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  1. I like the season 2. I wish the storm troopers were stronger and more threatening in the show
  2. Update to the first post: * Add MiG-29 early type The MiG-29 (NATO codename: Fulcrum) was a fighter used by the Anti-UN (AUN) throughout the Unification Wars. Because the war deteriorated badly for the AUN, some late type MiG-29s were enhanced with additional canards, flares, electronics, and weaponry. However, they were still outmatched by the large number of U.N. drones in battle. The power of the MiG 29 comes from two Klimov RD-33 turbofan engines, each with a maximum afterburning thrust of 81.3 kN The MiG-29 standard armament includes a 30mm cannon, two R-27, two R-73, and two R-60 air-to-air missiles. Roundels of the AUN regulars (left) and remnants (right) AUN remnant’s MiG-29 early type (top) and late type (bottom, with canards and micro missile pods). Macross Zero, episode 1 and 5 The MiG-29s in the real world Soviet Union and Warsaw member states This Great Wall Hobby 1/48 kit impressed me. Though not perfect, it has a one-piece fuselage, beautiful mold and photo etched parts, individual armaments, and fine engine details. In short it’s the best aircraft model I have handled so far. Bought an extra resin pilot. It fits well with this kit. This kit's details are amazing. It would be perfect if the rivets and panel lines were slightly deeper. The metallic colors of Alclad II (lacquer) are great. After spraying, polish with True Metal wax (enamel) from AK Interactive. A good thing is the wax can be removed with enamel thinners without removing the base paint. MRP's MiG 29 special colors (lacquer) are used. Fuselage 091 (light gray) and 092 (light green gray), radome 047 (dark gray). Soviet aircrafts color reference: http://www.theworldwars.net/resources/resource.php?r=camo_vvsmod Maybe D.D. Ivanov piloted MiG-29 before? Happy holidays everyone! https://www.facebook.com/Bryans-Macross-Workshop-100854188399106
  3. Might be a bit late but hope this helps
  4. Update to the first post: * Add VF-11B Thunderbolt VF-11 Thunderbolt was the successor to the VF-4 Lightning III variable fighter. VF-11 was versatile for both atmospheric and space missions, therefore it was vastly deployed as fleet escort and planetary defense fighters throughout the 2030s. The VF-11 has a beautiful design, and it looks suitable as a mass production fighter. I referenced Hasegawa's 1/72 and added some panel lines and water slide decals. On screen, Macross Plus episode 1 Atmospheric flight mode. By the way this is not Isamu’s Eagle 107 I have mixed feelings for this old Yamato VF-11B. Its fighter and Gerwalk forms are beautiful and faithfully represent the original design of Shoji Kawamori. Also the details are unexpectedly better than the VF-0s. But this VF-11B doesn't play well, mainly because of the loose hip joints and cockpit shield. Battroid mode. Its hip joints are so loose that it can barely stand Original art, from: http://www.macross2.net/m3/macrossplus/vf-11b-super.htm I wonder what fighters are these? Have fun and happy Thanksgiving everyone! https://www.facebook.com/Bryans-Macross-Workshop-100854188399106
  5. Update to the first post * Add VF-0D Shin Kudo VF-0D is a two-seater version of the VF-0A variable fighter. Compared to the 0A, the 0D has canards and bigger wings for improved performance, but its combat radius was still relatively short because of the conventional EFG-127 turbine engines. The VF-0D can also carry a variety of weaponry, including former NATO spec missiles and bombs. Here is Lt. Shin Kudo and Lt. Edgar LaSalle’s customized blue VF-0D. This is a great product from Arcadia. Some may dislike the bleeded panel lines and inverted pre-shading colors, but it looks okay to me. Also I felt no need to further work on a product for a first time. Overall this late version VF-0D has beautiful details, tight fitment, and good articulation. On screen, Macross Zero episode 2 and 3 Original art, from Macross Mecha Manual http://www.macross2.net/m3/macrosszero/vf-0d.htm Have fun! https://www.facebook.com/Bryans-Macross-Workshop-100854188399106
  6. To me it was when Max told Hikaru that he's going to get married
