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  1. Given the age of the house, and where I dug it up I expected it to be much older than late 90’s Lego. 🤷‍♂️ Thanks man totally missed your comment between the others
  2. good suggestion, turns out it's a Lego speargun, Thanks.
  3. I found it digging in the front yard, just curious if anybody knows what it belongs too.
  4. I was rather disappointed with the McFarlane space marine that I ordered, they are absolutely cheaper, and the paint your own has apeal to some, however I've been far more impressed with the JoyToy space marines.
  5. I was actually a bit confused when Joy Toy announced the Dark Angels Blade Guard a few weeks back, forgive me if I'm wrong, as I haven't really kept up on all the lore changes since I played 2nd edition tabletop over 25 years ago, but the wiki still states that all Dark Angel's Veterans of the Deathwing outfit in Terminator armor like the above miniature (pictured in the quote). So the JoyToy Deathwing Blade Guard would be non canonical (albeit pretty cool looking)?
  6. not backwards, they are on both sides of the standard mold for the super/strike forearm armor, also used to secure the gun pod (if you could call it secure). edit, but as you pointed out the mold does appear to be new with the circle, could be backwards, but the notches are normally on both sides.
  7. Actually I think the back parts are transparent.
  8. Beyond that, Han Solo was on display frozen in carbonite in Jabba's palace for almost a year, would have been common knowledge in the underworld.
  9. With the Bandai 1/48s between SDFM and DYRL, the heads are slightly different, the pilots are different, the number and type of hand included are different, and the tampo is different. Most people seem to feel that Bandai went way overboard with the tampo on the DYRL valks.
  10. REALLY enjoyed 5-6, 7 was a bit of a letdown, lets see where it goes in 8. I think the senate scene just emphasized that if they are really intent on doing this era, and doing big stories, like Thrawn, they have to recast Luke Han and Leia, they can't just keep dancing around them not being present. I also think they need to take a lot more time and polish on the writing.
  11. I've owned both the Bandai and McFarlen versions, and I think the articulation is right in the middle. the McFarlen feels like an action figure with articulation, and the Bandai feels like an extremely poseable collectable. Where the JoyToy really shine, is in the accessories and detail, they are gorgeous.
  12. If you are looking to possibly repair the existing joints, the post below explains my method, actually works pretty well.
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