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  1. MG Sandrock Custom EW is complete! This took longer than expected because I was sick for over a week during the build. I focused a ton on trying to get the cloak shells to look like cloth. Also I use gold on these kits instead of yellow like the promo pics of the old 1/100 HG EW kits. Now im moving onto GM Sniper II White Dingo. With Anti-Beam Cloak Sandrock
  2. I remember the Providence being a pain but all that work paid off.
  3. MG Eclipse Gundam uses the Freedom, Providence, and Justice hip joints πŸ˜–. Time to by diecast replacements. πŸ™„ I used the diecast replacement J4 parts on my Providence and they just needed some tightening but saved me the headache of ending up with a broken leg.
  4. Not only is the color scheme better on the FAZZ, it doesnt have those annoying arm wings that get in the way of everything. That alone makes the FAZZ superior πŸ˜…
  5. Thanks! This was a tough build and im glad its out of the way. Only problem is that I am no longer looking forward to working on the FAZZ πŸ˜…
  6. MG Enhanced ZZ Ver Ka complete. I went with the enhanced version because it looks mean AF, however I feel the enhanced parts affects the articulation of the base kit and maybe I should have gone vanilla ZZ. For posing I had to cheat by unplugging the backpack to make sure the shoulders had enough clearance. Otherwise the shoulders cant rotate forward at all. I am not 100% happy with the end result of this build. There were a few messed up decals and and a couple of paint scratches
  7. Yup and for some reason they only do it on Bandai kits.
  8. That just happened to me with the Full Mechanics Calamity. It was out for 2 weeks and I was still waiting on it to ship my PW. I contacted them and it turns out they didnt get enough and I was in line for a "reprint" whenever Bandai decided to do one. I wouldn't trust HLJ with any Gunpla pre-order. They leave them open up until release date. I asked them why them why they left preorders open if they knew they weren't getting enough. The rep claimed they didnt have a system in place to close POs which is a bunch of BS.
  9. Anyone got a MG Force or Sword Impulse they woud like to sell?
  10. Damn I completely missed this πŸ˜‘ Amazon japan hast it but at a much higher price.
  11. If the site crashed the way it did last night for these kits, I dont even want to know what getting the DBZ figuarts will be like tomorrow
  12. Im sold on all of them except the "new theatrical version" Unit 01 πŸ™„ It was about time the MB Evas continued. Also im surprised Revoltech didnt put out an Eva 08y
  13. Thanks man! This means a lot because I feel like the shading is never right, and mainly when I'm working on it. I wasn't really happy with the shading on the light gray until I put the entire kit together.
  14. If you do end up getting one make sure you get the die cast replacement hip pieces. The weird hip system on the Providence, Freedom, and Justice can break easily. Thanks man! I really wanted this one to look good so it would pair up well with the MB Freedom Concept 2.
  15. Completed the MG Providence. I spent a considerable amount of time masking and adding details. The only negative for me with this kit is the beam rifle, the kit has a little bit of trouble holding onto it and makes the posing a little bit of a chore.
  16. Just a heads up that it sold out on Premium Bandai Japan, so if NY didnt place the order before it sold out, they will leave people waiting for a potential 2nd shipment. Personally I went with the USA shop even though it will be a month and half late.
  17. Had a package just under 7KG sent out last week by EMS. Had a surcharge of Β₯4800 that brought the total cost to Β₯20,100. Still cheaper than DHL but would have been much better without that surcharge. It was also slower than before, shipped on June 2nd and arrived on the 10th.
  18. These kits keep me very busy. I am about to sell all my figures because i barely mess with anything nowadays.
  19. MG Deathscythe Hell is complete. This one only took me 10 days to finish which is a new record for me. It's not that complicated of a build so that's probably why I managed to finish in a short amount of time. This kit was a rebuild of a kit I got done in 2016. I have a love/hate relationship with this particular kit. Love how it looks but hate the wings. They are a pain to pose and get in the way of everything, also extending the wings leads to inevitable paint scratching. I still love the endless waltz kits and I am happy that I finally got this journey started. Probably wont get them finished until early next year but I should be able to squeeze one or two more EW builds this year. As far as color choices i went with a mix of the purplish armor parts from Katoki’s drawing in the manual as well as the the orange head sensor and gold parts from the old 1/100 kits. I believe in no yellow parts on Wing kits, that goes back to the old kits I got in the late 90s :lol
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