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  1. Thanks man! I need those Evas running That is my favorite scene from the entire rebuild series.
  2. Finished the Figure-Rise Labo Asuka. Super easy build, the toughest thing was the seam line at the elbows but that one is optional. I left the clear orange parts stock as it was the main gimmick of this kit. I like that this kit can hang with the other Asuka statues I have. I feel like that is where Plamax is failing with those kits that just got announced.
  3. MG Force Impulse Gundam mini kit bash. I held off on building a MG Impulse for a while because I never liked the proportions of it, mainly the oversized hands and feet. I originally bought a MG EX-Impulse just to take the feet and hands from that kit but I would have had to mod the feet extensively since they are shaped differently from the stock Impulse. However, I later found out Daban made a MG Impulse and redesigned most of the armor parts on the kit. The design of the Daban Impulse was not for me, but the feet redesign worked and that’s when I decided to finally build an Impulse. Took just the feet from that kit as I wanted this Impulse to be mostly Bandai. The hands are from a MG Justice. The hands did not need any modification aside from some pins to be able to hold on to the beam rifle.
  4. Thanks! Yes those mold lines were on the knees as well. I tried to save the details on those parts but it involved tricky sanding and it looked more like scratched plastic that smooth one. You can see some details on those parts on the pic of the naked frame. I didn't like the result so I decided to restart and sand those pieces smooth, but its still better than the mold lines. Trying to match the plating of the original pieces was kind of tricky and its not a perfect match but I am happy with the end result. Thank you sir!
  5. MGEX Strike Freedom complete. I can finally retire my Metal Build!! The articulated hands are absolute trash everything else is pretty good.
  6. Im so ready! The bros are waiting I missed the Japan preorders though 😭
  7. Full Mechanics Raider. I liked this kit more than the Calamity. It had no seam lines, and had less detail to fill in. I omitted putting the wire in Mjolnir since I was was never going to really use it aside from the one picture.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/groups/MacrossFanCentral/permalink/1875000269527391/
  9. Yeti Stand KO? Found on Facebook, they could've tried to deviate from the design a little.
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