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  1. You dodged a bullet, my friend. The rest of us aren't so lucky 'cause we're all beyond of our dispute window. We'll just have to live vicariously through you...
  2. For me, even HLJ failed once when they took too many orders and sent out cancellation notices later (just like AE this time around). Having said that, I still trust HLJ, AmiAmi and AE. I've also discovered some smaller shops that haven't done me wrong (yet), like Okiniland and Plaza Japan. I guess when it comes to buying overseas, it's always going to be YMMV.
  3. Famous last words... That's what I said too until they STOLE over $300 from me for Super Parts that I paid for almost 2 years ago but still haven't shipped. Best of luck to you, sir...
  4. This got me thinking that, for fun, we should start a sub-thread somewhere and have folks post how much store credit they have at NY for unfulfilled/canceled orders. I'd be curious to know how much buying power we all have collectively from botched orders.
  5. Big In Japan still has the armor available for PO. The bundled version, I believe, won't be available until the 28th.
  6. Got my shipping notice from NNG last night, via DHL. It's already in the States as of this morning. Hope you get your shipping notice soon...
  7. I was able to grab one and went all the way through checkout, but then stopped myself at the final submittal button. I already have two so I'd figure I'd let someone else have a chance. Hopefully someone who really needed one got it and not a stupid scalper. I also noticed they increased shipping by almost double. My first order only cost about $25 for the same shipping method.
  8. Sign me up for one of these. How do I get one?
  9. Looks like Roy is available on Okiniland again... DX Chogokin VF-1S Valkyrie Roy Focker Special | Bandai Spirits (okini.land) EDIT: ...and gone.
  10. Looks like the rumors are true about AJ collecting tax to US customers. My card was just pre-authorized $218 for Roy, which is about $18 more than expected based on yen-to-usd exchange rates. Now let's hope the charge goes through and doesn't get canceled...
  11. Yippee! Just got shipment confirmation from PlazaJapan for Roy. Any day now...
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