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  1. It’s been Golden Week so a lot biz are on holiday. Okini is solid.
  2. Some of the shops have to confirm stock from their distributor first. That happened with Okini with Roy and posting the list live and marked up after PO Madness. I think that’s what happened to several this time.
  3. Ditto. Landed mine in the same first few seconds after it dropped. It went fast. But GBP is pretty iconic in the series.
  4. Nice! I got a set from the first issue but the second one I had ordered through a different proxy fell through. So picked one up from AE and Hobby-Genki on the second run. AE should be here tomorrow.
  5. Exactly. That’s a prime example of what will happen to the rest. The TWEs are getting too difficult to acquire. So, I’m a fan of telling people to try Google like the rest of us and Godspeed. There’s a bit more of an even playing field for general releases oddly enough.
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