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  1. Ok, so I guess there's the explanation. I'll amend my statement to just aiming it at this Spencer guy as being scum. I hope his lighthouse suffers continuous blown fuses.
  2. So resurrecting this thread as it's been close to 3 years since I paid USD$102 as a deposit to MAAS toys for their Hovertank, with no news and their website gone without a trace. I'm guessing i'm never getting that money back at this point right? Scum like this make getting legitimate projects started that much harder, since, at least in my case, I doubt i'll invest in one again.
  3. Who was asking for this? Who wants to watch a psychotic, megalomaniacal murderer flounce around the galaxy? And I still don't understand how she got such an easy pass from Burnham et al. while Lorca was condemned as a literal Hitler before being stabbed and vaporized.
  4. Just paid for my shipment with Anime-Export!
  5. Thanks jenius. Do you think that Sentinel's QC will be better than Evolution toy's and break the Legioss curse? I've also heard mixed things about their Ride armor.
  6. So i've been able to snag an unopened Evolution Toy ETA Legioss for about Y17000, before seeing all the reviews on this site (of course). My question is: is it worth opening, or would I be better off just trying to get rid of the thing and waiting for an eventual Sentinel release? I know that one of the main complaints is that the toy is overpriced for what it is, but with close to $100 off the MSRP, would you say it is worth it?
  7. Magnus

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Oh man, the 31A is like a better version of the 30 without the stupid missile pod and an actual military style paint scheme. If they release it it will be an instabuy for me.
  8. Magnus

    Hi-Metal R

    Is it a fun toy?
  9. Magnus

    Hi-Metal R

    So I can get the GBP VF-IJ priced for Y12700 at a local store tomorrow. I'm very torn, so i'm asking you guys for advice: 1) Is this figure more of a toy than an expensive model? Meaning, is it fun to play with? That's kind of what i'm looking for. 2) Is the transformation relatively simple and easy compared to the 1/60's and 1/48's? 3) Is the partsforming a pain or relatively painless? The add-on landing gear instinctively bugs me, but i'm wondering how much of an issue it would be. Overall, do you find that it's worth the price?
  10. There's one auction going on on Yahoo Japan for the Yamato figure, and it's already gone past $750. If this is less than that then I will happily buy it. I was really, really hoping that Arcadia would have re-released their figure, but you snooze you lose.
  11. Holy god, I have to say that that is the best looking Voltron that I have ever seen. It makes Mad Toys's Golion look like junk! I just wish it wasn't a Toynami product - you just know that the QC is going to be horrible. Still, it looks so good that I may take the plunge sight unseen....
  12. I have to say, it looks incredible. And at 18" it'll be the same size as Hasbro's new Devastator. Triple the price though probably. Still, i'm gonna get this. It just looks too good, even with Toynami's terrible QC history.
  13. Yeah, brick and mortar in Japan is almost impossible to find stuff like this for. My best bet right now is Amazon.jp, where I snagged one for Y28000
  14. Toysbuddy is also sold out! You guys move fast.
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