  7. Update to the first post: * Add S-3 Viking The S-3 Viking was a carrier-based anti-submarine aircraft used by the U.N. in the Unification Wars. The S-3 equipped with advanced electronics and sonar to detect and against the large number of Anti-U.N. submarines. With a buddy-fueling system, the S-3 could increase the range of other aircrafts, especially helpful to the first generation non-thermonuclear engine VF-0 variable fighters. The S-3 Viking in the real world U.S. Navy. It carries a crew of four. S-3 Viking on screen. Macross Zero episode 2, 3, and 4. As you can see in this comparison picture that there’s little room and no pylon point between the turbine and fueling tank, so I’m not certain how the S-3 in the anime was able to carry an extra gun pod for Focker. Maybe it was a special mod? I don't like this Hasegawa kit much, but there is no other 1/72 S-3 to choose from. Also the raised panel line isn’t the easiest to work with when weathering and applying decals. After some research, I chose MRP 038 (light ghost grey) for the body and 105 (U.S. Navy grey blue) for the cockpit. MRP are lacquer based paints for airbrush and they are well known for their color accuracy and quality. Here is a good reference site for the U.S. aircraft colors. http://www.theworldwars.net/resources/resource.php?r=camo_usn Have fun! https://www.facebook.com/Bryans-Macross-Workshop-100854188399106
  8. Update on the first post: * Add YF25 Prophecy YF-25 is an experimental variable fighter developed by Shinsei Industries on the basis of YF-24. Only a small number of YF-25s were manufactured in 2058 and used to test various new sensors and systems such as EX-Gear. Later, in response to the threat of Vajra, YF-25 was also tested with different enhancements such as Paladin and Tornado packs. I had an idea of a YF-25 with a tornado pack. After research, I found CrossAir's work and it convinced me to complete the idea. You can see his wonderful YF-25 here: Fighter, highspeed, gerwalk, and battroid modes On screen, Macross Frontier Movie The False Songstress From VF25 master file YF-25 after detailed processing and matting The tornado accessories that are masked and ready to be sprayed. The colors are Mr. Color 58 mixed with 59, and Tamiya X6 for touch ups. The tip of the wing is Tamiya XF-3. It’s a pity that Paladin pack was not sold Have fun and stay safe! https://www.facebook.com/Bryans-Macross-Workshop-100854188399106
  9. Update on the first post: * Update VF-31F Messer * Update SV-262 The VF-31 Siegfried is the latest variable fighter for the NUNS. It’s derived from the experimental YF30 Chronos by the SMS Ouroboros. The Delta Flight VF-31s changed the wing to a forward-swept design and equipped with Fold Quarts to meet the needs of their missions. Here shows Messer Ihlefeld‘s customized high maneuver VF-31F with superpack. On screen, taking off with Kaname’s “Axia” The Bandai mecha collections are great. They are cheap, simple to build, and the quality is better than average models. The only downside is the use of stickers instead of decals, that means you’ll need to be careful when applying them. The mecha collection is non-scaled, but my guess is they are about 1/144. VF-171 Nightmare Plus Rim World type. The canopy is painted because the included sticker isn’t good here. The base color is Mr. Color 104 (gun chrome, lacquer) and Tamiya X26 (clear orange, acrylic) on top. The SV-262 is the Kingdom of Windermere’s main variable fighter in their second war against the NUNS. The SV-262 showed a strong combat effectiveness in battle. Although it does not have a pin-point barrier system, the SV-262 can command and coordinate attacks with two Lill Draken drones. Interestingly, the development of SV-262 seems to have been supported by the former Anti-UN Alliance remnants and its design can be traced to the old J35 fighter. Here shows the SV-262Hs model customized for the Aerial Knight’s Keith Aero Windermere. On screen. SV-262Ba mass production Here's the old picture, have fun! https://www.facebook.com/Bryans-Macross-Workshop-100854188399106
  10. I see. The old pics were in their original size so I was just wondering.
  11. Hi Shawn, My question is why the newly attached pictures are smaller than before? Is it because of the upgrade and is it going to be this way?
