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  1. For sale is a custom painted and upgraded POTP Optimus. This has been given a new more G1 paint scheme and has been upgraded with the MP10 upgrade parts. Fully articulated fingers and wrist swivel. Optimus head is ball jointed. Though this no longer transforms into the trailer mode, Orion is still fully transformable. Includes light up, die-cast Matrix, light up ion blaster and energon axe accessories. This is a great display piece for any classics shelves $70 shipped in the US. PayPal only.
  2. I'm selling a loose DX Aquarion. Comes with accessories (swords, stand, spears, Vector mode pieces) but no box as mentioned. $130 shipped in the US. PayPal only.
  3. Also looking for possible exchange for either MP10 upgrade kit ( head, smokestacks, rifle, hands etc) or any KO or legit MP carbots. All items shipped within the US from a smoke-free home. Gakken Mospeada (loose) in good condition with minor damage to hook under left headlight. $60 (SOLD) RID Optimus Prime (loose) In good condition. All pieces included including hand gun and missiles. $60 PRID Wheeljack with Dr Wu upgrade pieces. $35 Arms Micron Silas Breakdown with Arms Micron. Stickers and box not included. $50 Sentinel Dino Getter 2 with box and instructions. $50 Legends Blackarachnia. Good condition. Comes as sen in photo. $25 Generations Rattrap. As is in photo. $20 Steel Planet 3D printed Dinobot. Primed. $34 PRID Ratchet with reprolabels and light customized paint. $34 First Edition Bulkhead Dr Wu upgrade kit. As is in photos. Light customized paint on some details. $34
  4. I have a Sentinel DinoGetter2 that I'm looking to trade for any KO MP carbots. Ideally looking for Roadrage but also interested in either Tracks, Prowl, Wheeljack, Sideswipe, Bee etc. I can provide more pics and info if needed. Thanks for looking
  5. Ah, Daltanious. What would have been Voltron had the US,buyer not just asked for "That anime with the lion". The toys for Voltron Force had the insinuation of manes I believe. But mane less lions equal girl lions in my books.
  6. I think I always saw the lions as the Pride and the combined form as the male alpha.
  7. Wait...are those lion legs detached or hidden? Not even the SOC has managed that. Aren't they lionesses, though?
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