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  1. 😮 Aw man. That hurts just looking at it. Sorry that happened
  2. Thank you! And yup you got it! Hologram indeed
  3. Just got this back from a custom I commissioned to Jarrod on the tfw2005 board.
  4. And how many have white landing gears? 🙂
  5. Can’t wait for this one. It’s a helluva bird as huge as it is, but I didn’t open the Yamato so I’m stoked. Shelf space is going to be a challenge with Ivan already eating up a ton already lol
  6. AJ has it with global shipping if anyone is interested: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B09XBJBCHK
  7. I was able to use a burner number but even after you get through registration, you can’t use a CC from outside of Japan .
  8. 😁I’m not claiming anything absolute. I’m merely quoting the creator, Anno. I’m not even sure he’s claiming anything absolute other than calling people who don’t recognize the Christian symbolism morons. I mostly just like trolling you because you’re adamant, confident, and absolute in your interpretation of Evangelion. So it’s good to bring an opposing viewpoint; especially, when the creator has made statements that seem to conflict with some of your view. That being said, I’m actually well read in Christianity, and the symbolism would seem to be used for mystic effect as it’s certainly not an accurate representation. But I don’t over analyze it. Sometimes art is best left with whatever impression it gives you. Nothing more. Nothing less. So that my means @Keith is…. Well Sith are pretty badass so that’s not a bad thing.
  9. No worries friend. I wasn’t commenting in regard to your statements. I don’t think anyone should claim to understand Evangelion haha. I’m right there with you.
  10. I don’t disagree with you at all. In fact, I’d venture your spot on. I interjected simply to counter the idea or statement that Evangelion definitively has nothing to do with religion or more specifically Christianity. It’s not wise to speak in absolutes unless you are the creator of the art. (Not referring to you of course.) In the article I posted, Anno states quite the opposite of @Keith’s assertions:
  11. Again, despite how we might interpret the art, Anno admits to having deeper meaning and that the Christian terminology was more intentional than they originally admitted to. Direct quotes addressing it in this article from 2015. https://www.animemaru.com/hideaki-anno-admits-some-of-evangelions-religious-symbolism-may-have-deeper-meaning/ But like @sqidd said, I don’t think you have to understand the religion to enjoy Evangelion.
  12. Time to retire this sn. You officially have 666 comments.
  13. Word and ditto. And honestly, this doesn’t sound nearly as troublesome as MP-44 3.0 for those that collect TF. Now that sucked for the money. I need to open my 31A though so obviously I can’t speak to the experience.
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