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  1. Back row second from right, clip on the top of the heat shield gives it away
  2. What I'm referring to is the two conversations that Tony had with Steve, and then with Bruce. First to Steve, (paraphrasing) "Bring everybody back? I hope so, keep what I have? Got to". And then to Bruce, "remember, bring everybody back today, no other changes". If on the other hand, they had used the Time Stone in conjunction with all the others, they could have reset everything instantaneously with Thanos's original snap. But that would have resulted in Tony losing his daughter. Just my personal insight/feeling on the matter. Certainly there was a lot of lazy writing and hand waving involved in the whole thing, (Clint still having the same phone/phone# with his wife's contact still on it for one.) That said they still pulled off an amazing movie.
  3. Technically it's only this screwed up because Tony Stark insisted on keeping his present to the detriment of the vast majority of peoples. Imagine all the people killed on the freeways because half of the drivers dusted. They're all still dead. Onboard a plane when both pilots are dusted? Sucks to be you, still dead. Finally found solace with a new love after your family and children disappeared? Awkward..... Basically this is the first Marvel show to even start to show just how screwed up the world would be, and they still only scratched the surface. Basically as cute as Morgan was, she's the reason the world is so jacked up. Thanks Tony.
  4. Really enjoyed it, even liked Omega. The trailers had really turned me off to the character. I think it will be interesting to see how Filoni handles her, If Kathleen Kennedy were behind this I'd be very skeptical, however Filoni has proven that he can make the obnoxious teen character into something interesting and beloved with both Asoka and Ezra, so I'll reserve judgement for now. Besides my guess may be completely off.
  5. Well as one of those that made that statement, I finally watched it. It is a VAST improvement, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Excising the Whedon sense of humor resulted in a much more cohesive film. And honestly I would probably be interested in a continued "Snyderverse" That being said..... -WAY TO MUCH SLOMO!! -I think Superman, Batman, WW, and Aquaman were cast very well. Maybe it was just writing and direction, but Cyborg felt like a petulant teenager, not a big fan of how he was presented. Barry Allen was well, "Whedonish". Just felt goofy and a bit out of place in the cinematic world. -The Paradeamons felt very generic, Stepenwolf was better, but still not a great compelling villain. -Including Darkseid was an improvement, but it was also a bit cheesy that his goal is "anti-life". Which is never explained. -The Knightmare future was pretty compelling. -Resurrecting Superman was in my opinion a big mistake in writing, and more than a little morbid. The original comic explanation of the Kryptonian tech recovering his body and allowing him to recharge would have been much better. So those are some of my thoughts on the film. As I said a while back, If Snyder had been able to finish the film originally at best this would have been released as a Directors cut after a seriously cut down theatrical release. But even then VFX, editing decisions and the few additional scenes shot were for better or worse informed by the Whedon release. Just accept it. Finally, even though I may be interested in where this might go, remember this is the same writing/directing team that brought us. -Grimdark depressed Superman (honestly, anyone who can adapt Watchmen, shouldn't be let near Superman in the first place). -Plot device throwaway Doomsday (I still have those old Reign of the Supermen comics, and this is worse than Spiderman 3 relegating Venom to third seat villain). -Jesse Eisenburg Lex Luthor -And lest we forget, "Your letting them kill Martha!"
  6. Original VF-1 DX TV hands work in the armor, those are the hands that can hold the gun pod.
  7. I'll be giving it a watch at some point, hopefully the end battle is much improved, it was seriously lacking in the theatrical cut. Still it's important to remember that this is not the movie that Snyder would have made four years ago, it's the movie that got made as a result of the Weden cut.
  8. That is just astonishing. You've clearly developed your talent. I just can't even believe the level of sophistication and detail your achieving here.
  9. I'm pretty sure Wanda is doing it herself, her (movie) powers came from the mind stone, and I'm pretty sure it's consistent with the comics to have her able to manipulate the minds of those around her to alter reality to suit her desires.
  10. If anyone only collecting DYRL Valks and is tired of paying through the nose for those missile sets......
  11. That's a miniature runway of some kind. 08 L indicates that the landing heading is 080 and that is the runway on the Left. I would assume that it's a model airplane strip, but then those reflectors could pose a serious landing hazard.
  12. interesting, I'll have to look at the dimensions, and shipping, might be the way to go.
  13. I’d like to find some kind of glass or acrylic case for the top of my display cases, you know there all that real estate up there that’s not used. Anyway I found this site after a quick google search and just wanted to ask if anybody has used that site, done anything similar, or had any recommendations. https://www.shoppopdisplays.com/CS001/5-sided-clear-acrylic-box-custom-size.html?v=80&gclid=CjwKCAiAuoqABhAsEiwAdSkVVFyNulGdvTGC8BM3aCC5H6ZM-naB0wpfYKPTewS8bUqUEeMgmkoEdhoCwSMQAvD_BwE
  14. https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/closedsearch/closedsearch?va=DX+VF-1J&b=1&n=100&auccat=&tab_ex=commerce&ei=utf-8&aq=-1&oq=&sc_i=&exflg=&p=DX超合金+初回限定版+VF-1J+バルキリー+一条輝機&x=34&y=42
  15. Also the release of the VF-1D as a pay up front web exclusive at the same time that the VF-1S Roy is coming available on the secondary market could be impacting collecting budgets.
  16. Ummmmm.......
  17. If you like rock with great vocals, and have never heard of Poet's of the Fall, do yourselves a favor and give this a listen. I originally "discovered" them in the soundtrack while playing Max Payne 2.
  18. I laughed at the Scout troopers, but then again I also laughed at Poe mocking Hux in the beginning of The Last Jedi, the first time anyway, the two times I've seen it since then, the scene hurts my brain. When I think of humor in Star Wars, the scene that always comes to mind is 3PO trying to keep up with Han and Leia while evacuating Hoth Base. My favorite bit is where the door closes, and 3PO says "how typical" then Han opens the door and drags him through. Always makes me smile if not laugh. The scene worked because 3PO was consistently a prissy inflexible protocol droid, and the others reacted to him consistently as a prissy inflexible protocol droid. In the example with Hux and Poe, I don't really have a problem with Poe as a wise cracking pilot, the "who talks first" bit from The Force Awakens actually worked really well. But then the powerful, insidious, resourceful, clever, tactical genius reacts to a "can you here me now routine" and a "your mama" joke like a petulant 13 year old who was just griefed playing call of duty. Just doesn't work for me. Then there is the whole of Finn's character being played for laughs, just stupid. Sorry for the rant, humor and overall change of tone is my primary grievance with the Disney Star Wars sequels, and I was/am still very nervous about Jon Favreau and TTaika Waititi's involvement in these new Disney Plus series. I've been very happy so far, but I really hope they don't try to make it into Iron Man or Thor Ragnarok.
  19. On the contrary, Star Wars is not Marvel. Despite the pulpy/western nature of the Mandalorian, those goofy fan service humor scenes are exactly what they need to be most careful with. Humor is fine in Star Wars, but it needs to be appropriate and used like a scalpel not a club like they tried in the Sequels. Just my opinion
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