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  1. Marines, F-35B. The Navy's F-35C has wider wings(that fold up), and sturdier landing gear for handling catapult launches and arresting wire landings, but no VTOL capability.
  2. That's quite fair. It wasn't exactly lighting the schoolyard on fire wedged between Go-Bots, Transformers, and Voltron.
  3. They WERE acceptable. Their target market very much was not "adult collectibles" and "toon-accurate detailing". It was single-digit boys, and those figures were awesome. You could TAKE RICK HUNTER'S HELMET OFF(and wear away the paint).
  4. Nebulas aren't actually very dense. It'd be like driving through a fog and then leaning out the window to get a drink of water. Only worse, because it's less dense and also sootier.
  5. I guess it's time to cook some popcorn again.
  6. The book was called Darksaber, and Wookiepedia says I misremember how badly it malfunctioned(though the end result was the same)
  7. Confusingly, there WAS a Darksaber in ao expanded universe novel from the 90s, but it was completely unrelated(and also a bit of a joke, as it was a bootleg Death Star that self-exploded due to shoddy craftsmanship)
  8. For a triple-changer, that's damned impressive. Off-hand, I don't see any evidence of jet on the car or Not-Ravage. And the pile of garbage under the plane is more forgivable in a three-mode toy(and frankly, more effort was expended on the jet's underside than most TWO-MODE jet-robos.)
  9. I just don't know which Macross has the Fiero music.
  10. Some people want a minty clean Pontiac Fiero, while acknowledging it is objectively a trash car. I don't know how that relates to the topic at hand, but now you know my "suddenly rich" plan.
  11. I, on the other hand, was the only kid I knew with any connection to Robotech. I knew a person or two with Jetfire, but they had it as a Transformer, not a Robotech proxy.
  12. This one's funny to me, because I was just talking with someone about that show. And the trademark collision with the show you MEANT, creatively titled "The Real Ghostbusters"... because Filmation beat the movie tie-in cartoon to the punch with an animated resurrection of a live-action TV show from the 70s titled simply Ghostbusters.
  13. So you're saying you DO know how to make them explode, thus proving my point!
  14. I mean, do you REALLY know how it works if you haven't made it explode?
  15. So you're saying the Federation is actually the Protoculture?
  16. The REALLY fun one was the USAF's OTHER Orion battlewagon. It DIDN'T have crew, or weapons. They just filled the entire craft with a SINGLE FUSION BOMB. Yield was estimated to be a hundred gigatons. No one's ENTIRELY sure what the effects of a blast that large would be, other than "very bad"
  17. Given modern handling of Megatron, a triple-changer makes sense. He's almost always a tank or a jet, why not both?
  18. So Macross gets a little hard sci-fi with a bomb-pumped X-ray laser? Awesome!
  19. You make Robocop sound like the Terminator. He can't be bargained with, can't be reasoned with, and he absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are in handcuffs.
  20. I'm guessing they win out over missiles because the lack of a rocket engine makes them harder to detect and counter while in-flight. Hence the continued service of the Metal Gear Monster.
  21. I readily admit I'll buy from the first company to make a Stampede Valk, regardless of who it is. It's stupid, but stupidly awesome.
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