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  1. What he said. The engineering on these things is amazing, truly incredible. However that means there is lots that can go wrong. I'd personally decide which mode and pose you want to display it in, and then pose it and leave it. Constant transforming back and forth is just asking for component failure.
  2. If it's just a new head, I'm not sure how interested I might be. if its actually a redesign and re-imagining of the shadow fighter or drone with an updated sculpt, that might be interesting.
  3. Amazon, bit pricey, but the shipping is cheap. https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/dp/B09KN2YXJ5/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=RIOBOT+VR-038L&qid=1636344587&sr=8-1
  4. I doubt it will change, like it or not it is consistent with the art design on the previous three. That being said this looks amazing!
  5. Buy on Yahoo Japan through a proxy and ship surface. Automatically going to save you $50-100.
  6. I think it would be very interesting to see him play the other iterations of Duncan, such as the Mentat from Dune Messiah and Children of Dune. Maybe he has the chops for it, maybe not, it would be interesting to see.
  7. The mini series was good, much deeper into the story than Lynch's version, or Villeneuve's Dune. It did have generally very good performances from the leads, but very much leaned into camp with the production design, and it simple didn't have the budget to really show the world of Dune. That is perhaps Villeneuve's Dune strongest aspect, it shows the world magnificently, and also does a very good job of showing rather than telling (which was the most glaring problem with Lynch's telling rather than showing). However, I agree that it could use a bit more telling. It's greatest weakness is that it simply ends halfway through the second act. It's not as bad as just abruptly fading to credits at a random scene, but I still don't feel it's as natural or as solid an ending as The Fellowship of the Rings. Of course FOTR was already cut out of LOTR as the first of three books, not just one book, so it's not a completely fair comparison.
  8. No problem, here's the project thread, and I should have said "almost certainly" rather than "probably".
  9. Obviously very cool and a ton of work. Still, made me think of this.
  10. Seriously recommend against it, I did a Yamato 1J head for the total repaint in my profile, trying to pry apart only deformed the plastic, and in order to get the parts to separate I had to soak it in goo gone overnight, which destroyed the paint and I'm assuming would remove the tampo. In other words, unless you're doing a complete custom you're probably only going to make it worse.
  11. Just saw it in IMAX, really enjoyed it. I think Hanz Zimmer might have been trying to give Tenet a run for it's money in the volume over dialogue department, and they really allowed most scenes to develop and breath (maybe just a tad to much). Still a really good adaptation, I'll plan on seeing it again in IMAX. I really hope they make the second.
  12. I'd second this, soak that movie hand in googone for a day or so, pull it apart, and dremmel out an area on the TV hand to fit the Movie hand block, then glue it using plastic welding superglue. Alternately you could try as has been suggested before, and us a VERY small screw to remove the ball from the arm socket, then use plastic welding superglue to glue the ball back on the broken hand, once it's thoroughly set, drill a VERY small hole through the ball into the hand and place a screw or rod joining the two pieces.
  13. or 30?.... I might have a problem......
  14. I just received arrival notification from my proxy for my Armor set, I "believe" this means the second round is beginning to go out.
  15. I'm sure the correct thread for that discussion is buried somewhere, but check out this link, explains it all in detail http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=4599
  16. If that doesn't work out, and If they're identical aside from the peg, razorblade, dremel, paperclip and plastic welding superglue.
  17. They are going at auction for about 30,000yen, still semi reasonable. Go through a proxy and get one.
  18. Awesome, thanks! So weird that you can get such different proportions from the same source.
  19. No question, I was more curious about the comparative proportions. Interesting that Bandai seems to have made the legs thinner, and the arms beefier. Other proportions seem similar. I don't have the standard Yamato GBP, but I do have the Urban Cammo GBP with Low Vis Valk, and the Forest Cammo GBP with Forest Cammo Valk. I'm planning on displaying them together.
  20. Very cool, Do you have an old Yamato 1/48 GBP to pose it next to?
  21. These are the pictures I took last week of all the container ships anchored outside Long Beach Port waiting to get in to make you feel better. 😈 Actually I'm extremely sympathetic, I'm still waiting on my VF-1D's sent surface, and will be sending my GBP's the same way.
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