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  1. I've read here that the head has a ball socket and can easily be removed.
  2. If anyone has one MIB please contact me. I have MIB DX Valkyries that I might be willing to trade for it if that is preferred by seller.
  3. No one knows. Brand new company. So everyone who POd is taking a gamble like me.
  4. Does anyone have any extra 1Ds? So...in a panic I sent A-E an email cancelling my PO. I thought I would get one cheaper from another site. I've emailed A-E a couple of times and even tried calling them to disregard by cancellation request and so far nothing.
  5. Looks like an Orguss Orgroid decal set.
  6. I have an extra Yf-19 Kit and thought of ordering the VF-19A decals from Japan to use it on. Anyone have the old manual stashed? If you’re living in Japan that’d be extra helpful.
  7. Okiniland just asked for an additional ¥1,000 to ship VF-1A Kakizaki this morning. Looks like it’s arriving soon.
  8. Member here since 2003 and I don't know what it means too. LOL
  9. SSPS will be behind the Valkyrie flat on the wall. For the missiles it will be on a plane tilted downward along with the fighter. Just imagine that photo I attached and the fighter and missiles are on an inclined plane.
  10. I'm shooting for a look just like that on the second photo where the viewer can see everything with an overhead view.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/StoneysStands There's this guy who makes all sorts of acrylic stands on FB. Remember when Bandai previewed the SSPs and they were displayed attached to a wall? I was wondering if there would be any interest in getting a stand/ display for SSPs like that. I have a few ideas for the SSPS. 1. is a blow up kind of display. 2. a wall stand like wall gun rack. Missiles: 1. Valkyrie fighter mode in the back and missiles in front of it laid out in a fan like configuration. 2. or in-flight missiles with individual stands. With the fan like for
  12. Bought one Hik Valk from Amazon JP. still looking for SSP.
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