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  1. And then Din is captured by a weird cyborg/droid (so that Bo had a reason to come rescue him), and then Din falls into the living waters (so that Bo has a reason to see the mythasaur) and then Bo’s home is attacked by Imperials (so that Bo had a reason to go to the Covert). And then kid Mando is captured by creature (So Bo has a reason to show how capable she is). Again, I’m not saying you can’t like it, and doubtless at least the imperial attack could be called a loose thread like you said, but it just feels like low effort writing to justify the scenes they want to shoot . 🤷‍♂️
  2. I don’t think either is a more valid than the other, and the simple truth is, if Disney and others were putting out high quality to go along with their quantity, rage tubers wouldn’t have such a large audience. I think this is my favorite video on the topic.
  3. Definitely, No actor deserves crap for giving the performance that the director asks for, and he and Jake Loyd took a lot of crap.
  4. Bad Batch main story line episodes are awesome, Andor along with the last four episodes of the Clone Wars is the best Star Wars Disney has put out, and would be a great show even if it wasn't in the Star Wars Universe. You seriously need to watch it, just be patient when you do, it's a very slow burn. I want my Star Wars to make sense and be internally consistent. Andor has shown how good a well written Star Wars show can be. This season of the Mandalorian has had to many "and then that happened" moments. It's just not great writing, and I'm afraid they haven't learned the lessons of The Book of Boba Fett or Kenobi. I'm not going to tell you what art you can and can't like, but the numbers bear out that I'm not alone, and people are losing interest. Explanation of "and then"
  5. I’m fairly certain this was addressed in the first episodes, she is a modified (Female instead of Male) clone of Jango Fett. Boba Fett is Alpha, she is Omega. That’s why they hunted for her in the first season, they needed access to her pure genetic strain. Now they just want her to secure the Kaminoan Geneticist's cooperation.
  6. There have been some really cool moments this season, but it just feels like their buried in so much bad writing. "yeah dad, I'm fine, I survived a day and a half in the bird things gullet," Why would the bird only kill the kid if it saw the other Mandalorians, was it letting it's chicks get to know him before dinner time? That whole premise just doesn't make sense. It sure feels like they're writing the story around a couple of "cool" scenes, and it just isn't working, same problem The Last Jedi had.
  7. Clone Comando’s have actually been in several Clone Wars and Bad Batch Episodes, I think this is Scorch’s third episode.
  8. That’s what I mean, they don’t control the item cost, but their packing and shipping charges can pop your eyes right out of your skull.
  9. Big in Japan is very reliable, just expensive.
  10. Thanks for the input everybody, my collection isn't nearly to the scale of most of the ones shared, but my space is pretty limited. Behold, the wall of boxes.
  11. Thanks for answering, Do you mean these guys? https://www.target.com/p/sterilite-66qt-clearview-latch-box-clear-with-purple-latches/-/A-13794509#lnk=sametab or these guys? https://www.target.com/p/66qt-latching-clear-storage-box-with-green-lid-brightroom-8482/-/A-84625910#lnk=sametab
  12. Random question, does anyone know a brand or style of plastic/rubber containers that are a good size for efficiently storing Yamato/Arcadia 1/60 boxes?
  13. I know this is overused, but
  14. That’s the problem, it doesn’t fit. C-3PO can be obnoxious oblivious and prudish, because he’s a droid, and he’s programmed that way, but nobody takes him seriously, except maybe the Ewoks, and that’s a whole other conversation.
  15. In my opinion it started in The Force Awakens, Finn's goofy nature just felt off. Watch his interactions with Poe after Finn rescues him, and his interactions with BB8 and Rey after they leave Jaku. He doesn't feel like a traumatized child soldier, he just feels like an idiot. And it's very obvious that John Boyega can act, so this must have been the performance they were after.
