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  1. Awesome, thanks! So weird that you can get such different proportions from the same source.
  2. No question, I was more curious about the comparative proportions. Interesting that Bandai seems to have made the legs thinner, and the arms beefier. Other proportions seem similar. I don't have the standard Yamato GBP, but I do have the Urban Cammo GBP with Low Vis Valk, and the Forest Cammo GBP with Forest Cammo Valk. I'm planning on displaying them together.
  3. These are the pictures I took last week of all the container ships anchored outside Long Beach Port waiting to get in to make you feel better. 😈 Actually I'm extremely sympathetic, I'm still waiting on my VF-1D's sent surface, and will be sending my GBP's the same way.
  4. The fact that that GW's is acting like a typical corporation and killing great things like Emperor TTS makes me never want to give them another dollar again. That series was soooo over the top witty and hilarious, but GW doesn't control it soooooo...... dead.
  5. Make sure you lucky people able to see this earlier than us in the USA follow Scyla's example for the next few weeks and hide spoilers.
  6. McFarlane is releasing quite a few I hadn't seen, Reavers, Genestealers and Orks, oh my! https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Search?HideSoldOut=true&Brand=11481&utm_source=retail_news&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=bigbadtoystore-retail&utm_content=
  7. Yeah, it still has some major flaws, the cockpit in transformation will take some serious t-rex rejiggering, and the front missile bay doors were just a stupid shortcut on an otherwise awesome toy.
  8. It was good, make sure you watch the “All Hail the King” Marvel short on Disney+ first. I did feel that it jumped around in time a lot, as a result the main story felt really short. Happened very fast. Also the final fight was over the top. I did really like the actor who played Shang Chi.
  9. Yeah couldn’t agree more, that Beta/TREAD is a beast though, very solid.
  10. Yeah, I'm hoping to do that eventually, fine detail work takes time though.
  11. Definitely way too pink.
  12. Finally got all three on the shelf, now if Sentinel will only release a TREAD.
  13. Mount Mospeada riders to the wings for extra firepower? 😁
  14. First 😝 Still working on the pose
  15. Looks like the money and production values are high enough, hopefully the writing and acting will be as well.
  16. Ditto, only reason you'd use this figure in the armor is if you wanted him on the chair behind the head.
  17. It's very likely in two separate boxes bundled together, one likely identical to the first VF-1J release minus the stand, the second for the armor parts. The armor parts alone were also available, and my guess is they're using the same packaging on both to reduce costs. So the atmosphere helmet would be with the Valk, and the space helmet would be with the armor. Likely the same reason we're getting two Valk heads. Just a guess.
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