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  1. I added this onto my site. Hopefully people can buy your awesome work! https://gokinplus.com/products/custom-3d-file-for-arcadia-a-1-48-yamato-adapters
  2. I will link this in my page for you. Great work!
  3. Wow, you really CUSTOM MAX this set up! Very nice! I think most folks that had experienced Yeti knows how to maximize my stand. Thanks for your order.
  4. Hey guys, All stands are now restocked! I've added some additional stuff such as Pose+ gaogaigar stand. I also don't think I've ran anything for MW folks so I am gonna run a quick promo for you all. Please use code "mw" at the checkout to get 10% off your entire order (excludes shipping). 1 use per customer and this will expire next Sunday at 11:59pm. Thank you and please visit gokinplus.com Best, Eugene
  5. Restocking it soon, I have the stuff here but just didn't have the time to check through the shipment and putting it up on the site. Hopefully sometime tonight.
  6. Hey Yeti, Glad you are back and well. This is Eugene and I am the one that is offering and selling archi stands. I am here to write you to give you a quick rundown on how Archi stands came about in order to avoid any misunderstandings it may cause. I was searching for an alternative to Yeti while you were gone and after few years of searching, I found a producer/designer/creator of archi stand who is based out in Korea and he was already offering the stands to Macross community within Korea exclusively. Interestingly, archi designer himself was inspired by you and when he realized you were no longer available, he wanted to continue to share the passion and offer stand similar in style and quality in Korea. While design elements were taken from Yeti, he added his own twists and points to differentiate it from Yeti. All Archi stands are produced in highest quality and they are being made in small batches in South Korea so production cost is not cheap and I am exclusively distributing them with very minimal margins worldwide. *A lot of stands have been sold so far and they are thicker than Yeti to differentiate the two brands which also means no cracked arm* Best regards, Eugene
  7. Thank you V! Really appreciate it!
  8. Arcadia A adapter should be able to accommodate all of those except for YF-21 battroid mode as there is a separate adapter for it and I currently do not offer it. I will have to cross check with the producer to see if this is indeed the case though but I have seen users using Arcadia A adapters for thoese valks in question. Thanks!
  9. We are in the process of making HMR stand right now. At this point, we are trying to shoot for triple display and possibly up to 4 valks. More than likely, the design will be based upon current Archi stand where you will be able to customize it to your liking though. I will post more updates once it does become available. Thanks!
  10. Thank you for kind words. Yeah, just to throw it out there, I, myself was dying for Yeti to make a comeback for years. I was in search of stand that was comparable to Yeti and my quest for Yeti search led me to Project Blue who is out in S. Korea. Project Blue did take design hues from Yeti and created Archi stand with few things in mind. 1. Quality 2. Share the passion for Macross We were able to work things out where I became an official distributor for him worldwide. I am not 100% sure when this will end but until then, I will do what I can to continue to make Archi stands available for us all. Thanks!
  11. Hi Guys, FIrst off, I really do appreciate the support! SH9000, thank you and Lolicon, thank you for the comparison and halfstep thank you as well! So, there was a system error which caused non physical item to be listed under the Option Parts that created chaos for me this afternoon. Simply put, Base(custom max) item was listed but this isn't real item but rather for internal inventory purposes. Base itself as option part may become available later in the future but not for $1 lol, it will be in the range of $25 to $30 each. I did make 3 hole bracket available for purchase for those that would like to make their single (or double) stands into custom max like style. All in all, it is always better to buy the pre set up bundle as it will always be cheaper that way as all pre sets include L angle connectors which currently isn't available for purchase separately. Once again, I do appreciate your support and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at info@gokinplus.com or you can DM me on FB. Thank you. Eugene.
  12. that means its BNIB and since it was never opened, they use unconfirmed. You should buy used ones only if it displays some pictures of an item you are interested in.
  13. It's the Bandai limited release business model that feeds scalping...I don't like the prices too but if you do some research and put a bit of time, you can find great prices on used ones from Yahoo Auctions Japan. Mandarake is an option but I use Yahoo Auctions more than them simply because the competition is stronger for Mandarake. Buying used is a gamble but out of countless purchases I have made on Yahoo Auctions Japan, only 1 had real issue. Aside from that one purchase, all my used are in good to great conditions and prices were fair unlike US Ebay lol. To put this into better perspective, I just purchased my VF-1D for $285 BNIB in Tamashii brown box off Yahoo Auctions with free domestic shipping and international shipping will be about $30 for me so $315 total. MSRP for it from Japan was around 25000 yen so give or take $40 in premium which isn't bad at all.
  14. This is a QC issue with these as my miriya came broken just like yours. I superglued mine and its fine. I can always just recast this part but superglue worked good for me.
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