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  1. I'm surprised that Amazon.com hasn't had the YF-21 up for pre-order yet when all these other shops have already had them up for days now.
  2. I was all ready to do the preorder last night ...but the power to my house went out an hour before the preorders would start. What timing... ☹️
  3. I am wondering that as well. Practically everything I have has a clear coat on it except for most of the Delta valks. That's interesting that two of the same valks stored in the same way have entirely different results. Lends credibility to the theory about some batches of plastic being bad or something.
  4. Mine's been displayed in a display cabinet since practically the day I got it years ago and there's no yellowing on mine either. Even my 1/48 Yamato VF-1s are fine. I haven't had anything get discolored aside from the good ole Urkel pants v1 RVF-25 and VF-25G which, given the circumstances of how everything else is fine, I am attributing to bad batches of plastic used.
  5. It has been a while for me too. I don't think there was really anything for me to get this past year. Nothing new in the DX line aside from the VF-1s which I'm all tapped out on. Everything else has been re-issues, HMR, or other stuff. I guess they don't plan on finishing the Delta movie stuff. Arcadia hasn't released much of anything either, as far as I know. My wallet got a big breather thanks to that though. This will be the first new thing I'll be getting. As for the PO madness, at least I can be not so stressed, knowing that there will be a worldwide release in case I don't get a JP preorder.
  6. What the heck are the "Joint parts for Battroid"?
  7. I'm surprised they didn't include some sort of little swing over heatshield cover on the inside of the cockpit given that they like doing little gimmicks like that. Also, it's clear they were trying to duplicate this but they somehow really interpreted the canopy shape wrong and made it way rounded off. In the illustration, you can still see that the canopy should still end up having two points to match the frame. The Hasegawa model also has that highlighted detail, but the canopy shape is correct there. This annoys me that this got past everyone involved in designing this toy despite going to the lengths of looking at illustrations like the above...
  8. So far, it looks like the base plastic is blue and areas like the gray on the lower leg are painted, but with Bandai, I suppose you never know (*cough* Ozma VF-25 *cough*).
  9. That does look pretty hideous to me. I would strip it all off on the bottom except for the yellow stripe that goes around the engine nozzles. I'm not a fan of the yellow stripes and the 21 on the intake covers either. It's just too much.
  10. I think it's just the way it's posed and the angle of the shot. The upper arms still look super skinny to me, but the forearms look thicker here because you're getting a 3/4 view seeing the top and side at the same time. I think if I get this, fighter mode will be displayed without FAST packs and the battroid with FP since it hides the too-short bay doors.
  11. Yes, I believe so, with the feet issue corrected too.
  12. I hope they consider re-releasing the 171 NM+ but with fixes to the plastic so that the black triangles and joints don't explode. I have two, one that's intact (knock on wood) in battroid and the other in fighter which had a crumbly shoulder. I'm afraid to transform the one that was intact when I last left it because it's like Schrödinger's Valkyrie. It simultaneously exists in states of unbroken and broken until a transformation is attempted and it resolves itself to one of the two states.
  13. I don't get why they've done reissues on both SV-51s but something like the 0S has not had one (that I know of anyway) since the release of the premium finish version. I would love to get another one (premium or not) to put in the reactive armor.
  14. As far as my 11B and C go, in fighter mode, that pod never sat solidly locked in place. It was very fiddly and would wobble out of place if you accidentally touched it. In my opinion, it was a gimmick that was a slight detriment to the toy, just as the delimiter mode was for the Yamato YF-21. I'd be fine with the pod, if it could lock solidly into place in fighter though. But there's no point even debating it since it's not even a thing yet until Bandai says otherwise 😛 Speaking of detriments for the sake of gimmicks, I hope the attachment for the legs for Bandai's 21 isn't as flimsy as the T-bar attachment is for the 1/48 VF-1 or that the arms don't simply fall off while trying to pose it...
  15. Don't give them any cockamamie ideas! I could totally see them doing something like that. Would love to have a new VF-11B though. One with properly sized tail fins and better articulation. I could also do without the janky ejection pod.
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