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  1. that means its BNIB and since it was never opened, they use unconfirmed. You should buy used ones only if it displays some pictures of an item you are interested in.
  2. It's the Bandai limited release business model that feeds scalping...I don't like the prices too but if you do some research and put a bit of time, you can find great prices on used ones from Yahoo Auctions Japan. Mandarake is an option but I use Yahoo Auctions more than them simply because the competition is stronger for Mandarake. Buying used is a gamble but out of countless purchases I have made on Yahoo Auctions Japan, only 1 had real issue. Aside from that one purchase, all my used are in good to great conditions and prices were fair unlike US Ebay lol. To put this into better perspective, I just purchased my VF-1D for $285 BNIB in Tamashii brown box off Yahoo Auctions with free domestic shipping and international shipping will be about $30 for me so $315 total. MSRP for it from Japan was around 25000 yen so give or take $40 in premium which isn't bad at all.
  3. This is a QC issue with these as my miriya came broken just like yours. I superglued mine and its fine. I can always just recast this part but superglue worked good for me.
  4. Damn.. Makes me wanna get SSP for all 3...I do have 1 SSP for VF-1S Hikaru and two TV sets that are currently on 1J and Roy 1S..gonna keep my 1J and Roy 1S vanilla with just missiles and just transfer two TV packs to 1A Max and Hayao lol
  5. if they choose to release this as a full set..I wonder what the price point is going to be...guessing around 28900 yen....
  6. I am pretty sure bandai will release these as a Full Set to take our money lol
  7. that is a lot of Valks lol hopefully someday I will get to that number. Flightpose is closed too lol at least until the 4th qtr....man....pandemic is killing us...
  8. I would get them for all of mine but since my collection is small, it won't run nowhere near $3000 lol
  9. haha yeah I would not sell mine if I had them too lol thx for the info!
  10. well it looks like a good quality and I have no problem paying high $ for good stuff. How much are they anyway?
  11. May be we should do a GoFundMe page for him
  12. I hope Yeti can produce stands soon...I need them stands like right now lol
  13. When he opens back up, I am gonna put in a huge order lol
  14. man...wish he is selling it again....those stands look real nice..
  15. Are those VF-25 line ups DX or 1/72 Bandai? BTW, it looks SICK!
  16. My SDF setup now My Frontier setup now
  17. Thanks, yeah I am gonna have to move around my displays to fit them in after I put on strike/supers on them. I won't be doing anything else such as panel lining though as I don't wanna mess up the integrity of these toys.
  18. Ey, this would have not been possible without you man! Thanks!
  19. Also picked up a lot of Frontier stuff using FromJapan proxy services, I do have ozma armor but did not put it on yet, VF-1S Roy and Hikaru with Strike, super set, and missile set is not pictured as well as VF-1J with everything. I will post them up with recently purchased YF-29 (alto, perceval, & ozma) series once I get my custom backgrounds ready
  20. I wanna thank @Alphahorizon for HMR stuff! Here is my HMR that I picked up and I just got my custom magnetic background today. Skull Squad!
  21. lol I see..didn't know it was TWE preorder for VF-1D... for regular release...hoping for max & millia lol
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