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  1. Sorry to bump this topic again but I figured it would be easier to just use this thread than open a new one, does anyone know if there has every been any line art books for any of the MUV-LUV stuff.
  2. Not a problem and thanks for all the help.
  3. Yes that would be it, does anyone remember the name of the ship itself, I can't find my 707 disc. And thank you for the replies.
  4. Does anybody have or know where I can find line art [or a really good screen cap] to the huge, gargantuan, titanic, aircraft carrier/command ship used by the UN forces and was almost destroyed at the beginning of the show.
  5. And here I was beginning to think I was the only one in Ohio. briscojr84
  6. Probably a little bit of anime magic vs. coolness factor vs. plot hole, considering the Zentraedi were bred to be warriors I'd say that they would be stronger than a normal human that has been macronized.
  7. The one seen in M0 is the Mk-I, not Mk-II, and what with March Seperating them by models it won't list it as being M0. Briscojr84
  8. How about poughkipsie [sp] or the Poconos [sp]? [Had Both Those Stuck In My Head All Day For Some Reason]
  9. INTJ. So where should we start with taking over the world?
  10. If you are talking about APC's http://www.new-un-spacy.com/sdfmacross/apc.htm - From SDF Macross There was also one in M7 used by the NM5 personnel shown briefly but I can't find my picture of it.
  11. Hey if any body can help me find some good web sites that have various line art of gadgets, gizmos, and equipment from various sci-fi-ish anime [or any stuff that might be interesting], I'd really appreciate it. I've tried the various search engines and they kind of fail on this topic. Thanks.
  12. I've never seen it stated anywhere but it may be a sub-class of the Haruna, similar to the Uraga and Saratoga II being very similar.
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