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  1. That's nothing new for the Mouse. Even when flush with money, they stiff everyone they can get away with.
  2. Ooooh, a new Shockwave toy? Is it a new mold, or just a recolor of Siege? *hits a search engine* Ummm... I can't find pictures of this new Shockwave, just some pics of Starscream dressed up as Ultra Magnus that people are CLAIMING is Shockwave?
  3. In fairness, even if they COULD afford him it isn't like he'd take their call. It's a pretty deep rift there(and one entirely of HG's making).
  4. It's kind of bad timing, given Asus is currently trying to redirect bad press from "our ROG motherboards are making brand-new Ryzen processors literally explode" ... and then managing to generate even more bad press in the process by telling people to install beta BIOS updates that void your warranty.
  5. It ain't just you. I understand the desire to save parts counts and material volumes, but... if they gonna leave gaping voids, they need to be in places where we ain't starin' at 'em all day.
  6. A multiverse, hmmm? Maybe this is Stracynski's way of backdooring funding for that Captain Power remake he was pushing like five years ago!
  7. I mean, complete disarmament in a universe where alien armies in millions-strong fleets roam around operating under a policy of shoot first, shoot later, forget the questions... it does sound just a little stupid, no? The universe is a very dangerous place, and having some sort of defensive force "just in case" is kind of unambiguously a good idea.
  8. You'll have to forgive Seto. He's been catching the pulse from one too many unknown satellites, and now he's free to fly high in space.
  9. The REALLY funny thing is that Voyager, like Picard, had a scene where the borg were assimilating the ship's crew remotely. But they were defeated swiftly through the activation of the Emergency Command Hologram and deployment of the photonic cannon! ... We'll just ignore that it was literally a dream sequence. (I actually had forgotten this clip "involved" the borg.)
  10. I thought she was a newly laid-down Constitution hull. It would be weird to take a ship with a service history and just go "We're renaming her to Enterprise." Disrespectful to the heritage of both. Even the renaming of the Sao Paulo to Defiant(no -A, though it is there in my heart) was a fresh from the yards ship. New systems were part of the problem, if I recall. The -A was built to the refit spec, and the 1701 refit had stripped her to the bulkheads(LEWD!) and replaced virtually everything inside. But NOTHING on the -A worked out of spacedock when she was launched, and she had to turn right back around and head home for repairs on her first flight(this more than anything else is probably why people hate Star Trek V). I think she was just a lemon of a starship.
  11. Wouldn't be the shortest. Enterprise-A was ten years, though she WAS established as a mechanically-troubled ship.
  12. Dammit, Hasbro! You have two major characters known for turning into a gun, and this isn't either of them!
  13. If the bots can act like everyone else here, let them come. But if they start shilling Robotech, give 'em the old fdisk.
  14. Eh, it's not the first time. But speaking of Enterprises with no history, I think after Strange New Worlds they should do a show about the Enterprise-B, in the same style. Oldschool swashbuckling and exploration, without much risk of "violating canon", since that era's largely a blank slate. As long as they don't lay into the Borg yet again, it'll be hard to do wrong by the canon. And making Actual Star Trek, starring an Excelsior? Yes, please!
  15. The klingon cosmetics change so frequently that I'm more surprised when they DON'T. At this point I'm almost willing to call it intentional, that klingon genetics are canonically unstable and cause major cosmetic differences to manifest within a generation.
  16. That's the kind of thing that makes me think they do it intentionally so the adult market has to upgrade later. There's no reason I can see for the headlights to be in the wrong place, it's just so a slight mold change later can sell the same toy again.
  17. So what you're saying is Geordi's finally become more of a miracle worker than Scotty? The legend would be proud.
  18. Man, Power DoLLs is a weird first release to launch a line with. Not saying it's a bad design or anything, just that it lacks a bit of star power to really bring in attention.
  19. I stand here ashamed at overlooking an obvious inclusion.
  20. It was scarier when it took time. They took you to their ship, fully-conscious, and it was implied that assimilation was a surgical process. Presumably one that took hours(it's a LOT of cutting), without anesthetics(They are borg). Pain is irrelevant. Mercy is irrelevant. Screaming is futile. You will be assimilated. First Contact's introduction of nanomachine-touch assimilation just made them more like garden-variety zombies. They bite you, you're dead, you come back as one of them. Whoo.
  21. Source:- ttps://trekcentral.net/yes-the-enterprise-d-is-back-for-picard-season-3/ Not to mention: why is Picard giving Data helm orders when it's Geordi who's at the helm console? I know it was a lot harder, but it makes me sad that they nailed the original bridge for Relics for a single scene, and years later they stumbled on recreating the -D bridge for two episodes.
  22. In fairness, I get the impression Dr. Soong skipped Ethics 101... or took it in the mirror universe accidentally. He's got a long history of morally dubious decisions.
  23. Maybe they'll end it like Enterprise and accidentally retcon the entire series into a holodeck episode.
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