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  1. Hi there! I'm just returning back to check MW since 2012 (when my child was born, took me 8 years to settle down again :P) and this topic just popped up. When ChristopherB said: "The ultimate goal will be to update the MW Model Section '' I am ALL IN and I know a lot of us want that the MW Model Section have to be the main reference on this topic. Just let me know how I can help! In the 2012 I was working making changes on the page and the database with Grayson72, EXO, Mechamaniac and others:
  2. My condolences to you and your family, too.
  3. Hi guys! I want to start my Macross Movies and TV Series Collection, and need your help to know which one of the existing editions are the best representation of each serie/ova/movie. Hopefully with english subtitles and the best video and audio quality available. Thx a lot for your help!
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