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  1. Uhhh as opposed to the overgrown iguana that was in the movie? Yes!
  2. WTF was up with reptile? At least in the first movie they gave him the ninja outfit.
  3. Finished MG Duel Gundam. Right at the very end I got this silly idea of not wanting to scratch the paint by putting on the Assault Shroud. I ended up buying a junker Duel to paint up and put the Assault Shroud on. Won't be truly finished with this kit for another couple of months
  4. That pic is what sold me on the MK-V. Placed the pre-order and then it sold out like a week later
  5. Look at the comments that Atlas pic is the HG from 4 years ago The Atlas Ka really had me all excited until I realized the date and couldnt find any news from anyone else.
  6. im getting the itch to work on the Advanced Hazel this year just to finish this pair out but I also need to work on one of my Haze'n-Thleys II... It will definitely only have to be one more AoZ kit this year, I think thats all the AoZ I can handle
  7. Unfortunately I gave up on the MGs after the Hazel Custom. They need way too much work and it kind of burned me out with all the masking. I am going to build the Advanced Hazel but that will be it, only because that design is so good. I got an Owsla and Primrose from US P-Bandai but sold it after I snapped the Hazel Custom. SO far I have built the HG Woundwort and Hazel Custom. Your combo there looks very very good!
  8. Yup we are running into the same issue then, to clean the needle I spray for a few seconds on full blast but I also get the small flecks whenever I forget to do it.
  9. Thanks! Yes I usually go for a very subtle shading although sometimes I think its too subtle but I'm happy with how it came out. The red fingers I had to hand paint a silver layer first and then went over that with metallic red. The silver helped a lot with the dark base of the frame. I cant remember but is mecha color pre-thinned? I've only used it to hand paint details, never airbrushed it. I use lacquers but yes white paint is my nemesis. I have troubles with it because no matter what it starts drying at the tip of the needle and its the only color that I have that issue with. So my
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