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  1. As the title states it. Looking for one of the now old Riobots holy grails if any of you happen to have an extra one willing to depart with. Domo Arigato. Gracias!
  2. Riobot; bring me the Green!
  3. this seems pretty fair of an option to me
  4. My take on this would be that anyone is allowed to ask for some compensation in return for hard work (and true, needed to be thought out from the start because a dream can eventually become a heavy chore), this is just like when asking someone to build a model professionally for you. With this said I wasn’t aware this project’s might have some monetary goal at any level. Most of us as fans put our personal time and love for the Anime and merchandise without expecting anything in return but probably just some recognition. I would suggest to wrap this compendium and move it to an adjacent w
  5. I am not sure how many units can one get on these PO gone berserk. I think it would be practical the members who get through to grab one (and afford it) take a couple extra units to get sold here in the forums for the members, who often are more than a few, that aren't that lucky to snatch one.
  6. Resuscitating an old topic; I am building 1/144 models and finally found one on Ebay several months ago but just starting to build it. I was taken aback at how big it is. Definitively incorrect proportions and scale. I will have to modify one of Luka’s ghost from the Bandai kit to make it slightly accurate. Here in a pic comparing both and a VF-4 if around 15m long. Either way still the X-9 looks huge compared to the earlier VFs
  7. 007-vf1

    Hi-Metal R

    Thank you pointing that one out. I went to check on the site and happen to spot this one; https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1105628068&ref=list&dispCount=240&soldOut=1&keyword=HI-METAL R&lang=en which I snatched without thinking it twice. Been looking for it. now I am hoping is not a return from a previous buyer with unwanted defects
  8. This series reminds me a lot to a modern version of the Long wolf Samurai and his Cub from the 80’s . Used to love that show
  9. For the ones who were wondering; just got confirmation of shipping at NY. It took them this long to ship it.
  10. I emailed NY a couple of days ago regarding the lack of shipping updates since the toy was already in shelves and they responded by next day. They apologized and told me their supply didn’t arrive in time. My guess is that product to them arrives in waves and not all at once. They ensure they would try to fulfill my order as soon as they could and thanked me for my patience. so waiting I am, but glad I got an encouraging email from them. i also think this is the appropriate way for them to keep their international customers. Maybe the bad rap they got from the 31’s conundrum got
  11. Completely worth the money. Saw it last night. it is a bit slow in parts but one on the best movies of the year in my opinion. The movie convinces you to believe in this particular characterized dystopian past and I can see why many modern Americans would fear this movie views on it. To many, it will ring a bell close to home. The acting is superb.
  12. Come on Max; Bring us the 1/20 Strike Battroid!!
  13. Yes, they are printed. Good quality but you’ll see the plastics lines you’ll have to sand, and is tedious I’ll tell you. I purchased one from one of the printing guys. I think they are about 2-3 guys who are producing them in Chile. The shipping can be a bit steep but not as expensive as some of the casts purchases from Australia. The CGI masters seems to be a faithful copy of the Imai/Arii 1/20000 mini models from the 80’s, just way bigger..
  14. Nippon Y has the strike packs in stock right now. for some reason they made me pay right now even though they are on preorder for “Pay later”
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