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  1. Ah, Daltanious. What would have been Voltron had the US,buyer not just asked for "That anime with the lion". The toys for Voltron Force had the insinuation of manes I believe. But mane less lions equal girl lions in my books.
  2. I think I always saw the lions as the Pride and the combined form as the male alpha.
  3. Wait...are those lion legs detached or hidden? Not even the SOC has managed that. Aren't they lionesses, though?
  4. I actually completely forgot that this thing commanded such an insane price. I found my receipt for it the other day and froze for a millisecond after seeing how much I had paid, half thinking I'd WAY overpaid and didn't catch the error.
  5. Alex

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I totally want a Skull leader repaint. Call it "The Siegfried&Roy Special"
  6. Nice But I'm definitely let down by the trailer. Which is ironic as I can forgive mac7 its excesses. But it looks like Macross has now become as generic an anime as they come. I really hope the puny, atrophic arms of the Siegfried isn't because it's being piloted by girls.
  7. "WALKURIE! Walkurie! Just gimme your kiiiiissss!" *cough* So, is the new Macros about pretty cosplay girls versus smelly, disgusting boys? Suddenly a cross-dressing emo with a pony-tail seems like a step up.
  8. My MP-1 battery only died a few months ago. I bought Convoy on release day in Tokyo.
  9. That was a different one.Definitely hasn't been posted in a while.
  10. I may be imagining things but does anyone remember a really amazing scratch built Houquet ride armor custom from a few years back? I'm pretty sure it was fully transforming. I'm certain it wasn't built on a Beagle but looked around the 1/10 scale.
  11. I would definitely go for the CMs if it's playability you want. Though the proportions are a lot lankier than the Toynami. I would go to Anymoon.com first if I were you. There's a really detailed comparison of the CMs and Toynami. Just go to the CMs section listed in the right hand menu.
  12. Yep. the 1/35 Gakken is a fantastic toy. But if you want something to play around with then the MPC is, as Jenius said, crap. Though very line accurate. If you want a smaller Legioss to mess around with and actually have it survive intact then go for the CM's legioss/Tread set or any of the single CM Legioss releases like the Dark Legioss. Less line accurate but solidly built.
  13. A little artistic licence but considering how much the CMs took anyway...
  14. Oh, great. The one of the white sidepieces is cracked along the hinge that allows it to swing to close around the rider's body in armor node. Are there any shapeways replacements out there?
  15. Never did like the stock CM Tread hands. I much prefer the boxing gloves from the lineart. Now the Legioss can inherit the old hands.
  16. It does indeed attach. If you look back a page you'll see it with the gun attached using the custom clip I made.
  17. A very small addition but i've finally added the headlights to the Bartley. They will be having added details on the reverse so that when they swivel around they will appear closed as they do in ridearmor mode. I think I may also redo Houquet's boots and calf armor once the bike is done.
  18. Yeah, they're modified beagle bikes. I grabbed them when the beagles hit all-time low prices around two years ago. Never see them hit those prices again.
  19. With all this talk of beagles I thought i'd post these again. I really hope someone picks up where beagle left off.
  20. Even if IS a huge printing error, there's no way this thing is going for anything under 15,000. I was actually anticipating this thing to hit 20,000. But 37,000?!
  21. Damn, that little running man is hilarious I love creative customs like this.
  22. Thanks for the support I'm pretty sure i've seen people leave wallets on tables in cafes, McD's etc. Other valuables at least. I'm just annoyed with myself for being so careless. Didn't report it to the police though. Honestly, it wouldn't get me anything. Fuuuuuuu.... Pelvic crustaceons sounds about right.
  23. It was a Beagle. Nope. No security cameras on the train. If I DO replace it with a Toynami, I have to live with the Toynami heads
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