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  1. The Justice is complete and now I have the Seed 2.0 kits out of the way Not sure if the Eclipse counts since it uses part of the 2.0 frame. If I had to pick a favorite it would be the Providence mainly because it can stand without any assistance. The Justice can barely stand and the ankle armor on the Freedom gets in the way. Took a bunch of pics so please check them out on my Flickr.
  2. I've never understood the need for kits like this one and the noodle cup. Its cheaper to get the real thing than the kit 😅
  3. That wouldn't be a bad idea doing designer color versions to distinguish them a little from the S1 suits. Thats really what got me back into gunpla, building kits to complement my metal build collection.
  4. Thanks! I went back and forth on the gold on that piece TBH. The inside of the GN Condensers I painted gold but then kept the yellow on the GN Bazooka just to keep it in line with the rest of the main body and because I wanted to shade those pieces. Haven't really found out how to shade metallics. And yea the yellow I used is vibrant, usually its orange yellow over an orange base which makes it even brighter 😄 I didn't post this pic but here is the entire team with MB Exia. Waiting on a an updated MG Exia. Just hoping it doesn't end up being a MGEX.
  5. I only have one Too much money for a second so ill wait for an individual Nadleeh release or try to get a built one cheap.
  6. Thanks! It took quite a few tries because the glue on the hair kept breaking. Took me about 4 days of just fiddling with Nadleeh's hair to complete this shoot. Virtue was done quickly 😄
  7. MG Virtue is complete. Love this chunky suit and I was hyped to finally complete the team. Kit itself is pretty good and all of the armor parts stay on solid. the front skirt armor piece seems a little wobbly but doesn't really come off. For colors I tweaked the blue from the GN Cannons to make it a little darker and used silver for the extending barrels.
  8. P-Bandai is not going to open up POs. This is being brought over as a regular release here in the US even though its still limited production. Similar to how most of the web exclusive Monsterarts come to the US as regular releases. Other shops that have it up for PO: https://surethingtoys.com/products/bandai-metal-build-gode-geass-guren-type-08-seiten?_pos=1&_sid=c83f80e7f&_ss=r https://www.entertainmentearth.com/product/code-geass-lelouch-of-the-rebellion-r2-seiten-guren-type08-elements-metal-build-dragon-scale-action-figure/blfbas63459 https://www.usagundamstore.com/products/code-geass-lelouch-of-the-rebellion-r2-metal-build-dragon-scale-type-02-f1z-guren-s-e-i-t-e-n-eight-elements https://www.rightstufanime.com/Guren-Type-08-Elements-Seiten-Code-Geass-Lelouch-of-the-Rebellion-R2-Metal-Build-Dragon-Scale-Figure
  9. MG AGE-1 is complete. This was a quick and easy build, it has no BS seam lines or anything that needs to be fixed. I would put it alongside the MG Gundam X as the perfect master grade kits. For this build I chose to go with more faded colors similar to the OYW RX-78-2 MG. This is about as custom as ill get with colors 😄
  10. Im buying this only to kit bash it with the regular MG Force Impulse and modernize it a little. Im ready!
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