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      still selling the Stig ride armor? if the other buyer doesn't come true I'll be interested on buying it. I am in the US, Virginia. How about you?

  2. Being reposted with correct ID.
  3. I asked proactively for my additional UPS fee, paid $57.00, so I know it will ship. believe it or not, eBay is becoming my best place for preorders. Markups are only slight early on with Luna Park.
  4. Finally flew home and uploaded photos of the VR-52F and the targeting Lense I did. As this is a modification to a toy and it is no longer original, I priced it low at $200 or a trade for a NIB PG GP-01FB shipped. This has never even been transformed or displayed, I just added it one weekend wanting something to mod a little.
  5. I’m looking for someone to pay to scribe panel lines on a few parts of the following kits: PG GP-01FB: The FB version Legs, Skirts, and Arms MG Johnny Ridden Zaku + 2 additional Zaku Heads and 2 Sets of Thighs. MG G5 Gundam: Arms, Legs, Skirts I need this so I can paint some color separation. please pm me.
  6. Sentinel Ride Armors: VR-52F Stick $200 Shipped : Photos below of the boxed item and the targeting lense that was added. The left gauntlet site has some of the gun metal color missing right around the edge. This is the only modification done to this item, it has never even been transformed or displayed. The red targeting lense is located directly over the laser site in the forearm rocket launcher. Since this is a modification of an otherwise untransformed new toy, I priced it low at $200 shipped. **SOLD** VR-41 Yellow $180 Shipped New, Never Transformed, slid out for inspection only. **SOLD** HMR Defender x2 Sealed $90.00 each Shipped** **Sold ** Spartan x1 New $90 Shipped HMR VT-1 Sealed $90 shipped **SOLD HMR VF-1D Sealed $90 shipped**
  7. This thread is being closed as the majority has sold. A new thread with additional Macross and Mospeada will be will be put up tomorrow.
  8. Everything listed is STILL for Sale. It seems some were confused, but me getting the offer does not effect the sale thread and everything listed is still for Sale. Just PM me
  9. Me to, thanks for posting. I think a SMAW would look better though.
  10. Unrelated to the items being sold, but many have offered thoughts of support due to me losing my job from COVID cuts. I flew out for panel interviews this week and got my offer letter today. They even flew my wife and daughter with me so they could experience the culture of the company. Items are still for sale but I wanted to post this because I was surprised at how many people pm’d me with support even when they were not buying an item.
  11. I’m getting pre-angry about the fiasco I’ll have to go through with NY in order to get my Roy 1S and TV super parts. Odds are the super parts will never be in stock and I’ll have to message them so I can get a bill for $90 to ship my Roy.
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