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  1. Classic for a low budget sci fi series episode, go back in time, no sets to build, just shoot around the neighborhood or use the existing cop drama sets. Except in this case it's Star Trek, and not just one episode, but an entire season.
  2. 1. Factory sealed in shipper box, one Bandai DX TV GBP armor parts set. Price is $150, plus actual shipping and Paypal fee if not paying friends and family. I'm mentioned several times on the strait shooters list, and my ebay profile Levzloi has 100% positive feedback over the last 17 years. 2. I'm only collecting TV Valks, If you have or are planning on getting only the DYRL Valkyries, I'd be willing to trade my two Bandai DX VF-1 Movie box missiles sets from my missile sets for TV missile clusters from your missile sets. I've completed a successful trade with Angesdad for two sets of missiles.
  3. I’m a details and rules guy, so I love how Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere books all interconnect and share characters. Totally geek out on that. And the cheesy Vampire costume was so great, Soooo much happened at the party, Harry’s still paying for that one.
  4. Mistborn series, Brandon Sanderson Stormlight Archive, Brandon Sanderson (the best modern fantasy epic) Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan (the original modern fantasy epic 15 books) Dresden Files, Jim Butcher (Soooooo much fun) Ender's Game Saga, Orson Scott Card
  5. As far as the books go, 1-3 are somewhat formulaic hero fantasy, although he does reverse a number of tropes. They're good books, but Robert Jordan really hits his stride in 4-6 and they are anything but formulaic. Some people complain that the slowdown starts in 6, but the finale more than makes up for it in my opinion. 7-8 are a definite slowdown and suffer from plot bloat, but each has it's great moments. 9-10 are where the plot bloat is evident, they were supposed to be one book, as they happen simultaneously. Now, I'm a massive fan of what happens in the end of 9, that event has huge implications for the series, but it's kind of short, and getting to it is a bit frustrating. 10 is the other character's story-lines before the event at the end of 9, and then their reactions to it. Aside from Mat featuring in each of these books (he's always fun to read), it's not super exciting. 11 was Robert Jordan's final book that he completed himself, and honestly he does a great job getting things moving in the right direction after struggling the last few books. I consider it a really good book, and it's a shame it was his last. Robert Jordan died before he could finish, but he had already written the final chapter of the series, as well as about 200 pages of different scenes. He also dictated and left notes on most major plot points, how things were to happen etc. Harriet, (Jordan's widow and editor of the Wheel of Time) selected Brandon Sanderson to complete the series. As a superfan himself, he was torn about his ability to do the series justice, but decided that he was the least bad person to finish The Wheel of Time. There is a change in tone, as Brandon Sanderson did not attempt to copy Robert Jordan's style, and he admits that he never really found Mat's voice. So 12-14 are generally accepted by fans as great books, or at least "as good as we could hope for under the circumstances". I think they're great, and that Sanderson did an admirable job wrapping things up. So if you want to try again, read 1-6, if you can't make it through reading 7-10, listen to them on audiobook while driving or doing housework at 1.5 speed, then finish off by reading 11-14. I don't think you'll regret it. I hope you both and anyone else reading this gives the books a shot, or another shot as it may be. They're not perfect, and Robert Jordan had his flaws as a writer, but when it comes to worldbuilding he was a titan. There's a reason it's one of the best selling series of all time and that many fans are upset at Rafe for apparently wanting to rewrite it.
  6. I'm lucky, I first picked it up in 2004 and only had to wait 9 years for the series to finish. THANK YOU!!! You're free to like it or not, but I agree, the show-runner shouldn't make modifying the story his priority. I suppose the guards could be Aes Saidai, but they were wearing different uniforms and I just checked, they were not wearing rings. But like I said, an all female guard force is a minor quibble, even if it's not book accurate, or real world accurate. I think is simply indicative of the bent the writers are going for, rather than being a major problem.
  7. Spoilers on the ending of the finale and loooong (I took way longer on this than i should have, but I guess I've still got a lot to unpack about this series.). Spoilers on the nature of the One Power Spoilers on the Age of Legends Spoilers on how they could have handled a certain actor's absence
  8. I'm not going to tell you what you can and can't like, I'm sure it's much easier to enjoy as a new viewer not attached to the books, but the story and characters have been changed significantly. Existing story-lines and character development that they could have used on the Emonds Field five was sacrificed for new material that largely didn't make any sense or difference in the long run. First season spoiler I personally feel the writing is the biggest issue, they seem to be going for the JJ Abrams "who cares if it makes sense, it'll look cool" style. Which is really geared to piss off detail oriented super fans like me, just as it already has in Star Trek and Star Wars. They have already casually done many things involving the one power that are explicitly impossible in the books, simply because that's the scene that they want on screen. As big as the book series is, and as important as the one power is to it's story progression, I can't see how this attitude of making up the rules as they go along isn't going to come back and bite them. They seem hell bent on rewriting it as they believe it should have been rather than actually adapting what is already on the pages. Anyway, just my two cents.
