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  1. Taking a break from Gunpla to take some pics of a bunch of PVC statues that I have boxed up. First up is the Alter Rei Ayanami Millennials Illust Ver. I am more of an Asuka fan but this is a top tier figure IMO.
  2. Man I was buying this because I believed the canopy was not going to be yellow 😑
  3. Just got back from Japan last week and this was my haul. With the exchange rate and tax free shopping I got some pretty good deals. These figures I got from the claw machines.
  4. Some pics of my recently completed MG Stombringer FA. FM Forbidden was completed a few weeks ago but have I have not had time to take pics. I really love how the Stormbringer looks! The Impulse-ish head is just chef kiss, makes the kit look mean AF, and the Full Armor cosplay colors are fantastic. However the kit is riddled with seam lines so it does need a little bit of work. There are also a ton of masking opportunities to add some details. In conclusion I think this is the happiest I have been after finishing a build.
  5. MG Stark Jegan completed pics. My wife was away visiting her parents so I managed to knock this one out in 10 days. This was my first experience with the Jegan mold and overall im happy with the kit. Pretty straight forward build and no seams to deal with. My only complaint is all the extra junk (plastic) that's left in the box because its a P-Bandai.
  6. Its kind of meh tbh. I cant put them in action poses and have to constantly play gunpla tetris to try and fit them in the detolf. For the EX-S I had to get its own display cube because it doesnt fit anywhere I didnt find is as tedious as the MGEX Strike Freedom but it definitely took a while. The kit only includes stickers, these are aftermarket decals from G-Rework
  7. Thank you! With paint everything usually gets tightened up so I dont run into many pieces falling off. The only exception to that is the front skirt on the MG Duel Gundam. That thing falls off by looking at it.
  8. Finished pics of the MG EX-S. Beautiful kit to look at, a pain in the a$$ to pose. I took it as personal challenge to try and get some poses out of it, but this kit is a brick and its better to just be left alone standing there and looking cool. I based my paint scheme on the Metal Robot Damashii EX-S that has some camo painted on it. Now I think I'm gonna have a running theme of doing some kind of camo on all my Sentinel builds. Hopefully I get to the Mk V and FAZZ soon. I replaced the Incom wires with brass rods because the wires included with the kit are unable to hold them up in place. As stated previously this was a pre-built kit I got in a trade a few years ago. Previous owner panel lined it completely which I couldn't remove, he also painted some thing with Gundam marker which I did remove, and a ton of parts had been glued. A couple of builders over at TFW2005 helped me with some spare pieces to complete this build.
  9. Thanks! Yup its completely painted and top coated. Highly recommend it. Its the most fun I have had with a Ver Ka kit. They usually have some annoying component to them but this build was pretty smooth.
  10. Zeta Ver Ka complete! Really liked working on this kit and I feel it has been the easiest Ver Ka kit I have worked on. Articulation is great and it looks great! My only complaint would be the lack of a forward butterfly joint but its a minor nitpick.
  11. Thanks man! I need those Evas running That is my favorite scene from the entire rebuild series.
  12. Finished the Figure-Rise Labo Asuka. Super easy build, the toughest thing was the seam line at the elbows but that one is optional. I left the clear orange parts stock as it was the main gimmick of this kit. I like that this kit can hang with the other Asuka statues I have. I feel like that is where Plamax is failing with those kits that just got announced.
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