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  1. Backlog Sale! Trying to downsize my backlog as I am running out of space to keep them around. All kits are BNIB (Box condition is good unless otherwise noted in the item description) All prices include shipping to lower 48 states (USPS). Paypal preferred but Venmo, Zelle is available. **Multi kit purchase discount available** SDF stuff Wave 1/100 VF-1S Hikaru $55 Wave 1/100 VF-1S Roy $55 Bandai 1/72 Spartan $35 each (2 available) Bandai 1/72 Defender $35 each (1 available) Bandai 1/200 Monster $45 each (2 available) Bandai 1/100 Phalanx $25 Bandai 1/100 Tomahawk $25 SOLD Frontier Stuff Bandai 1/72 VF-25F Super Messiah $70 (Box is not in good condition, bought from a member on here) Bandai 1/72 VF-25S Ozma $60 Bandai DX Variable Display Stand $70 (Bought new, opened it and realized this is only for non renewal) Please PM me if interested. Local pickup welcome (Los Angeles Koreatown)
  2. You might want to post those Metal Builds on Facebook USA Gunpla For Sale community as those are some crazy good prices. Too bad I own those otherwise I would have bought those..
  3. that means its BNIB and since it was never opened, they use unconfirmed. You should buy used ones only if it displays some pictures of an item you are interested in.
  4. It's the Bandai limited release business model that feeds scalping...I don't like the prices too but if you do some research and put a bit of time, you can find great prices on used ones from Yahoo Auctions Japan. Mandarake is an option but I use Yahoo Auctions more than them simply because the competition is stronger for Mandarake. Buying used is a gamble but out of countless purchases I have made on Yahoo Auctions Japan, only 1 had real issue. Aside from that one purchase, all my used are in good to great conditions and prices were fair unlike US Ebay lol. To put this into better perspective, I just purchased my VF-1D for $285 BNIB in Tamashii brown box off Yahoo Auctions with free domestic shipping and international shipping will be about $30 for me so $315 total. MSRP for it from Japan was around 25000 yen so give or take $40 in premium which isn't bad at all.
  5. This is a QC issue with these as my miriya came broken just like yours. I superglued mine and its fine. I can always just recast this part but superglue worked good for me.
  6. damn pretty good price. surprised nobody jumped on this lol
  7. @Reni Smooth transaction! Thanks!
  8. Looking for yamato/arcadia stand If you have a spare, please let me know. Thanks.
  9. Looking for 1 Yeti Stand with all adapters and accessories If you have a spare to sell, PM me please Thanks.
  10. You might want to PM Glane21 for this.
  11. @no3Ljm Superb packing! clear and transparent comm and great pricing! Thank you for an awesome item and smooth transaction!
  12. Damn.. Makes me wanna get SSP for all 3...I do have 1 SSP for VF-1S Hikaru and two TV sets that are currently on 1J and Roy 1S..gonna keep my 1J and Roy 1S vanilla with just missiles and just transfer two TV packs to 1A Max and Hayao lol
  13. Nope, I was not going to pay $500 for it lol that was a bit much...and I have to budget myself cuz DX GBP preorder is coming lol
  14. Thanks! Going to bidding war!
  15. if they choose to release this as a full set..I wonder what the price point is going to be...guessing around 28900 yen....
  16. I am pretty sure bandai will release these as a Full Set to take our money lol
  17. that is a lot of Valks lol hopefully someday I will get to that number. Flightpose is closed too lol at least until the 4th qtr....man....pandemic is killing us...
  18. I would get them for all of mine but since my collection is small, it won't run nowhere near $3000 lol
  19. haha yeah I would not sell mine if I had them too lol thx for the info!
  20. well it looks like a good quality and I have no problem paying high $ for good stuff. How much are they anyway?
  21. May be we should do a GoFundMe page for him
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