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  1. That’s the problem, it doesn’t fit. C-3PO can be obnoxious oblivious and prudish, because he’s a droid, and he’s programmed that way, but nobody takes him seriously, except maybe the Ewoks, and that’s a whole other conversation.
  2. In my opinion it started in The Force Awakens, Finn's goofy nature just felt off. Watch his interactions with Poe after Finn rescues him, and his interactions with BB8 and Rey after they leave Jaku. He doesn't feel like a traumatized child soldier, he just feels like an idiot. And it's very obvious that John Boyega can act, so this must have been the performance they were after.
  3. This is the major problem I have had with the last two series. Apparently no one saw the dailies and said, "um we can't publish this as Star Wars, it looks ridiculous". Somewhere along the way Disney decided that Star Wars needed the Marvel treatment, and since then we've had forced humor, silly writing, and questionable casting/direction. I won't ride the acting to hard as it's evident some of these people have great works in their past. Add in child actors, and it's like the writers watched episode 1 and decided that instead of taking it's structure and issues as a cautionary tale, they thought this was the formula for Star Wars. Edit: meant to say, Star Wars is best when it's treated as High Fantasy, like the Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings. It can have humor, (and personally I still think Jackson went overboard with the Dwarf jokes), but it has to be treated respectfully and realistically. Having silly characters that no actual person would believe or take seriously, and then having the characters treat them in a serious manner just comes off stupid. Like the fake Jedi in episode 2 of Kenobi.
  4. Or Obi-Wan immediately deleting a potentially compromising message after he receives it. He was a General, COMSEC isn't rocket science. Unfortunately outside of the Mandalorian, The Disney Star Wars series have all the hallmarks of being written by a Jar Jar Abrams committee. "hey wouldn't it be cool....."
  5. Yes, yes they do, and honestly if LucasFilm/Disney really cared about their investment or their intellectually property, they'd be investing in better writing/writers, but it's pretty apparent that quality is not one of their priorities.
  6. The sad truth is that the writing has been very mediocre and that may be kind. Ewan Mcgregors performance has been good given what he's working with, but given the nature of bringing Vader and Obi-wan together again, I expect Disney to bring their A+ game. It has not been brought. And why write this around a previously unexplained encounter with a 10 year old Leia? Child actors are notoriously problematic from a dramatic standpoint. The concept was flawed from the get go. If you need to motivate Obi-wan to leave Tatooine, it's a good reason, but don't focus on the kid, have her sedated nearly the whole time, have her recovered quickly and sent back to Alderan, and then have Vader chasing Obi-wan. This reeks of showing what a strong independent intelligent and brave 10 year old girl Leia was. It's not necessary, we know what an awesome character she turned into.
  7. Again, Knowing that Vader exists, and knowing that he is Anakin Skywalker are two separate things that up to this point in the shows and mythology had been treated as either no widely known, or possibly a carefully guarded secret. Obviously Obi-wan knew who and what he was by the time of ANH, both in his statements to Luke, and to Vader himself, but when he learned this was unknown. Kanan recognized Vader as a Sith Lord and nothing more, As noted above, Ashoka had no idea Anakin had survived, until she was in his presence and the revelation was quite a shock, even after this she refused to revel the truth to Kanen or Ezra. Cere (Jedi Fallen Order) refered to him as a "Shadow", and obviously Cal had no idea who he was. Also If Bail had been aware of his identity he also did not share it with Ashoka. In the eyes of the Galaxy Anakin Skywalker, after siding with the Emperor (not clear if this is common knowledge), was either killed with the rest of the Jedi, or died on Mustafar. Then Darth Vader, the Emperors shadowy apprentice/enforcer appeared. I haven't read the Tarkin novels, so I'm not sure if Tarkin actually knew or not (implied by "you are all that is left of that old religion"), but it has been made very clear that Vader=Akakin was not common knowledge. The idea that the inquisitors, Vader's disposable enforcers, would be trusted with such knowledge is surprising, and in my personal opinion, weak writing. Obi-Wan should have figured it out another way, perhaps overhearing him or observing him. Edit: ok, I watched the clip, and I had forgotten that the emperor does in fact refer to Anakin as Lord Vader. So Obi-wan does know that Vader=Anakin, however as pointed out by others above, he appears to believe he killed Anakin on Mustafar, and on the backwater of Tatooine, he's unlikely to have heard anything more than vauge rumors of a black clad enforcer for the emperor. Darth Vader's existence has been established as not common knowledge.
