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  1. ~ SHAORIN's TWO-BOX THEATER ~ Mammar; - ohgodohgod, just go on ignoring all my silly little toy airplanes honey. - i won't ask about how much all those shoes must've cost, so feel free to go right on ahead and scratch my back in return, babe. one good turn deserves another after all... Mammar's Significant Other; O.K. Dear, what precisely are you trying to hide from me... Mammar; OH S%$T!! Shaorin;
  2. lucky you that you evidently have $3000.00 squared away to pay for them all... i mean, for something around that sort of scratch, i could have my own custom 1/1 Mikuru-chanā™„ made... - sure, clothes would be extra, but that's where the thrifts would come in...
  3. LAME, big N, seriously. i mean, don't you people think you've gotten yourselves in dire enough straits with your own damned Wii-effin'-U?!? damn, i actually remember when you guys were the cat's ass, or at least something approaching it...
  4. yeah, it's mighty effective for getting those intakes out of the way of those low-slung nose-fuselage antennae, as well as the folded wings, to a lesser degree. in any case, it's all key to opening the door to many attractive poses that would be difficult of not impossible, and often much more awkward otherwise... back to topic, i'm pretty sure, -with the price that this beauty is going to command- that i am quite destined to be living vicariously through you people in 2014. Wahhh...
  5. silly puppy, i've got one of those already, (with future intentions of adding at least one more,1S Focker ARCADIA ed.) and i'm just attempting to clean up on things i long lusted after, but were generally unavailable to me for various reasons up until just a few years ago. sorry to butthurt in any way, but the MPC 1J Ichijo/Hunter was, for a very long time, (to me) and has remained, one of those MACROSS/related items that i just had to add to my collection for, if nothing else, than to thumb my nose at the unfortunate surcumstances that had kept all this crap beyond my reach for far, fatr longer than i was ever anything at all approaching comfortable with...
  6. furthermore, few at YAMATO or elsewhere seemed to ever realize that one could achieve a vastly superior neutral stance via the stupidly simple expedient of canting the intakes forward at the GERWALK joint just a single notch. it truly allows things to fall right into place nicely for a much more attractive stance, IMHO; - ALAS, mine is no longer capable of transforming from FIGHTER. R.I.P. you fugly old bird... ((YMMV))
  7. so, while the VOL.1 has a solid metal block inside each of the lower legs, which i removed, all subsequent releases have die-cast inner leg halves ALA the vintage TAKA/BANDAI 1/55's?
  8. indeed, i had come up with the idea on the spur of the moment just this morning, in fact, and i was just delighted beyond words when i saw just how well the mod actually came together, and just how much it drastically improved everything yeah, pretty ridiculous what i see these "command" on the BAY, for starters. i mean, we're talking 1/60v.II prices and up, often as not anyway, as bad as the nosecone sculpt already is, can you believe the sculpt was actually shorter/goofier by far before the single revision TOYNAMI made somewhere in dev. stage to allegedly lengthen it in order to allow better cockpit detail and and opening canopy?!? claims as such right there in the manual, as well as showing off the godawful initial sculpt in full color photographic glory anyway, since i'm on a roll here, i need a BANDAI 1/55 reissue 1J Hik, now, as well as possibly a Yammie 1/48 and just maybe a 1/100 HI-METAL as well if i don't have to pay an arm and a leg for one these days. i think i'll skip the TOYNAMI 1/100, - no retro HCM sentimentality to be had there, just pure distilled inferiority, IMHO - and i know i'll definitely pass EASILY on the Yammie 1/60v.I, the single Version one i once owned long ago being more than enough, thankyouverymuch...
  9. yeah, like i mentioned above, small rubber washers, to serve as spacers, and extra-long self-tapping screws to hold it all fast. it is actually secure as a drum, and yet allows a relatively terrific degree of hip swivel actually quite beneficial to a much better FIGHTER mode fit. plus, it allows for a broader, better BATTROID stance, YMMV; closer to that of the HCM it is based upon; - now see, doesn't that look like so totally awesomely awkward-assed that it like totally blows the Yammie/ARCADIA 1/60v.II out of the complete effin' water?
  10. i've transformed my own primary 19S so many damned times it's scary. the beauty is still tight as a drum, miraculously enough...
  11. don't feel too lonely now; i'm myself Ass enough to actually own and actually enjoy that there album. in fact, stupidly "Weeaboo" as it might come off, a whole lot of ABBA in general tends to strongly come off on me as the direct source from which so much of the flavor and style of a whole lot of the Moe and Harem related Anime soundtracks of the late 1990's/mid-2000's or so sprung forth from...
  12. i'd LOVE to see this in DN scheme myself...
  13. GERWALK is now the mode that seems to suffer most, but that's hardly surprising of a pre-1/60v.II VF-1 toy, no?
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