 038 to blend the colors. That's all, have fun!
  13. I have both and they are identical. One cannot tell the difference if they were mixed
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    That's a monsta! Good CG
  15. Update to the first post: * Add F-14 S-Type Kai * Add Anti-U.N. Naval Infantry The F-14 S-Type is a test fighter modified by Shinsei Industries for the U.N. It has a specialized paint composition that claims to be able to reduce its RCS signal by 70%. It also has a GU-11 gun pod which later became a standard weapon for the VF-1s. Some may question its canonicity. To me, it’s ok as long as it respects the source material and is not too far stretched (as opposed to the new Treks, ugh). Also Kawamori has a somewhat vague attitude on things to be considered canon. This aircraft is hefty because it’s a diecast model. But it has loose pylons just like the other Calibre Wings F-14s. The Naval Infantry was an elite amphibious unit of the Anti-U.N. They participated in major battles like the attacks of South Ataria Island during the Unification Wars. Shin’s flashback in Macross Zero episode 2. This is one of few times that Anti-U.N. regulars were shown on screen. They look like Russian light infantry, but it’s hard to know for sure. Real world firearms used by the Anti-U.N. remnants in Macross Zero. Beretta M82A1 sniper rifle, AK-47, AK-74 and AK-102 assault rifles. Check out imfdb for more details. http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Macross_Zero The models are Russian Naval Infantry from Damtoys (1/6) and Zvezda (1/35). That's it, have fun!
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    yes! and... Sharon! Sharon! Sharon!
  17. Update on the first post: * Add VF-4G Commander Type Gerwalk Battroid. Its distinctive head design came from the VF-4 master file. I used Tamiya gray panel liner, TS-80 matte coat, and Gaia 047 for a slight canopy tint. Have fun and happy Lunar New Year everyone! https://www.facebook.com/Bryans-Macross-Workshop-100854188399106
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