  16. This is the major problem I have had with the last two series. Apparently no one saw the dailies and said, "um we can't publish this as Star Wars, it looks ridiculous". Somewhere along the way Disney decided that Star Wars needed the Marvel treatment, and since then we've had forced humor, silly writing, and questionable casting/direction. I won't ride the acting to hard as it's evident some of these people have great works in their past. Add in child actors, and it's like the writers watched episode 1 and decided that instead of taking it's structure and issues as a cautionary tale, they thought this was the formula for Star Wars. Edit: meant to say, Star Wars is best when it's treated as High Fantasy, like the Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings. It can have humor, (and personally I still think Jackson went overboard with the Dwarf jokes), but it has to be treated respectfully and realistically. Having silly characters that no actual person would believe or take seriously, and then having the characters treat them in a serious manner just comes off stupid. Like the fake Jedi in episode 2 of Kenobi.
  17. Or Obi-Wan immediately deleting a potentially compromising message after he receives it. He was a General, COMSEC isn't rocket science. Unfortunately outside of the Mandalorian, The Disney Star Wars series have all the hallmarks of being written by a Jar Jar Abrams committee. "hey wouldn't it be cool....."
  18. Yes, yes they do, and honestly if LucasFilm/Disney really cared about their investment or their intellectually property, they'd be investing in better writing/writers, but it's pretty apparent that quality is not one of their priorities.
  19. The sad truth is that the writing has been very mediocre and that may be kind. Ewan Mcgregors performance has been good given what he's working with, but given the nature of bringing Vader and Obi-wan together again, I expect Disney to bring their A+ game. It has not been brought. And why write this around a previously unexplained encounter with a 10 year old Leia? Child actors are notoriously problematic from a dramatic standpoint. The concept was flawed from the get go. If you need to motivate Obi-wan to leave Tatooine, it's a good reason, but don't focus on the kid, have her sedated nearly the whole time, have her recovered quickly and sent back to Alderan, and then have Vader chasing Obi-wan. This reeks of showing what a strong independent intelligent and brave 10 year old girl Leia was. It's not necessary, we know what an awesome character she turned into.
  20. Again, Knowing that Vader exists, and knowing that he is Anakin Skywalker are two separate things that up to this point in the shows and mythology had been treated as either no widely known, or possibly a carefully guarded secret. Obviously Obi-wan knew who and what he was by the time of ANH, both in his statements to Luke, and to Vader himself, but when he learned this was unknown. Kanan recognized Vader as a Sith Lord and nothing more, As noted above, Ashoka had no idea Anakin had survived, until she was in his presence and the revelation was quite a shock, even after this she refused to revel the truth to Kanen or Ezra. Cere (Jedi Fallen Order) refered to him as a "Shadow", and obviously Cal had no idea who he was. Also If Bail had been aware of his identity he also did not share it with Ashoka. In the eyes of the Galaxy Anakin Skywalker, after siding with the Emperor (not clear if this is common knowledge), was either killed with the rest of the Jedi, or died on Mustafar. Then Darth Vader, the Emperors shadowy apprentice/enforcer appeared. I haven't read the Tarkin novels, so I'm not sure if Tarkin actually knew or not (implied by "you are all that is left of that old religion"), but it has been made very clear that Vader=Akakin was not common knowledge. The idea that the inquisitors, Vader's disposable enforcers, would be trusted with such knowledge is surprising, and in my personal opinion, weak writing. Obi-Wan should have figured it out another way, perhaps overhearing him or observing him. Edit: ok, I watched the clip, and I had forgotten that the emperor does in fact refer to Anakin as Lord Vader. So Obi-wan does know that Vader=Anakin, however as pointed out by others above, he appears to believe he killed Anakin on Mustafar, and on the backwater of Tatooine, he's unlikely to have heard anything more than vauge rumors of a black clad enforcer for the emperor. Darth Vader's existence has been established as not common knowledge.
  21. Knowing he stormed the temple, and that he is Darth Vader, again, are two separate things. The aspect of this that I have a problem with is the idea that all the inquisitors know who he is. It seems that his original identity was a tightly held secret, and yet it’s shared with these selfish and apparently untrustworthy individuals.
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