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  1. now i can see the scale of the Regult compared to the Armored VF. It makes the Zentran soldier about half, or at the most 3/4 the size of the Battroid
  2. Agree this is one of the nicest animations I have seen in a while. the professional use of color values, depth and facial expressions are simply fantastic.
  3. Yes, it is the Kaiyodo resin model, but I can tell is too small for that mecha in 1/144. Is more like 1/200 scale Thanks Chris. It's been a long time building and collecting. It's a 1/144 yellow submarine VF-5000B, I believe. I only have a few Macross Plus models in 1/72 scale. Most of my collection, the ones you see in those pics are 1/144 and 1/700
  4. I totally get your frustration with small figures/kits I think Mr. Mark setter might be a bit too harsh for those new thinner decals. I read somewhere their chemical components were stronger than Microset. So i started using this other brand since. So far they haven't failed me but it takes longer and bigger amounts of the liquid to set the decals. if the decals haven't set well if the spot always re-wet before wiggling it and then gently apply a paper towel or Q-tip to bloat the excess water off before it dries. Another things you might want to invest in on a magnifier lamp glasses. They do help a lot with small things. Your Minmay looks good and hopefully is a learning curve to make the next mini figure better. @peter Thanks for the compliment. Not only are very difficult to come by of originals casts, but now a days are a few websites knock-offs who offer them recast for around $100. I got mine over 10 years ago so the investment wasn't that big then.
  5. .. Because I don't like my models stored in boxes... My turn to show some goodies on my Thankfully-I-Can-Still-Build-them, ever increasing model display collection in 1/144 Zentrans vessels are around 1/700 scale As you might notice some of them are pre-painted build-able "toys" like the F-toys and Tomytec; but most of them go through the painful process of cutting, sanding, pasting, sanding some more, painting, etc. You know the drill..
  6. finally 'Done" after a month of painting, detailing a bit 1/144 Yellow submarine Mk-II Mac Monster- with designation; 01. I purchased it with some parts pre-assembled, glued and some lightly broken. there was some light warping on one of the arms from the casting. I believe in both the cartoon and movies only the ones designated 01 and 02 are seen in the episodes we never see the details of the others; 03,04,05, etc IMG_233887536.MOV
  7. yes the detailed eye sensor comes in the kit. The Zentraedi featured model by OP is Kanjim which is much taller than the average Zentran. The average soldier should be slightly higher than Kanjim's shoulders which I think would put them close to the 'right' height of this bandai 1/72 Regult. Maybe slightly bigger though. Even though this soldier is "to scale" and seems it would fit in the Regult, I still think is a bit bigger than what it should. The only thing I don't like much about the 1/72 Bandai Regult is that flattened frontal look. I prefer it a bit more round
  8. @derex3592 I have left it with low pressure on on several occasions just to find out the compressor bleeds itself to zero in a couple of days. I try to avoid this as much as possible because the moisture that builds inside will mean rust in the components in the long run. it's better to bleed it as soon as you can but it doesn't have to be immediately. @Mechtech I asked Plastic Cretins to work in a few custom 3D printed models for me on that scale and 1/144. He's always done a pretty good job. The MKII Monster was purchased from Shapeways if I am not mistaken. I asked the the modeler there to print me one on 1/700. I have these models for about 5 years or so stored and finally starting to work on them.
  9. So I wonder if in this new movie will Lady m will be Like: "All Of Your Clonings Are Belong To Us?"
  10. I absolute know the struggle anything small hand painted is just a pain-in-the-butt without some magnification help Here my 1/700 attempts and update to a previous finished Zentran models
  11. Thanks guys for your encouragement. I did primed and looks way better.. From afar. It’s not the only thing I have been working on this week. Almost done with my DYRL version of Exsedor in 1/144 in polymer clay. About 3.5 inches; so Britaii K doesn’t feel so lonely. 😁
  12. Yes. Yellow Submarine, Resin 1/144 scale. Surprised such a nice model lacks so much detail in many areas. Especially that engine cover. I am not going to overdo it though. It’s about time to just finish it off.
  13. Working on this relic after 10 years of storing it. adding some “character”. Before and after pics. Took me several hours to say the least.
  14. what I love is that this tread has been up for almost 2 years and hasn't even passed a whole page of replies. Is this foreshadowing?
  15. @Podtastic: But so far he hasnt adequately responded, so I'm going to try Miriya models. The guy is from Argentina. The seller is not the same guy who does the printing. So it takes longer to get anything resolved quickly. Second; the price is usually is in Argentinian Pesos and figuring international shipping from that country is another issue since they had restrictions. I got nowhere when trying to reach him though Fakebook and Insta-grandpa. I have purchased from Miriya a couple of times before. He's more responsive although he's from Chile, I believe. International shipping is a bit easier to figure it out. He prints the items himself and is currently swamped with the inbits set in1/48. He might take a bit to follow through. Both of them are helping the South and Central American community where access to international goodies is a bit limited and way more expensive to acquire than the US.
  16. Riobot; bring me the Green!
  17. this seems pretty fair of an option to me
  18. My take on this would be that anyone is allowed to ask for some compensation in return for hard work (and true, needed to be thought out from the start because a dream can eventually become a heavy chore), this is just like when asking someone to build a model professionally for you. With this said I wasn’t aware this project’s might have some monetary goal at any level. Most of us as fans put our personal time and love for the Anime and merchandise without expecting anything in return but probably just some recognition. I would suggest to wrap this compendium and move it to an adjacent web page with a small entry fee for perusing the data or maybe adding a Fund-Me link that would help the people involved?
  19. I am not sure how many units can one get on these PO gone berserk. I think it would be practical the members who get through to grab one (and afford it) take a couple extra units to get sold here in the forums for the members, who often are more than a few, that aren't that lucky to snatch one.
  20. Resuscitating an old topic; I am building 1/144 models and finally found one on Ebay several months ago but just starting to build it. I was taken aback at how big it is. Definitively incorrect proportions and scale. I will have to modify one of Luka’s ghost from the Bandai kit to make it slightly accurate. Here in a pic comparing both and a VF-4 if around 15m long. Either way still the X-9 looks huge compared to the earlier VFs
  21. 007-vf1

    Hi-Metal R

    Thank you pointing that one out. I went to check on the site and happen to spot this one; https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1105628068&ref=list&dispCount=240&soldOut=1&keyword=HI-METAL R&lang=en which I snatched without thinking it twice. Been looking for it. now I am hoping is not a return from a previous buyer with unwanted defects
  22. This series reminds me a lot to a modern version of the Long wolf Samurai and his Cub from the 80’s . Used to love that show
  23. For the ones who were wondering; just got confirmation of shipping at NY. It took them this long to ship it.
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