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  1. Excited about the prominence of the Zentradi mecha in the trailer. VFs look ok. Not feeling the character designs. But will keep an open mind!
  2. Especially when the nation is Belka! Luv U AC!
  3. Make sure to post pictures.
  4. That's pretty awesome. I'm tempted to take my old PC and build a cabinet around and be able to place all Macross MAME games...
  5. For the solar system patrols, I assume that the force would have to fold to each location, or did they use sublight drives? In those early days after the war could ARMD's (and Oberth's ?) have taken care of this or would it have to be Zentran ships?
  6. Yeah it can be a fun game. I've hacked around with it a reasonable amount as well: http://warpedproductions.echonetwork.net/gamemods.html#voxp
  7. Thanks so much for doing these translations. It's such a treat to be able to get more insight into the Macross universe!
  8. I'll throw in my hell yeah too...
  9. I have all three macross mame games working on my S3 now. Mac Plus took a little effort as the emulator complains about one of the ROMs.
  10. Just wanted to add my thanks for your time and effort. It is really appreciated.
  11. I use a logitech gamepad which is pretty similar to an xbox or ps controller.
  12. I play this game with the emulator as well. I have a pretty high end machine but everything runs really smoothly and configuring the emulator wasn't all that bad.
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