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Found 8 results

  1. Who liked Crusher Joe? Some mecha designs were by Shoji Kawamori who did beautiful work on Macross, as we all know. Some elements of his design evolution can clearly be seen in in Pinnace Fighter. Although a couple of models of this bird have been available in 144 & 100 scale, I didn't like them... they seemed to squat or not detailed enough for me. So I decided to build my own. Model is under construction, WIP below: http://s177.photobucket.com/albums/w239/PetarB/Pinnace/ Where I'm at:
  2. AKA, I need motivation... Okay, for the past few years, I've been working on the Misa novella. I finished My Fair Minmay in about six months, and I (foolishly) thought that the Misa book would take about the same amount of time. Then I discovered that a full prose book takes a HELL of a lot longer than a book of scripts. Anyway, I was doing pretty well on it, all things considered, until about six months ago, when I suddenly pooped out. I'm about thirty pages from the end, and have been for quite a while now. I look at the book, I sigh, and then I put it away. Part of it is that I'm overworked (in Japan, that's a given), but part of it is that I need more motivation to finish it. And I need deadlines. So here's the prologue. In two weeks, I'll post Chapter One. Two weeks after that, I'll post Chapter Two. My hope is that this will give me a deadline firm enough to actually FINISH those last 30 pages, so I can move on to stuff like the Perfect Memory stories. Anyway, here ya go. No illustrations (yet), but I hope you enjoy it! Misa Prologue.pdf EDIT: It's done. Full book HERE: http://depfile.com/tE8YKdH
  3. As a fan of Macross, and enjoying the Misa Hayase: White Reminiscenses Novel Translation from Gubaba (who is unfortunately banned from the site!). It would be nice for the Macross fans to do translations of the following Macross Novels/Manga/Audio drama/Video Game Story's in the style of Gubaba's Misa Hayase: White Reminiscenses Novel Translation. Here is the list Dreaming Prelude: My Fair Minmay Novel Macross: The First Manga Macross Inside Story: Macross Classic Audio drama Macross M3 Video Game for the Sega Dreamcast Macross: True Love Song Video Game Macross Generation Audio drama Macross Digital Mission VF-X Video Game Macross VF-X2 Video Game Macross The Ride Novel Super Dimension Song Maiden Ranka Manga Sheryl: Kiss in the Galaxy Manga Macross Frontier: Hold Me Tightly to the Edge of the Galaxy Manga Macross Fortissimo Manga Macross 30: Voices across the Galaxy Video Game Macross The Musicalture Musical Macross 2036 Video Game Macross: Eien no Love Song Video Game If their are Macross Novels/Manga/Audio drama/Video Game/Musical Story Translations that I am missing, please let me know?
  4. Time to re read his books. Colour of Magic to start. http://www.mtv.com/news/2103671/terry-pratchett-author-dies/
  5. Has any one read the millennium series by Stieg Larsson that where made in to Three movies in Sweden and one English language remake?
  6. Yesterday morning at about 4:00 AM, I finished episoded 110 of the Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Wow... It took me about three weeks to finish it all from start to end and it was more than worth it. I have to say, without any hesitation, that this is one of the greatest series of all time. More often than not, I can predict fairly well where a show is going and how it will end, but not with this one. It took so many twists and turns along the way that the only thing I could do was just hang on and see what happens next. Plus, how can I not like a setting where the boarding weapon of choice is the battle axe? Anyway, I highly recommend the show for those who haven't seen it yet (there's a petition to bring it over to the US at: http://www.gineigoods.com/form/ . Also, any thoughts or comments from fellow LotGH fans?
  7. Farewell to Richard Matheson. A fantastic Sci-Fi author. His stories have been the inspiration for some great (and yes, some not so great) interpretations on the big and small screen. I love his work and style and he will be missed.... Dark Horizons article on his death.
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