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  1. I was surprised they were bringing in Shiva with Ezekiel...going to be interesting to see how its going to be pulled off. The teaser was great. Season 7 looks to be on par with what Season 3 and 4 were. Negan is going to make the Governor look like Mr Rogers
  2. Fantastic! I was just talking about a sequel the other day. Great monster line up too Woot! Can't wait for my blu-ray to come in from amazon.
  3. I have shared this with some other Macross fans, what do you guys think? I have always been curious about the Protoculture, Supervision Army and all that transpired before the Macross crashed on Earth. There is potential for such great drama in that time period where the Protoculture realized the armies they created to fight one another was spinning out of control and that little by little the great culture was falling fast into the void. I can envision protagonists on both sides either trying to save what they could or revel in the destruction that was looming. We can see the errors and faults in that ancient race and relate to how our imperfect world can achieve such greatness and yet live in such disharmony. Romance, music, mecha...yes all of that can be there. A true paradox that we can say, it happened before it will happen again. Deculture!
  4. The newest webisode series "The Oath" is a fun watch.
  5. Whats with the temple? I liked the trailer, just not liking the idea of a time travelling temple...at least that's the impression I got. By the way anyone not happy Blink is in the movie?
  6. Ditto....as long as They who must not be named decides to...
  7. Yeah I think that statement had double meaning...sorta like watch your six, you think Force chokes are bad, wait till you taste the Blue Lightning. As for this new villain...we cannot really say what his role is going to be until the show begins. Could be just another wannabe Sith like Ventress (not to say she wasn't awesome). I am more concerned with the promo's hint at a "Jedi rising". Talk about killing Yoda's final words, "When gone am I, the last of the Jedi will you be...pass on what you have learned" Also, not sure the helmets on these Stormies need to look different than they did in the OT....my what big eyes you have! The better to miss you with blaster bolts with!
  8. 1) Wait, has HG done anything with the property? Seriously...LLA is recap and the new animation is laughable. What did they use Adobe Acrobat? According to Tommy the studio never asked them to halt any animated features. That's just a retcon from what you theorize, truth is, its all b/s. Toys? Games? Music? Oh my...well they have a tabletop rpg if you have the time and cash to spend on it. 2)Macross dry spell? Now are you comparing these "dry spells" to HG's Robotech franchise? If that is the case...then lets take a look... 1982-83: SDF: Macross is released in Japan 1984: DYRL is released 1985-86: Robotech is aired in the USA 1985-94: Various Robotech short series comics, ie, TV series adaptation, Sentinels, Invid War, Aftermath, etc. 1987: SDFM: Flashback 2012 released 1992: Macross II series/OVA 1994-95: Macross Plus OVA 1994-94: Macross 7 TV series aires in Japan. 1994-2001: Macross 7: Trash-manga series. 1995: Macross Plus: Movie Edition 1995: Macross 7 The Movie: The Galaxy is Calling Me! 1995: Macross 7: Encore 1997-98: Macross Dynamite 7 2002-04: Macross Zero 2003: Robotech Yune Comics launched, From the Stars, Love and War, Invasion 2005-06: Robotech: Prelude to Shadow Chronicles released 2007: Macross Frontier manga 2007: Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles OVA is released 2008: Macross Frontier TV Series 2009-Present: Macross: The First 2009: Macross Frontier Movie: The False Songstress 2010-11: Macross: The Ride 2011: Macross Frontier Movie II: The Wings of Goodbye 2012: Macross FB 7: Ore no Uta Kike! 2012: Robotech: It's You (Limited Edition EP) released on CD 2013: Robotech: Love Live Alive OVA is released. Call me crazy, but the "dry spells" look pretty obvious. I'll agree not all Macross is zomg epiccccc...but there is a constant effort to keep the story fresh for its fans. 3) Forget about the movie, it will save you time on your next post. 4) The biggest disappointment about HG is that they do not sell the rights to Macross so we the fans here in USA can enjoy the series we all love to its fullest. I'd wager good money that we'll see an animated Macross: The First series before "Shadow Rising" is ever released.
  9. I did read them all...was in 10th grade at the time. Loved the dots the books connected from the animated series. And in many many ways, it remains better than the crap that's spewed out since 2005. Haven't had the chance to listen yet, but no worries JT...I will soon!
  10. Yeah the trailer reveals nothing about what the story is about. Let alone an idea of when the accident happens. My impression was about as primordial as it can get...."She's frakked!" Not sure if I'd want to sit for a couple of hours in a theatre to see it, I'll definitely give it a try on bluray.
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