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  1. Given the way they have done their other valks, I'm pretty sure this will be a box for the valk, nearly if not identical to the original release box, plus a second box for the GBP parts, same box for the bundle and stand alone I'm guessing, bundled together in a cardboard sleeve like the Roy and Hikaru releases that came with special stands. So if you buy the bundle, it should be easy to sell the armor on here if you don't want it.
  2. If you follow the Max/Miria convention you'd have to pick one or the other. Most likely orange since it's already majority khaki
  3. I think this last weekend was a holiday, I wouldn't read to much into delays at this point.
  4. No problem, it's not the prettiest, but these adapters are usually in hard to see locations anyway. Also find some large heavy duty paperclips, the small ones may not fill the dremal drill hole. In the case below, I was going for robust, not pretty.
  5. use the plastic welding superglue to glue the separate pieces together and then drill/dremel out several paperclip diameter holes at different angles, inject said holes with superglue and insert paperclip through hole, cut ends off, let dry and then you have a metal pin reinforced Yeti Stand Adapter. I've had to do that to at least two of mine that have broken over the years.
  6. Remember, these are TWE, unless the retailer has a special arrangement with Bandai, they are only shipping from Bandai to the the proxies or retailers. They will then need to forward it on to you.
  7. Don't plan on it on ebay, you're going to have to go with specialty retailers or Yahoo Japan.
  8. I just thought it was for keeping your hair out of your eye's.
  9. If I'm not mistaken, one of Hera's father's lieutenants in rebels was the little girl that followed the clone troopers around during the Twilek arc in the first season of Clone Wars, and one of those Clone troopers had a little Twilek girl painted on his visor during the 2nd invasion of Geonosis. lots of conections from Clone Wars, Rebels, and now The Bad Batch. I hope Omega shows up in the Book of Boba Fett.
  10. Bugged me at first as well, however, it is the same voice actress, and there was a scene with her father in Rebels where she slipped back into the Twi'lek accent. So, not entirely inconsistent. I'm not convinced that they're not just going to move on to the next episode and leave this tread dangling, but as I've been rewatching Clone Wars, it's interesting how many threads are woven between all of Filoni's series.
  11. Really want to mess with your co-workers? screen shot their desktop, move all folders and files off the desktop to somewhere else safe, then set the screen shot as the wallpaper, move the taskbar to the top and set it to autohide. I think that was the only thing moving the taskbar was really good for.
  12. OK guys, we all know the no politics rule, lets not get this thread shut down.
  13. Here is the color pallet that I used on mine, originally from Tekering
  14. Forget strike pack, Custom paint some supers!
  15. That is the single coolest looking Valk out there, congrats!
  16. Well the whole sculpt really. Still amazing how good those looked when they first came out. OK, enough about the Yamato V1, back to your originally scheduled programming.
  17. Back row second from right, clip on the top of the heat shield gives it away
  18. What I'm referring to is the two conversations that Tony had with Steve, and then with Bruce. First to Steve, (paraphrasing) "Bring everybody back? I hope so, keep what I have? Got to". And then to Bruce, "remember, bring everybody back today, no other changes". If on the other hand, they had used the Time Stone in conjunction with all the others, they could have reset everything instantaneously with Thanos's original snap. But that would have resulted in Tony losing his daughter. Just my personal insight/feeling on the matter. Certainly there was a lot of lazy writing and hand waving involved in the whole thing, (Clint still having the same phone/phone# with his wife's contact still on it for one.) That said they still pulled off an amazing movie.
  19. Easy Transactions with both @Kicker773 and @SoLoBoY, thanks guys!
  20. Technically it's only this screwed up because Tony Stark insisted on keeping his present to the detriment of the vast majority of peoples. Imagine all the people killed on the freeways because half of the drivers dusted. They're all still dead. Onboard a plane when both pilots are dusted? Sucks to be you, still dead. Finally found solace with a new love after your family and children disappeared? Awkward..... Basically this is the first Marvel show to even start to show just how screwed up the world would be, and they still only scratched the surface. Basically as cute as Morgan was, she's the reason the world is so jacked up. Thanks Tony.
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