  9. @sqidd, I know you've deleted your posts on this, but I felt I needed to offer somewhat of an apology. Although I still feel you jumped to conclusions on a very small sample size of 5 minutes of the first episode... and although I would continue to defend Robert Jordan's work in the Wheel of Time... you were absolutely right about the direction Rafe Judkins (the show-runner) was taking the Amazon adaptation of the Wheel of Time. He clearly wanted to insert his world view into Robert Jordan's world, and I can't emphasize enough how disappointed I am in the extremely heavy handed adaption we ended up with. So @sqidd you were right.
  10. I'm going to be honest, I think you're tilting at windmills here. I think I know where you're coming from, everything put out in all forms of media over the last 20 years has increasingly been tailored to a particular political agenda that I largely disagree with. That being said (again don't want to get into politics here), I think you've formed an opinion on over 14000 pages of content by watching less than 5 minutes of a poorly edited episode of a made for TV adaptation. But that is completely your right, as is my God given right as a geek to tell you how wrong you are.
  11. That's one place I will give them pretty extreme latitude, the ending of EOTW is really confusing. Several things were ret-coned out of the first book specifically, Moiraine's staff for instance. Honestly I'm not a big fan of the 2nd book, hopefully they will curtail almost all of the wandering around and just stick to the main plot points. I feel the series starts to find it's way in the 3rd book, Mat finally becomes an interesting character, and then Jordan hits it out of the park for the next three books, before the plot bloat begins to set in during the next four books, and finally he turned it around in 11 and Brandon Sanderson was the least bad choice to bring it home in 12-14. Obviously there are massive amounts of background material, secondary characters, bloat and story lines that can be cut re-arranged or merged without too much regret. My biggest issue is that the show-runners/Amazon/writers seem to be going with a little to much JJ Abrams "who cares if it makes sense, It looks cool!" I hated the first episode, but I understand how constrained they were by time and getting out of the two rivers, and I have to admit that their ham-handed use of tropes is useful for establishing characters and attitudes without to much exposition. I genuinely enjoyed 2-4 and I'm excited to see 5 tonight, so don't think they've completely botched it, however, the attention to detail and in world rules seems to be going by the wayside in favor of what they must feel is dramatic on screen and very hand-wavy with the rules. I think this season is just going to be like that, and I hope it's just studio interference that may be lessened in future seasons as the show-runners and producers who know the story might gain more power. But time will tell.
  12. My personal feeling is that the point of the philosophy behind the books is that men and women are naturally different, complementary, and unequal (because who is equal?) There are plenty of reasons not to like any given series, and heaven knows they did a terrible job building the worlds foundation in that first episode (due largely to studio interference reportedly) but in my opinion you are reading way to much into the motivations behind a great sci fi/fantasy question. What if all the male magic users went insane and the women had to hunt them down?
  13. I'm not going to say that the Showrunners won't take it that direction, they could, given today's society they are very likely to lean that direction. And I don't want to get this thread shut down for going political, so I'm not going to talk about that more. However the book the first season is based on, was written over 30 years ago, by a man, a Vietnam war vet, and I can tell you it's anything but sexist towards men. Simply because racism is portrayed in a work, doesn't make that work racist, by the same measure, simply because sexism is portrayed in a work, doesn't mean that work is sexist.
  14. Post lots of detailed pictures for a helpful response.
  15. Do not fall into the trap of "GOTTA HAVE IT NOW". I made sooooo many poor purchases that I regret in my first 6 months collecting. Be patient, it will come up for sale somewhere and at a reasonable rate.
  16. @shindrome smooth transaction and easy to work with.
  17. What he said. The engineering on these things is amazing, truly incredible. However that means there is lots that can go wrong. I'd personally decide which mode and pose you want to display it in, and then pose it and leave it. Constant transforming back and forth is just asking for component failure.
  18. If it's just a new head, I'm not sure how interested I might be. if its actually a redesign and re-imagining of the shadow fighter or drone with an updated sculpt, that might be interesting.
  19. Amazon, bit pricey, but the shipping is cheap. https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/dp/B09KN2YXJ5/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=RIOBOT+VR-038L&qid=1636344587&sr=8-1
  20. I doubt it will change, like it or not it is consistent with the art design on the previous three. That being said this looks amazing!
  21. Buy on Yahoo Japan through a proxy and ship surface. Automatically going to save you $50-100.
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