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  1. I took it out yesterday, forgot how fun it still is. Need to continue this.
  2. I always wanted to do the mod, 10 years ago ive tried building the legioss but never finished. Now covid made me do it.
  3. hi guys, sorry for late reply. will continue soon. I've been busy focusing on programming. find all pictures in here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/69125559@N06/7137108831/in/photostream any updates ill post in this forum.
  4. sorry guys, waiting for material.. heheh im not going to quit.. thanks so much for the support!
  5. thanks guys..you guys give me strenght to keep moving.. I'm just an ordinary IT guy, just happen to have this hobby since i was little.. since then i was researching for joints and material.. currently i'm working on the right arm..
  6. Thanks guys, but i'm not a pro. its just something i love to do.
  7. New updates.. -currently research on hip joint. -solve knee joint -pilot can exit in robot mode
  8. its not that i don't want to do the tread, it just that it will be a huge plane.. my house is so small.. no space.. huhuh.. my dream is to do all of it there is.. including the truck.. new updates coming up..
  9. Thanks guys.. Thanks for the suport. Im using the aoshima fuke model kit as reference.. I added extra articulations such as the neck can twist, also some locking system in both form for sturdiness. I will try to make it as light as possible but still strong.. need to figure out compartment for the mospeada in the chest.
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