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Found 4 results

  1. Six-String Samurai HSX Films/Palm Pictures, 1998 Directed by Lance Mungia (The Crow: Wicked Prayer) Running Time: 91 minutes Rated PG-13 for martial arts violence and mild language. "Don't touch my guitar, man. Don't even touch my guitar." - Buddy Cast Jeffrey Falcon as Buddy Justin McGuire as the Kid Lex Lang (Gineas in Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, Shun in Heat Guy J) as Death (voice) Buddy: "Who are you?" Death: "Death." Buddy: "Cool. You here for me?" Death: "You and every other rock 'n' roller out to claim my throne." Synopsis In 1957, the Soviet Union nuked America and turned the country into a wasteland. The last safe haven in America was a city called Lost Vegas, ruled by King Elvis. Forty years have passed since then, and Elvis has died. Sword-wielding, guitar-picking warriors all over the wastelands embark on a perilous journey to be crowned King of Lost Vegas. On his way to the city, a lone rockabilly named Buddy saves a kid from a bunch of primitive thugs. Despite having to put up with the kid - who does nothing but moan and scream, Buddy must continue his quest to become the King, even if he has to face the Russian Army or Death himself and his heavy metal minions from hell. "Don't let the four-eyes reach Vegas alive!" - Death Lowdown B-movies - you've seen one, you've seen them all. Many of them are poorly scripted, cheaply produced and reek of horrible acting. But then, once in a while, there comes a B-movie that's so good, you can't get enough of it. Take, for example, Six-String Samurai: a loose parody of Lone Wolf and Cub and a satire of American pop culture. "Nice tuxedo. Nice tuxedo to die in!" - Pin Pals leader Jeffrey Falcon, who has spent most of his career as a white jobber in Hong Kong flicks, does a great job playing Buddy (a parody of the late rock legend Buddy Holly), who packs a sharp katana and plays a mean six-string at the same time. The acting is extremely cheesy and the script is full of one-liners that really stick to your head. You even have a host of laughable baddies for Buddy to use his katana on, such as the Pin Pals (a trio of bald bowlers), the Cleavers (a cannibalistic suburban family), a bunch of fallen Cosmonauts and the Windmill People (mutants living underground). "I ask you to kill one single guitarist, and what do I get? Dead bald guys. You four have failed me for the last -- nice shoes." - Death For the soundtrack, Bryan Tyler (Fast Five, Thor: The Dark World) and The Red Elvises capture the essence of the film with rock 'n' roll mixed with ska, surf music and Russian folk. It's amazing how their music flows with the fight scenes. "Cross that line, kid, I'll cut your little teddy bear in half. Last kid that crossed that line, I had to summon up the Spinach Monster with my rock 'n' roll magic. The Spinach Monster grabbed him, pulled him underground and made him eat spinach all day. Rumor has it, kid...he's still there." - Buddy If you're looking for some cheap thrills, pick up Six-String Samurai. You won't be disappointed. Rating: A- "You come all this way without sayin' squat. And you are tryin' to tell me that a '56 Chevy can beat a '47 Buick in a dead quarter mile...I liked you better when you weren't sayin' squat kid. Go to bed." - Buddy DVD Extras: A- When you rent or purchase the DVD, you get the theatrical trailer and two music videos by The Red Elvises. This band really kicks ass! Mesh-head: "If I were you, I'd run!" Buddy: "If you were me, you'd be good lookin'!" (Snaps fingers) Links Official Six-String Samurai Homepage Reference The Internet Movie Database
  2. Turbo Kid EMA Films/Timpson Films/Epic Pictures Group, 2015 Written and Directed by François Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell Running Time: 95 minutes Rated R for extreme violence and profanity. Cast Munro Chambers as The Kid Laurence Leboeuf as Apple Michael Ironside (Richter in Total Recall, Katana in Highlander II) as Zeus Edwin Wright as Skeletron Aaron Jeffery (Thomas Logan in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) as Frederick Romano Orzari as Bagu Synopsis It is the year 1997. Wars and nuclear fallout have created a post-apocalyptic society called "The Wasteland", ruled by the tyrannical Zeus. A lone teenage scavenger known only as The Kid spends his days riding his BMX bike and trading junk for supplies and issues of Turbo Rider, a comic book from the old civilization. One day, he meets a girl named Apple and reluctantly brings her to scavenging trips after she entraps him with a tracking device. But after Apple is kidnapped by a bandit, The Kid stumbles upon a crashed ship, where he discovers and puts on the suit of his childhood hero. Using his new abilities, Turbo Kid races to save his girl from execution at the hands of Zeus. Lowdown Much like Kung Fury, Turbo Kid is a love letter to the '80s - particularly the action and sci-fi B-movies of that decade. The sets look simple, the cinematography feels like a Cannon film, the costumes are loud in color, and the acting is over the top. Being also a tribute to Peter Jackson's earlier works, this film is an extreme splatter fest that rivals Bad Taste and perhaps even Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky. The CG effects add to the overall cheesiness. Of all the cast members, Laurence Labeouf steals the show as Apple, a rather schizophrenic girl with Jem hair and makeup. Michael Ironside really hams it up as the main antagonist Zeus. But if there's one thing that seals the deal, it's the music. The synthpop score by Le Matos is simply mesmerizing, with shades of John Carpenter and Jan Hammer. It easily rivals Mitch Murder and Lost Years' works for Kung Fury. The cast of Turbo Kid know it's silly, but they just roll with it. And in the end, it comes off as one of the most rad movies to come from the independent scene. Rating: A- Links Official Turbo Kid Website Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 88% - "A nostalgic ode to kids' movies of yesteryear, Turbo Kid eyes the past through an entertaining -- albeit surprisingly gory -- postmodern lens." References The Internet Movie Database
  3. Here's the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39eegoYnH9s&hd=1 Looks generic but fun.
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