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  1. If all your interested in is cinema, then the sequels are superior, if you want Star Wars, then the prequels are superior.
  2. I loved the last 4 episodes of the clone wars, and Ahsoka is a great character, It's also clear that Disney knows how to put together a great trailer (ala Marvel and Star Wars) but after Book of Boba Fett, Kenobi, and now over half of season 3 of the Mandalorian, I'm really losing faith that Filoni and Favreu know what they're doing here. Cameo's, fan service, and Marvel Ragnarok level silliness do not work for me.
  3. Not just the first movie, the first TWO movies. The elapsed time from Rey leaving with Finn in 7 and rescuing everybody in 8 was about a week. In that time a nobody scavenger, flew and repaired the Millennium Falcon better than Han Solo, spontaneously learned the Jedi mind trick, defeated an accomplished dark Jedi twice, slaughtered the Imperial guards who's sole purpose was apparently to kill Jedi, and lifted a field of boulders with the force. She did all this with only a few angry lectures from Luke about why the Jedi suck as training. It's just absurd. In comparison, Luke doesn't even use his lightsaber in the first movie, practices with the force for two years and can still barely pull his lightsaber out of the snow, spends a month with Yoda on Degobah in intense training (yes it was a month, it takes a while to get anywhere with a broken hyperdrive), then gets his butt handed to him by Darth Vader, practices on his own for another year, and only defeats Vader by giving into his Anger.
  4. I humbly beg forgiveness, the clones were the true stars of the series, and the journey of echo (as the only survivor of his squad of trainee's) and his brothers is both tragic and heartwarming.
  5. I'll buy that in general, although it might have more to do with an evolution of their writing, ability to tell stories, and the evolution of what The Clone Wars was. It started out as an anthology of short story arcs featuring different characters and not even written in chronological order. It ended up being the Anakin Obi Wan and Ahsoka show which was in my opinion far superior. Again, in my opinion the writing of the final four episodes of The Clone Wars was superior to pretty much anything Filloni has put out in the live action series so far.
  6. Again, both The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian are written for families, there's a big difference between being written for children and being written for families.
  7. Gonna have to disagree with you there. Especially on a website dedicated to a cartoon that all of us adults love. The Clone Wars on the whole were not written for children anymore than The Mandalorian is. Is it written as family entertainment? Absolutely. Is some of it pretty childish? Yes, but there are also very adult themes, and lots of death, not the kind of things you find in kids shows. Just like some people mistakenly claim that Star Wars in general is for kids. How many kids shows feature dismemberment and the burning corpses of the main characters parents on the front porch. George Lucas, who was behind The Clone Wars before Disney bought Lucasfilm and canceled it, described it as a PG-13 cartoon. So you can reasonably state that people perceive cartoons as being for children, but I don't think you can unequivocally state that cartoons are written for children.
  8. Clone Wars and Rebels at their best were some of the best Star Wars ever produced, don't let anyone convince you otherwise. At their worst? Well lets just say Jack Black and Lizzo ruling a utopian planet controlled by Doc Brown's droids is not out of place. Continuing the Mandalorian story arc from across both series into Live action is not in and of itself a bad idea. However, it's becoming obvious that Filoni and Favreu believe that cameo's, fan service, and the Ragnanok style of Marvel siliness is the recipe for success. I couldn't disagree more strongly.
  9. And then Din is captured by a weird cyborg/droid (so that Bo had a reason to come rescue him), and then Din falls into the living waters (so that Bo has a reason to see the mythasaur) and then Bo’s home is attacked by Imperials (so that Bo had a reason to go to the Covert). And then kid Mando is captured by creature (So Bo has a reason to show how capable she is). Again, I’m not saying you can’t like it, and doubtless at least the imperial attack could be called a loose thread like you said, but it just feels like low effort writing to justify the scenes they want to shoot . 🤷‍♂️
  10. I don’t think either is a more valid than the other, and the simple truth is, if Disney and others were putting out high quality to go along with their quantity, rage tubers wouldn’t have such a large audience. I think this is my favorite video on the topic.
  11. Definitely, No actor deserves crap for giving the performance that the director asks for, and he and Jake Loyd took a lot of crap.
  12. Bad Batch main story line episodes are awesome, Andor along with the last four episodes of the Clone Wars is the best Star Wars Disney has put out, and would be a great show even if it wasn't in the Star Wars Universe. You seriously need to watch it, just be patient when you do, it's a very slow burn. I want my Star Wars to make sense and be internally consistent. Andor has shown how good a well written Star Wars show can be. This season of the Mandalorian has had to many "and then that happened" moments. It's just not great writing, and I'm afraid they haven't learned the lessons of The Book of Boba Fett or Kenobi. I'm not going to tell you what art you can and can't like, but the numbers bear out that I'm not alone, and people are losing interest. Explanation of "and then"
  13. I’m fairly certain this was addressed in the first episodes, she is a modified (Female instead of Male) clone of Jango Fett. Boba Fett is Alpha, she is Omega. That’s why they hunted for her in the first season, they needed access to her pure genetic strain. Now they just want her to secure the Kaminoan Geneticist's cooperation.
  14. There have been some really cool moments this season, but it just feels like their buried in so much bad writing. "yeah dad, I'm fine, I survived a day and a half in the bird things gullet," Why would the bird only kill the kid if it saw the other Mandalorians, was it letting it's chicks get to know him before dinner time? That whole premise just doesn't make sense. It sure feels like they're writing the story around a couple of "cool" scenes, and it just isn't working, same problem The Last Jedi had.
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