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  1. Just curious what people's thoughts are; does each main fleet have a factory of each type [I.E. battlepod, officer pod, power armor] or does a single factory of a single type equip every fleet?
  2. Not too bad; as usual ups and downs over the last few years; been plugging away at my Pen and Paper RPG that I've been creating and close to being done. How have you been doing? Anything even close would be great; thank you much appreciated
  3. Sorry; quick question guys; I've been trying to find a site with a complete or at least comprehensive list of VFs, Mecha, ships, etc for a few weeks now and can't seem to find one; is there one and if so it would be greatly appreciated if someone could point me in that direction. I assume since this is a one and done answer I've posted in the right spot (haven't been here in awhile) As always if this the wrong thread; let me know and I'll move this to a different one; thanks.
  4. Sorry to bump this topic again but I figured it would be easier to just use this thread than open a new one, does anyone know if there has every been any line art books for any of the MUV-LUV stuff.
  5. Not a problem and thanks for all the help.
  6. Yes that would be it, does anyone remember the name of the ship itself, I can't find my 707 disc. And thank you for the replies.
  7. Does anybody have or know where I can find line art [or a really good screen cap] to the huge, gargantuan, titanic, aircraft carrier/command ship used by the UN forces and was almost destroyed at the beginning of the show.
  8. And here I was beginning to think I was the only one in Ohio. briscojr84
  9. Probably a little bit of anime magic vs. coolness factor vs. plot hole, considering the Zentraedi were bred to be warriors I'd say that they would be stronger than a normal human that has been macronized.
  10. The one seen in M0 is the Mk-I, not Mk-II, and what with March Seperating them by models it won't list it as being M0. Briscojr84
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