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  1. I second this, anybody willing to do it?
  2. I also think that Filoni has walked back the statement that the rebel shown is in fact CPT Rex
  3. After a little more searching It appears that it's not universal, however as I spent several months flying the TH-67 (first picture) out of Fort Rucker I can assure you this has been a common color pallet for training aircraft in the US Armed Services.
  4. Just my opinion, but United States training aircraft are almost all white and orange. I would assume Hikaru's 1D follows that general idea, and that all other training aircraft should/would be painted in that scheme. However what do you do when aliens invade and all training must be done in deep space in a war zone? Paint them the same as the rank and file? Maybe. However, Virgin Road is all full of weird 2nd party animation errors, sooooo......
  5. order something else, combine shipping and ship surface.
  6. The North American West is pretty diverse.
  7. This. Sorry, I thought the quote was a little more obvious.
  8. Once again Gulan, thanks for that link, I was one of the lucky ones, $214.49 Shipped.
  9. Yup. The Robot Chicken Star Wars specials are totally worth it. To be fair Anakin to the darkside is both the point of the prequels, and their greatest failing. Even though the Clone Wars showed an increasingly dark side to Anakin as they progressed, the leap from "This child is a blessing" to "do what must be done" was just not believable in my opinion. And goes way beyond bad acting and direction, that was just bad writing. But getting a little off topic here.
  10. Let's not go down this road again.......
  11. Not you Shizuka... Commentary got out of control and the mods had to step in
  12. I believe they're referring to the length of the cockpit, which if you look closely does seem to be longer on the VF-1D.
  13. wait for release day is your best bet for a lower price, probably not MSRP, but probably lower than now
  14. Only if he's a loser and ejects.
  15. Well, that's true, but if you have both Roy's 1S and Hikaru's 1J (just one of each in my case a few more in yours ) and you only have one in fighter/gerwalk, and one in Battroid, you can always have the visible pilot be the right one.
  16. If you preordered the TV super parts, then they come with the TV reaction missiles.
  17. DX Chogokin DYRL VF-1S Hikaru NISB in unopened Shipper Box from OKINI LAND. $300 + actual US shipping or trade for upcoming DX Chogokin SDFM VF-1S Roy. username levzloi on ebay has 100% positive feedback for over 17 years, and I'm mentioned on the strait shooters list.
  18. It's up to you if you want to wait, but the link above describes how to dissemble the shoulders, clean them, repair them using the loctite plastic bonding system, file the knurl, then reassemble them. Ive done it on a half dozen valks a few completely failed, and a few preemptive with very good results. You still want to handle them gently, preferably lifting the shoulder joint from below while transforming, but I haven't had one fail yet after the fix.
  19. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Intercessor-Auto-Bolt-Rifle-Auxiliary-Grenade-Launcher https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Salamanders-Intercessor-With-Bolt-Rifle
  20. Check the last 5-10 pages, both issues have been addressed.
  21. That would be cool, but I think most of us would want a version with different shoulders and hands to be more animation accurate even it is re-envisioned. Still, would be cool in the black/grey. Not sure how easily or cheaply they could do the new molds.
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