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  1. When all supers became a bunch of f***ers, only the Boys can resolve this Out in 07/26
  2. Didn't expect this news today: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2024-04-28/crunchyroll-adds-genesis-climber-mospeada-anime/.210275
  3. https://comicbook.com/tv-shows/news/star-wars-the-bad-batch-the-clone-wars-spinoff-sequel-disney/ Post about toys and other topics in their own threads.
  4. https://www.cbr.com/fallout-amazon-prime-series-westworld-creators/ (Details XD)
  5. Wow after diggin up some 80's anime I found this cool opening theme. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AiIHL0pVMo Did anyone watched those TV series / OVA? (style makes me think of mospeada)
  6. Knight Rider Universal Pictures, 1982-1986, 2004-2006 Created by Glen A. Larson (Battlestar Galactica, Magnum P.I.) Running Time: 50 minutes (100 minutes for the pilot episode) Rated TV-PG for violence. "Knight Rider - a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist..." Cast David Hasselhoff (Germany still loves him) as Michael Knight William Daniels as K.I.T.T. (voice) Edward Mulhare (1923-1997) as Devon Miles Patricia McPherson as Bonnie Barstow Rebecca Holden as April Curtis Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime in Transformers) as K.A.R.R. (voice)"Michael Knight: a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law." When Las Vegas detective Michael Long is shot and left for dead in a crime scene, he is rescued and given a second chance in life by associates of ailing multi-millionaire Wilton Knight. Shortly after Wilton dies, Michael is given a new identity and a new weapon of justice. As Michael Knight, he is partnered with Knight Industries Two Thousand (best known as K.I.T.T.), a modified Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with a highly-advanced AI. Together, they go above and beyond the law in their neverending battle against crime. When it comes to '80s TV icons, the list is long and distinguished: Mr. T, Alf, Max Headroom, MacGyver, the list goes on and on. And then you have the dynamic duo of Michael Knight and K.I.T.T. For four years, viewers stayed glued to their TV sets to lay witness the adventures of a mysterious detective and his indestructible talking car. As everyone knows, Knight Rider turned soap opera actor David Hasselhoff into one of the biggest household names in the entertainment industry. Sure, maybe he went on to do Baywatch and eventually become idolized by millions of Germans, but if it weren't for this show, he wouldn't be anywhere. And how can you talk about Knight Rider without the car itself? Next to The Dukes of Hazzard's General Lee and The A-Team's GMC Custom Van, K.I.T.T. is among the most famous cars on the small screen. Just ask about anyone who owns an '80s Trans Am and they'll probably tell you they were fans of the show. By today's standards, Knight Rider reeks of cheesy acting and hokey storylines, but hey - it was the '80s. It still makes great family entertainment today. Go rent it and relive another fun part of your childhood. Rating: B DVD Extras: A- The Season 1 boxed set is loaded with extras such as these: - Commentary with Hasselhoff and Larson on the pilot episode. - Knight Moves - Interviews with Hasselhoff and the stunt coordinator that made K.I.T.T. jump every week. - Knight Sounds - Stu Phillips (Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century) talks about how a little synthesizer piece became one of the most uncanny TV themes of all-time. - Knight Rider Under the Hood - Hasselhoff and Larson talk about how the show began. - Stills Gallery - Blueprints Gallery - A look at key settings and props such as the Knight truck and the infamous jailbreak scene from the pilot episode. - K.I.T.T. Owner's Manual - A graphical explanation of the buttons and gadgetry behind the dashboard. In addition, you have Knight Rider 2000, the 1991 TV special that did not live up to the expectations of the series. At least it's better than the flop series Team Knight Rider. Links Knight Rider Online Reference The Internet Movie Database
  7. First teaser is out, and I have to say it looks pretty good. Not much about the story, obviously, but the visuals look nice, and it is good seeing Willow again! He did a pretty good voice-over.
  8. https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/the-witcher-blood-origin-netflix-series/
  9. https://movieweb.com/judge-dredd-tv-show-mega-city-one-scripts/
  10. Wasn't sure if there was a specific Westworld topic, but since the first trailer for season 3 just dropped before the last episode of Game of Thrones, thought I post this: I'm looking forward to it, but 2020 is still a way's away.
  11. Hi guys, I've been a member for a long time, more prone to check out the amazing stuff done here than to openly start conversations, but my mind started thinking: now that we have the Flight-of-passage attraction over at Animal Kingdom, being a flight-sim of that animal, I started to wonder: Has anyone tried to make a scale 1:1, life-size replica of the VF-1 cockpit? I know of the one they made in Japan for the Macross Museum (video): Macross Museum life-size VF-1 Cockpit, but apart from that any fan initiative? it would be great to have one with all the light-up gizmos and gadgets. what do you guys think? Cheers!
  12. (I feel like I was hijacking the other guy's thread, so...) Some of you might be familiar with the Gundam Mega Marathon I've been on for the past couple of years and I'm not abandoning it, but with the announcement of the new Macross Delta tv series, I realized it had been quite a while since I had watched Macross. Therefore, I'll be going on a Macross Mega Marathon, which should be a little less consuming than the Gundam Marathon. Don't worry, I'm not giving up on Gundam; I'll of course be watching G-Tekketsu as it airs. Anyway, I'll be posting my impressions here, just like with my Gundam thread. My thoughts on the episodes can be mainly located here: https://www.facebook.com/robert.hayes.5249/media_set?set=a.1060615947317072.1073741839.100001060297207&type=1&l=b7090795f7 It's current to episode 5.
  13. So for those of you who live in the UK, Star Trek: The Next Generation is finally back on air on the new CBS Action channel. I have finally picked off from season 2 which was airing when Sky Three, the former British broadcaster went defunct, way back in in the late 2000s if I remember correctly.
  14. http://www.macrossworld.com/6321/new-macross-tv-series-announced/
  15. Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen (白銀の意思 アルジェヴォルン) is a new anime series by XEBEC that will premiere on July 3. Directed by Atsushi Ootsuki (To Love-Ru, Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox), with character designs by Yuichi Ouka (Over Drive, To Love-Ru) and mechanical designs by Kenji Teraoka (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Mobile Suit Gundam 00) and Hirame Kikuchi (The Pilot's Love Song). Official Site
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