  12. Update on the first post: * Add VF171 EX * Update RVF171 EX The VF-171EX is the main fighter used by the NUNS in the later stage of the battle against Vajra. Compared with the ordinary VF-171, the EX model has enhanced firepower, electronics, protection and mobility to counter the continuously evolved Vajra. Here shows Alto Saotome’s VF‐171EX before the final attack. It has a superpack with additional armor and weaponry, including 2 MDE (Micro Dimensional Eater) warhead missiles. VF-171EX in combat. It has an anti-Vajra 30mm quantum beam cannon. Warrant Officer Maruyama battling the Ghost V9 Have fun! Few more pics: https://www.facebook.com/Bryans-Macross-Workshop-100854188399106
  13. Update on the first post * Add J35 Draken The J35 Draken was a minor frontline fighter used by the Anti‐U.N Alliance (AUN) during the Unification Wars. It can intercept enemy aircrafts in all weathers and operate in harsh combat environments. The J35 is also a pioneer for both double delta wing design and Cobra maneuver. After the war, the design of J35 Draken eventually passed on to the Kingdom of Windermere’s SV‐262 Draken III variable fighter. The J35 armament includes 1 x 30 mm cannon, 2 x Rb24, and 2 x Rb28 air-to-air missiles. Let’s talk about the lore of Macross for a moment. The Macross official did not explicitly set those countries to join the AUN. We only know the AUN is likely to consist of the former Soviet Union Warsaw Group and some middle Eastern countries (perhaps Israel as well). Although Sweden is likely to remain neutral in the Unification Wars, this does not mean that J35 cannot appear as AUN. Many J35s have been exported to other countries, and the Swedish Air Force has participated in World War II as a volunteer in the past. Last but not least, who remembers that the Swedish Empire once dominated Scandinavia in the 17th century? Another thing that’s unclear is the roundel of AUN. According to the chronology of Macross Compendium, the time that Macross Zero occurred is July 2008, but the Unification War ended in January 2007, hence the cross symbol we saw in the film is likely for the AUN remnants, and the triangle and yellow circle was used by the AUN regulars during the war. The rambling image of AUN soldiers in Zero also seems to fit this speculation. Last, it's just hard to imagine that the Islamic AUN countries will fight under a sign of cross. This 1/48 Hasegawa kit is simple and reasonably priced. However, it doesn’t include pilot or weapons, and there will be gaps if you want to build the rear auxiliary landing bay closed. Before spray painting the camouflage. Tamiya’s curve tape works well. I had to get the decals made by professionals this time. Home inkjet printers cannot produce satisfactory color saturation, and it’s apparent if the decal is going to be applied on a dark surface. The reason to use the cross in the end is to contrast the dark body color for aesthetic purposes. Before applying the top coat. Make sure the room’s temperature and humidity is reasonably low. Thanks for viewing. The summer almost over and that means less time to play If you're interested for more pictures: https://www.facebook.com/Bryans-Macross-Workshop-100854188399106 Take care!
  14. Hope these help This 1/72 Airfix is a well made kit. The mold is clean and fitment is good overall. It also has the option to build 1 of 3 configurations, a B.2 (bomber), SR.2 (recon), or K.2 (tanker). Be sure to check the provided reference sheets to use the right parts and decals while building. Extra resin pilots. This is the first time I've seen anything made in Belgium I used Hataka lacquer colors C262 for the top and A217 for the ventral (thanks to Scale Hanger’s video on Youtube). Also, Vallejo acrylic putty is quite useful for filling small gaps. This masking might be an overkill, but I want to be certain there is no unwanted coloring or bleeding. This thing is BIG isn't it? The next steps are to add decals, panel line, weathering wash, and a matte coat (Tamiya TS80). https://www.facebook.com/Bryans-Macross-Workshop-100854188399106
  15. Mine is the same, ugh >_<" I've been using "no step" and pilot names from other decal sheets and they are fine .
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