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  1. Eventually. SUPER DIMENSION FORTRESS MACROSS: DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE? (1984) Iconic Scene: A lot, just look at the following photos. Quotable Quotes: "Just a simple love song that was popular in an alien city 10,000 years ago." Best Character: Hard to say, everyone's pretty much their best self in this movie. I think I'll go with Hikaru because he doesn't devolve into an @$$hole in the movie. Best Death: Lots but the one I like is a few photos over where the zentradi guy comes out of his pod to try and fight Max and Max just blasts him right in the face. Poor guy. ----------------------
  2. Considering that kawamori and Tenjin said that episode two is going to be very different than episode 1, I shouldn't count on that.
  3. Actually I'm assuming it's a her because the actor for Heinz the 2nd is doing Kudelia Aina Bernstein over on Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans.
  4. I had this gem passed along by Tochiro, fresh from Newtype: Looks like the other part of the VF-31's CWS is something else. :3 It seems to me that it's a beam gunpod
  5. I'm kinda surprised you guys haven't posted this yet. Tochiro found that Delta finally has a broadcast date
  6. 5th column? Anyway, I think it's been made pretty obvious that the Var Syndrome is an integral part of the plot.
  7. I think Mikumo might just be Best Girl...?
  8. Perhaps just yet-to-be-introduced characters?
  9. I got into one of those arguments once on a forum. A dozen people all going back and forth and not one of them could agree on a strict definition of Real Robot other than "probably the 08th MS Team."
  10. According to Hayate's pay slip here, the date is April 20, 2067. Hmm, wonder if that's the real-life air date since they already said it'd air in April?
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