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  1. Im buying this only to kit bash it with the regular MG Force Impulse and modernize it a little. Im ready!
  2. Keep an eye on the price, usually they list at a higher price before the kit is even solicited to retailers. They will refund you if the price comes down but you need to contact them for that. If not they will keep the difference with no problem.
  3. I used to have the 1/100 HG and they all got tossed in the trash after a move. πŸ˜” I paint the yellow gold as an homage to the images in the manual from those old kits. Thank you! Its gaianotes pearl gold. Usually I paint it over a black base, but his time I applied straight on gray primer and it took a bunch of layers to get the same effect.
  4. Back to gunpla! MG Heavyarms is complete! Next up is the Age-1
  5. 1st quarter of the year I worked on non gundam kits, not sure if those were allowed on here so I didn't post them πŸ˜„Just finished my first Gundam of the year, I'll post that one soon
  6. Friend wanted a muddy R2. First time trying to weather a model πŸ˜…
  7. Glad I preordered this! Would've preferred a Sword Calamity first but this still isn't too bad.
  8. Thanks! Thats why I like these Blue Destiny mobile suits, the colors have such a nice unique contrast.
  9. Many thanks to @ValkAddict for the easy and smooth transaction.
  10. Looking to sell a few item, prices include shipping in the US. HMR VF-4 opened complete $90 shipped HMR VF-1A Hikaru opened complete $130 shipped Arcadia VE-1 PF new $210 shipped DX RVF-171 Luca opened complete $220
  11. Yup! My plan is to have it done early next year to finish this group of X Frame suits.
  12. Thanks! I tried to get as many of the iconic Freedom poses as I could. The neck articulation is very limited so I couldn't get them exactly as on screen
  13. Finished the MG Freedom 2.0 last week. Some pic spam, rest of them in my Flickr.
  14. Its really impressive that it can stand with all the striker packs on.
  15. Metal builds have gotten out of hand with the proportions. I liked what they were doing with the 00 stuff and the early SEED designs were not too bad.
  16. I think I'm alone in this but I find the light blue on Unit 0 horrible. Why did they add this color, is it a reference to something I'm missing? I went from super hyped to just buy to complete the team. Even if they added all this blue they could've spared the damn chin. Sorry rant over.
  17. Did you get a 10 day arrival notice from them? I was going to order one from Japan but their price might be cheaper than importing.
  18. Thanks @arbit! Still learning the picture taking deal and hopefully can improve some more.
  19. Been a while since I finished a kit. 2/3 done with this White Dingo team.
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