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  1. Thank you for the offer but I’m good with the 1/3000 SDF-1. Should have updated the header.
  2. With a sprinkle of MOSPEADA.
  3. Just received a Sentinel Riobot MOSPEADA Bike from @sreichma. Perfect transaction!!! I would definitely do business with again. Thank you!
  4. @Red Comet Purchased a DX Strike parts set and custom DX VF-1S DYRL Fokker from him. Both items are perfect and shipped quickly. Fantastic seller!!!
  5. @yman1437 Thank you for the amazing 1/100 Glaug you sent me! I hope we can do business again. This is my second purchase from this seller. I bought a DX VF-1J MISB last year (forgot to leave feedback).
  6. Nice collection! I think I will pass on seeking my 1/144 Fokker. You’re right it is hard to find. One will pop up in due time.
  7. My 1/55 Takatoku VF-1S and I picked another VF-1J.
  8. Picked up a few more. I only need the VF-1A cannon fodder to complete my 1/55’s. The Milia is hands down my best Valkyrie. She is minty!
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