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  1. i think i won't buy it ... may be i will buy bogue one ^^
  2. i saw it as you recommended chriswoo said well i tried it before and it doesn't work as the AX wing is thicker than usual VF-31
  3. thank you hope someone review and test it ><!
  4. may i ask OLD armored parts the orange one Can it use with 31-AX ?
  5. Is it possible to re-issue VF-25G ? perhaps bundle with new speaker pack attached under the wing likes this
  6. Is it released this month? anyone get update?
  7. thank you sorry i can't see the one u mention
  8. omg !!! *************** Anyway, FYI, i just took photo and found that 1s movie neck is OVAL shape but 1j as i see in clip is circle
  9. thank you very much So bad that neck and head of 1s are too special then can't swap as 1j and 1A ><
  10. if i don't misunderstand you mean the 1 J head joint is smaller than 1S right? It means that 1S head joint should not put on 1j neck because 1s head joint is bigger So we have to modify the joint by add some tissue or else to make 1j head can put on 1S neck ?
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