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  1. Selling my extras. Prices include shipping in the US. Any questions just ask. 1) Bandai DX DYRL VF-1S. Transformed and displayed in Battroid mode with the TV Super Parts attached (as shown in the pics) Complete with all pieces parts instructions and accessories. - SOLD 2) Bandai DX TV Super Parts. As mentioned above, were displayed on the VF-1S. The super parts are missing a clear stand accessory but all other pieces are account for. - The boxes will be packaged securely and shipped with tracking and insurance
  2. Found a set. Please delete
  3. Downsizing my collection. Prices include shipping in the US. Any questions please ask. 1) Arcadia Perfect Finish VF-0D. Never transformed. Has been displayed in an IKEA Detolf, out of sunlight,with landing gear down, pilots in the cockpit and missiles attached. Just like the photos. - SOLD 2) Resin 1/60 SU-27 Flanker. Displayed in the same case as the VF-0D. The missiles are removable. Shown with a Masterpiece Skywarp and Arcadia 0A for scale comparison. Includes stand. - $30 shipped
  4. https://showzstore.com/tt-hongli-model-hf-01-prowl-hf-02-smokescreen_p2843.html These look pretty damn good. Looks like they'll scale well with the SS 86 figures
  5. Bump. D acquired. Looking for an A
  6. Pics of Super/Strike parts added
  7. Interested in the Bandai DX VF-1S, how are its thighs looking in Battroid mode? I hear some of them are loose/defective even brand new and need to be taken apart and re-screwed, just wanna make sure that isn't the case here. Thanks!

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