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  1. I'm baaaaaaaaack!! And I even come bearing gifts, specifically I started working on my Macross 30 adaption fic again, which I believe I started before I knew there was an actual novelization of the game. However, there is no translation available for that so I decided that I'll keep going with mine since I plan to make a few changes such as including characters and VFs that were left out of the game. Chapters 1-3 plus the prologue and interlude have been updated and hopefully I can do some new chapters pretty soon. Check out the story here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9536944/1/Macross-30-Voices-Across-The-Galaxy
  2. Eventually. SUPER DIMENSION FORTRESS MACROSS: DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE? (1984) Iconic Scene: A lot, just look at the following photos. Quotable Quotes: "Just a simple love song that was popular in an alien city 10,000 years ago." Best Character: Hard to say, everyone's pretty much their best self in this movie. I think I'll go with Hikaru because he doesn't devolve into an @$$hole in the movie. Best Death: Lots but the one I like is a few photos over where the zentradi guy comes out of his pod to try and fight Max and Max just blasts him right in the face. Poor guy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- MACROSS: FLASHBACK 2012 Iconic Scene: Again, a whole series of them. Quotable Quotes: None really, since this is a music video. Best Character: Minmay, I would say, because she finally seems to have gotten it all together and everyone gets their happy endings. colonthree emoticon Best Death: Not applicable It's now late 2012 in the Macross timeline and the last bit of the story is about to wrap up. The Macross itself has been refitted and looks more like its movie counterpart and the colony ship which Captain Global spoke of is ready to launch into the new frontier. And so these characters and places we've come to know, exit the stage. And now... we move on to Macross II and oh boy that's going to be fun. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MACROSS II: LOVERS AGAIN EPISODE 1: FIRST CONTACT Iconic Scene: Faerie Squadron pilots Saori, Ami and Natasha, minus their leader Sylvie. Quotable Quotes: Do you think Earth has the best culture? ZOINKS. You don't even know the meaning of the word. Best Character: Dennis Lone. Too bad he had to die right in the first episode. Best Death: Again, Dennis. So, fast-forward to 1992, 10 years after the debut of the original series, 8 years from DYRL, and about 4.5 years after Flashback 2012. Big West, the company that sponsors all of the Macross productions wanted a new sequel but Kawamori and many of the other Macross alumni didn't really want to get involved. BW went ahead anyway and thanks to a combination of not really knowing what they wanted out of this besides "a new Macross" and the fact that real robot genre had atrophied somewhat by the 90s led to it not being very popular in Japan... although it ended up having a measure of success in the USA probably due to a certain adaptation. I chose this particular picture because the Faerie Squadron pilots are, as far as I know, the only human female pilots that have names and screentime in all of Macross. There might be a character in the VF-X games but I'll have to check that. And even then, if you strictly by the animated productions then yes, they are. ------------------------------- MACROSS II: LOVERS AGAIN EPISODE 2: ISHTAR Iconic Scene: Ishtar discovers the Alus... which was actually the Macross? I guess? Certainly doesn't jive with later lore Quotable Quotes: Rather abrupt! Best Character: Ishtar because most of the rest of the characters are still a bit annoying and Hibiki's both creepy and still jerky. Best Death: Nobody really. Maybe the Zentradi that Feff punched but that's iffy. Not much to say about this episode that won't get said... well, I'll just say elsewhere. One thing to note is that this episode apes several elements of the 1953 movie Roman Holiday, starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. An odd choice to say the least. ---------------------------------------- MACROSS II: LOVERS AGAIN EPISODE 3: FESTIVAL Iconic Scene: The reveal of the Metal Siren... the fugliest Valkyrie in all of Macross. Quotable Quotes: Take me to the moon, Hibiki! I'm sure I'll learn a lot! Best Character: Wendy Rider, just because this is the only time that she ever gets any real screen time. The characters in this are just too bland for anything else. Best Death: Again, nobody notable. Noticing a pattern here? A large part of the episode revolves around the Lunar Festival but it ends up not being something particularly memorable or exciting. Not as flashy as Minmay's concert in DYRL, not surreal like Sharon or energetic like Sheryl and Ranka's shows. Wendy Rider is basically just... there. It probably didn't help that the first major Idol Boom was over by '92 and they already had Hiroko Kasahara doing Ishtar. Also the Metal Siren is introduced here and the best way I can describe it is that it's much more of a jumbled mish-mash of jagged lines and car fenders than many Gundams are accused of being. ---------------------------------------- MACROSS II: LOVERS AGAIN EPISODE 4: MARDUK DISORDER Iconic Scene: Ingues The Dingus Quotable Quotes: No one will ever know my shame... that I dared to love above my station. Best Character: Sylvie because Ishtar gets to be Princess Peach in this episode and Hibiki is just sort of along for the ride as it were. Sylvie is the take-charge character this time around. Best Death: Poor Lady Elenshe. If only you had listened to Ishtar and gone with her. It's kind of odd that the dub for this show sounds better when they're speaking the Marduk language. By the way, did you know that Lord Feff was voiced in Japanese by Toru Furuya aka Amuro Ray? ------------------------------------------- MACROSS II: LOVERS AGAIN EPISODE 5: STATION BREAK Iconic Scene: The warship class known as the Macross Cannon. Quotable Quotes: We must not allow the enemy to get past the defence fleet! Best Character: It's very hard to say. Not many of the characters get a standout moment here and that's because the story feels like it was getting on a good pace up through episode 4 but now has to rush to a conclusion because the next episode is the last. It's definitely not Major Nexx, that's for damn sure. I guess I'll say it's the commander of the defense fleet. I don't even know if he has a name. He tried his damnedest to hold back the Marduk lines but even with the Macross Cannon ships on his side, he just couldn't do it and went out in a blaze of glory. Best Death: The crew of the flagship Gloria. -------------------------------------------------------- MACROSS II: LOVERS AGAIN EPISODE 6: SING ALONG Iconic Scene: Just like the Enterprise in Star Trek III, the Macross in this series suffers an end that is not quite as awesome as you'd like it to be. Quotable Quotes: MACROSS! Take off! Best Character: Ishtar for bringing peace not only to her people but to Earth as well. Best Death: I'd say Ingues but that would imply he is a character worth caring about. Which he isn't. ------------------------------------------ You've probably also noticed from the FB album but I've posted a bunch of screenshots and thoughts from Macross Delta episodes 0.89 and 1-4. On to Macross Plus!!
  3. Considering that kawamori and Tenjin said that episode two is going to be very different than episode 1, I shouldn't count on that.
  4. Actually I'm assuming it's a her because the actor for Heinz the 2nd is doing Kudelia Aina Bernstein over on Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans.
  5. I had this gem passed along by Tochiro, fresh from Newtype: Looks like the other part of the VF-31's CWS is something else. :3 It seems to me that it's a beam gunpod
  6. I'm kinda surprised you guys haven't posted this yet. Tochiro found that Delta finally has a broadcast date
  7. 5th column? Anyway, I think it's been made pretty obvious that the Var Syndrome is an integral part of the plot.
  8. I think Mikumo might just be Best Girl...?
  9. Perhaps just yet-to-be-introduced characters?
  10. I got into one of those arguments once on a forum. A dozen people all going back and forth and not one of them could agree on a strict definition of Real Robot other than "probably the 08th MS Team."
  11. According to Hayate's pay slip here, the date is April 20, 2067. Hmm, wonder if that's the real-life air date since they already said it'd air in April?
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