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  1. AOF is my favourite. The sprites are HUGE
  2. Made a trip for the 1st time in Hongkong back in 1997... It was coincidentaly 15th anniversary of macross... so I bought as many bandai models I could, Folded the boxart flat and put the plastics and manuals in a large plastic bag ^^ The HK dollar was in my favour lol... aprox 9 times cheaper!
  3. Highly possible with today's technology! Though I prefer the AT diving beatle.
  4. of all the big ones like macross, mospeada, gundam... Votoms storyline is so different and versatile. It was way out of my expectations! Lol probably the most violent of all in 1983... in some rare cases women and children getting killed. I'm suprised Chirico had a dark past he may well been a butcher as member of the red shoulder participating holocaust.^^ Though watching the kumen series reminds me alot of the movie "Apocalipse now". yeah I like it! It's dark and down to earth! After that, Merowlink as dessert! (awesome anti-AT rifle concept)
  5. you cant reupload alpha legios papercraft files??

  6. AT Votoms TV series 1 - 22 Very nice and complex story. Can be cruel at times in terms of killing innocent people but that's the result of 100 years of war. The mecha is pretty cool and it's probably the most lowtech realistic i've ever seen. Of all the anime around that year, this one has the best story.
  7. Watched a few Votoms ova on youtube... quite impressive anime! The story and atmosphere is quite sinister. The theme and ending music is amazing.
  8. I had many requests via PM, sorry for late reply. I thought I lost the files after computercrash, but found it deep in my archive. Heres a download link of starscream (still beta version). http://www.4shared.com/file/77566858/19c1a...arscream1b.html You'll need pepakura to open it and print. Merry Xmas!
  9. hmmm... fallout3 world is a bit small.. I got used to travel village to village in oblivion. Thirst I thought Megaton was just one of the many wasteland villages.
  10. Lol the "dad" thing is kinda itching... if you had a dad you were looking hard for him too They should make him untraceable till you reach a high level or complete a great percentage of quests.
  11. Yup, looking for dad and . Took me about 30hrs with difficulty normal.
  12. Lol I finished the game... pretty short and too bad there's no option to continue after the end... I have to play this game in a different way in order to play other missions I left out unintendidly. But in overal... this game is screaming out Mospeada waisteland and similar characters in a way.
  13. lol the waisteland needs more color... it's so depressing
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