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  1. I'm not going to say I really liked it, but like you I went in with low expectations, and I honestly "enjoyed" it. I'll have to see it at least once more, I'm pretty sure it crumbles under any scrutiny just like the others of the sequel trilogy, but I didn't leave the theater thinking I didn't want to see it again like I did with The Last Jedi. My general impression after a rewatch this week culminating in The Rise of Skywalker, was that the sequels suffered from three things. One, no concrete vision of where it was going. I'm convinced that any JJ Abrams writing room consists of a bunch of people saying "You know what would look cool and/or mysterious!" Then they write all those scenes together as a committee. . Two, one-upmanship, everything needs to be bigger and badder and more exciting than everything before. "this doesn't make sense, but who cares, it looks cool!". Three, as a result of the first two, there's no real story, just a few tangentially connected events in sequence. Say what you want about the Prequels, and there is soooo much to criticize, but they existed to tell a story. The sequels exist because Disney made a corporate crafted blockbuster that just happens to be set in a universe that so many people love. nuf said.
  2. Probably to large, try resizing the photo to a smaller resolution for web upload.
  3. If you have a card that does not charge foreign transaction fees (like amex and high end cards like the chase sapphire), always go for the foreign currency, your card company will give you a much better rate than the store. At today's rate, I'm looking at Amazon about $230 shipped. Of course with pay latter, you're always at the mercy of the exchange rate six months down the line.
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  5. DSLR's are great, but if you really want to work those images, take only RAW, and get lightroom. it takes time, but makes a world of difference.
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  7. Completely forgot about this post, but that's what I ended up doing, mixing paint till I achieved a close enough color match to the Yamato. honestly lots of random colors, mainly grey green black and blue. Then airbrushed them, came out pretty well.
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  9. You're thinking of two different scenes. The Saratoga was seen on screen in the movies opening. The Yorktown was never seen, only the Captain is seen relaying a message on the view screen at Starfleet command.
  10. Yeah, I have the unassembled instructions courtesy of anymoon, but like you say it's pretty well glued together. maybe a brief soak in googone?
  11. I'm trying to dissemble a VF-1J head for painting, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with that. Can it be done without destroying the head, or should I resign myself to painting it assembled and living with it more or less fixed pose? I have the unassembled instructions, and it looks like it's pretty well glued together with no real clear seams to attack.
  12. That is a great card. Off topic I know, but on the other hand, if there are any active duty US service members on this board, you are an idiot if you don't get the American Express Platinum. AMEX never charges overseas transaction fees, additionally AMEX waives ALL fees for service members on all of it's cards, including that $550 annual fee. Just my 2 cents.
  13. https://thepointsguy.com/guide/top-cards-with-no-foreign-transaction-fees/ Good place to start.
  14. In the Yamatos, Pilot figure, head arrow color (yellow vs black), hands, and shade of white.
  15. Thanks kkx, I tried this on two valks, and combined with BlueMax's post below, I think it worked great I also first filed the knurled end, and then place the knurled end in the undamaged side when reassembling the shoulder hinge. I think it worked great, just continue to handle the joint gently, and always lift it from below rather than pull it from above to get it over the notch. Also, I ran a 1/16th drill bit through the holes twisting it by hand (ie not in a drill) to make sure the hole was clear for the pin.
  16. If you want both, and are just looking for a display piece, my recommendation is to go ahead and get the Toynami or Aoshima, the Beta/Tread is a very impressive piece that's pretty well built. The Alpha/Legioss on the other hand is very delicate, and should be handled with kid gloves. I have the red Alpha/Beta, and have them connected with the Alpha in Battloid mode. It looks really good, although I have to pose it looking and firing down at a target ahead and below it because the arms wont stay up. Otherwise I'd wait for the Sentinel like the rest of us.
  17. I'm looking to do a little custom work, but I need a Yamato V2 or Arcadia head, yellowed is fine, it's going to be painted. Just wondering if anyone has one left over from a junker or a custom job.
  18. Very cool Eggy, I've been looking around, but I can't seem to find a thread on how to clear coat a Yamato 1/48 or 1/60, can anybody point me in the right direction? Rather how to decal or sticker and then clear coat. Is total disassembly recommended?
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