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  1. How do you buy straight from that website?
  2. Have they ever fraked up pre-orders before?
  3. Are you located in the US? Mine got refunded even if the transaction was already more than a year old.
  4. Looking to buy the Yamato Macross Ghost QF-2200D-B. New or used is okay as long as the accessories are complete and in good condition. DM me if you have one for sale. Thanks.
  5. Call your credit card company and tell them you want to dispute the charges. My credit card company refunded my two payments and NY changed the two status of my orders to “payment dispute - chargeback “.
  6. I also filed a dispute last month and told my credit card company the toy was supposed to be shipped by May. Fingers crossed.
  7. When did you order the toy and when did you filed the dispute with your bank?
  8. Mine were ordered last year of June so I'm just hoping my credit card company will still accept my dispute even if the transactions were already more than a year old.
  9. Has anyone successfully got a refund from their credit card company after making a dispute? I have also filed a dispute with my credit card company as well and they're going to investigate it. I ordered 4x of the SSP(2 separate orders) and they're going to ship 2x(status preparation in progress) and give me a store credit for the other 2x. I told my credit card company to dispute both orders as I doubt they will ship the first 2x SSP.
  10. Did you contact NY of your SSP order? I contacted them to downgrade the shipping to Ferry so that they can ship my order and be on it's way but then they said they still can't ship it out because they didn't receive all of their SSP stocks.
  11. Amiami took my order back and they will also refund the return shipping cost.
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