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  1. Still looking. Also if you happen to have 2 x alpha guns I would be happy with that.
  2. Thanks...bump if anyone has anything else? Doesn't need to be complete...or unbroken. Looking for planes that can display ok in either fighter or battroid. Won't be transformed.
  3. I am looking for a Robotech Masterpieces Alpha or Beta broken/damaged/etc. No Box is fine. I wanted to use it as a display in fighter/battloid mode or glue it in place if I have to. Just something cheap to mess around with since I think there must be quite a few damaged ones. Send a PM with pics and a price. Thank you.
  4. I agree with the quality but that maybe due to age? I would think 17 year old plastic is superior to 37 year old plastic?
  5. Got the toy! Great seller here! Thanks for the great packing and fast shipping!
  6. Just got a great toy from Alex. Thanks for the great mospeada!
  7. I'll get in line for Roy. If he's gone I'll take Hilary. If he's gone I'll take max.
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