  8. Knowing he stormed the temple, and that he is Darth Vader, again, are two separate things. The aspect of this that I have a problem with is the idea that all the inquisitors know who he is. It seems that his original identity was a tightly held secret, and yet it’s shared with these selfish and apparently untrustworthy individuals.
  9. Both her kidnapping and rescue are horribly paced and shot, it looks like a bunch of adults playing "I'm gonna get you" with a toddler. Star Wars should have learned better than to rely on a 10 year old actor.
  10. right, getting my resolution's confused. between DVD, HD, and Ultra HD. man I feel old. I got that special edition VHS set of the movies for my birthday in 91 or 92 I think, the ones that made the enterprise if you lined them up. Watched them so many times.
  11. This is apparently a 4k update of the re-edited Directors cut with updated special effects we got on DVD in 2001. It's not the same as the theatrical cut or the extra 20 minutes of starring at Vger that we got on the VHS special edition. It's taken this long, because they were honestly a bit stupid, and only rendered the new CGI at 1080P. It had to be completely redone and reedited to get a higher resolution. This version is considered ..... better, though still not great. Most of the movies underlying issues remain. https://www.syfy.com/syfy-wire/star-trek-the-motion-picture-directors-cut-gets-stunning-4k-restoration
  12. I'm sure these will be in the non-canon X-men multiverse category. IE if there are new seasons or movies, it will be a totally new show, no continuing story-lines from the Netflix series.
  13. So as I understand it (after watching a few youtube videos which makes me an expert, haha), they don't even actually have rights to the Silmarilion, only the Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and the Appendices. This is so much worse than I thought. They have to piece together the story from the 2nd age using only the references in the Appendices, So a bunch of TV writers are going to be writing and creating Tolkien story and dialogue from a very rough outline. This is going to be SOOOOOOOOOOO bad.
  14. Bits and pieces of the Silmarillion is what I've heard, which will require a bunch of TV writers to come up with almost all of the scenes and dialogue on their own, very little except the setting will come from Tolkien. If there is anything that the last few years have demonstrated, it's that TV writers are generally not up to the task of wholesale creation in fantasy worlds. The last few seasons of GOT, and the first season of WOT, etc. Of course with the amount of money they are throwing at this, maybe they actually came up with decent writers. I have my doubts.
  15. Yeah, they work pretty well together, not perfect, but good enough that I don't have an issue displaying it that way. The red Beta is the only one I have, so I'm not sure how close the other colors are. One of my favorite purchases actually, only my third "Valk", picked it up new in box for less than $100 five years ago.
  16. Really hard to say without seeing them side by side like on your site. In all the pictures I've seen the Legioss is closer to the camera, and they didn't pose it connected, soooo? Given that these are all a slight reimagining, I wouldn't be surprised to seem them go big as long as it looks good, and I think the Toynami Alpha/Beta look pretty good at their scales, the CM look a tad bit diminutive even if it is animation accurate for the majority of the scenes. Just my 2 cents. edit, also those wings are really really long, easily together more than the width of the body, really takes you by surprise when you handle it.
  17. If it's near the size of the Toynami, it might be possible if you fold the wings into the arms, but I wouldn't count on it. This case is near twice as wide as a Detolf, and one of the wings has to be partially folded. (edit) Once again, the Toynami is HUGE, if the Riobot is close to it's size, display in fighter mode may be very problematic for some.
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