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  1. Just get the two pack with the painted and unpainted one mentioned above, comes with a bolt rifle
  2. Disagree, I feel the articulation is very good on the Bandai, and the Mcfarlane ones seem to be more the in range of the traditional action figure, but we'll know for certain about six months from now.
  3. The price point may make this a no brainer, and they do look very nice, but I doubt they'll come close to the articulation of the Bandai. They're also likely to get a wider range of figures out faster, so I'll definitely be picking up a Dark Angel or Deathwing terminator.
  4. Like others have said, it is a little lacking on detail, it is essentially a brand new Primaris Space Marine in Armor right off the assembly line. No purity seals or battle damage, and just the knife and Bolter. That said I think the Articulation is awesome, you can get him into just about any pose you've seen on a miniature. If this is the only one produced, then I'm glad I got him, if they ever come out with a Dark Angel space marine, or better yet Deathwing Terminator, I think he's going to another home.
  5. Yikes, just can't win sometimes.
  6. Well, that's a little less detail than I was hoping for, but articulation looks awesome.
  7. Can't wait to see what it looks like! Sucks about the dent, but unless you display the box.... like you said, as long as the item is intact. I just got a Fed Ex shipping notice, so that was 5 days after the initial shipping notice. Should be here by thurs.
  8. Just got shipping notification for US delivery. Edit Delivery Method Standard Free over $32. Your order should ship within 28 days. Yikes..
  9. Just going to put this here, for the record if you can't get original replacements, this method really works incredibly well.
  10. It's those Yamato 1/48 boxes, they're massive. I'm pretty sure they automatically bump the package into the next price category.
  11. this is a pretty good list that includes most of the Mandalorian episodes to catch you up on that history as well. https://wegotthiscovered.com/tv/disney-picks-20-important-star-wars-clone-wars-episodes-watch-season-7/
  12. I know that some people are upset that the Star Wars fans on here aren't waiting patiently to find out if it will be good or not. I think they could pull off a good product if they have proper direction, vision, and most of all sound writing and good stories. Unfortunately, I think what we're seeing with the white board is writing/design by committee. What we're most likely to end up with is inoffensive, unimaginative, with plenty of virtue signaling. Disney's wildest dream is to turn Star Wars into the Marvel franchise pumping out fun entertaining and ultimately forgettable movies on a quarterly basis. That Star Wars will not even closely resemble the original trilogy in tone, direction, and quality. But it will make money hand over fist.
  13. Definitely agree, could be more going on, including material failure, but until the investigation is complete, that’s my guess.
  14. I wouldn’t say incompetence, but very poor decision making, that was an expensive, nice and very capable helicopter, and they seemed to be trying to make an off airport landing in poor conditions. Maybe the pilot felt pressure, maybe he was over confident, but those were not conditions I would personally fly in without an instrument flight plan unless somebody’s life was on the line.
  15. Helicopters can autorotate, ie glide, I fly both helicopters and airplanes, and I feel far more comfortable in a single engine helicopter that I can autorotate into someone’s backyard, than a single engine airplane that requires an open field to land in an emergency. Just my two cents. At any rate (without any special knowledge of the incident outside the news) this seems to be a case of IIMC and CFIT. The pilot most likely flew into the clouds, lost visual reference, and then flew a perfectly good aircraft into the ground. Tragic and stupid.
  16. At the end of Ben's internal conversation with his memory of Han, Ben say's "Dad..." Han replies "I know.." That's actually one of my favorite moments in the movie, despite a ton of reservations I have about the movie as a whole, I think they really hit the right note in that scene. Anyway I guess I was caught up in the emotion and missed it the first 2 times. Made me LOL this time, I think I annoyed some of the other movie goers with the timing.
  17. So I've got to ask, I just saw it for the third time (different friends wanted to see it and they were paying), and I finally caught Han's "I know" line. Did anybody else miss that the first time?
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