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  1. optimuspint

    Hi-Metal R

    More than likely over $100k
  2. So I ended up with two Legioss from BBTS. I opened one and it is a combination of floppy mess & over tight. Nothing that cant be fixed but more of an issue than I thought it would be. Still Better than anything we have gotten so far.
  3. Super rough prototype. Tolerances are feeling good though. Still need to add a notch for the legs to lock in fighter mode. The hardest part is going to be paint matching because the Bandai fast packs are molded in color. I know I can do it. It just might take time to do it right. Also I have decided to just make a different flight stand adapter just for use with these. Im also working on a backpack locking clip to also include.
  4. Price is not set yet. The paint app is probably going to determine that more than materials.
  5. Is there a difference between the HM and the HMR? I only have the Roy HMR fast packs to go by.
  6. Opinions. I basically have the TV version arm armor done. I used the line art as reference and when I got to the mechanical aspects of the sculpt I realized that the holes for the flight stand adapter will be right in the middle of the vent detail. Would you rather keep it line art accurate and just put the peg hole in the middle of the detail or keep the detail but move it slightly forward and keep it out of the way of the peg hole? I included a pic of the DYRL armor so you can see where the flight stand peg hole is oriented compared to where the gun pod attaches so you can see what I am talking about. These will be fully painted and assembled when finished.
  7. optimuspint

    Hi-Metal R

    Give me a week lol. I was actually working on the orguss armor this weekend also
  8. optimuspint

    Hi-Metal R

    I completely respect that. Since we are new we are kinda testing the waters with the whole third party thing. Depending on how this goes we already have plans for something else that might interest you.
  9. optimuspint

    Hi-Metal R

    Im totally open to feedback. Does the sculpt not work for you?
  10. optimuspint

    Hi-Metal R

    More than likely the 1S is there for scale never mind.... just read the label
  11. optimuspint

    Hi-Metal R

    I have a new toy company called Bear Clan Creative. We are in Northern Indiana. Right now we are making a run of gaming miniatures but in about 2 weeks we will be releasing several sets of add on parts for HMR. Our website should be up right about the same time. We are not doing pre orders for these but they will be super limited in number and packaging will be super basic. They will be posable, fully assembled and painted. Price to be announced. Here are some work in progress pics of the heavy particle beams for the Regult. Obviously work in progress pics. Feedback is welcome. We have a lot of destroid and valk stuff planned and are open to suggestions.
  12. optimuspint

    Hi-Metal R

    Yeah I’m inspecting everything from now on
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