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  1. I'm only collecting TV Valks, If you have or are planning on getting only the DYRL Valkyries, I'd be willing to trade my two Bandai DX VF-1 Movie box missiles sets from my missile sets for TV missile clusters from your missile sets. I'm mentioned on the strait-shooters list, my ebay account levzloi has perfect feedback over 17 years, and just did a successful trade with Angesdad for two sets of missiles.
  2. levzloi

    Hi-Metal R

    Generally shipping isn't quite that bad, but this is a very large/heavy toy, the other line to be ware of shipping on is the Yamato 1/48's, especially the supers and even more so the stealth strike, nearly cried myself to sleep that night after seeing the shipping costs.
  3. levzloi

    Hi-Metal R

    They won't do it, as I said, it says in their fine print when you ready for shipping, that it's up to the shipping manager of the day. Welcome to try though. At the best of times shipping from Japan is an arm and a leg. This is not the best of times.
  4. levzloi

    Hi-Metal R

    You're not getting the Monster box shipped, you're getting the Monster box packed in a bigger box and shipped. They have great customer service, but I've had more than one shipping heart attack with them. The really bad part is you can't tell them to change it, it's up the to packing manager of the day.
  5. Also I paid earlier today for the Super Parts on DEJapan, and I just got a confirmation email that they were ordered. So for the moment, looking good.
  6. Depends on the shipping method, never had an issue with them, aside from how they split up or combine items in shipments. One time they combined the 2 Yamato 1/48s, and shipping was reasonable, the next time they shipped them separate and it was an arm and a leg. But aside from that, very reliable and good customer service.
  7. Put the Tamashii URL in their search box, they've already reached their allotment.
  8. Max and Milia traditionally have custom super parts, IE red and blue, not the standard color worn by Hikaru and all the CFs.
  9. Those that missed out, don't panic, with each one of these VF-1 DX releases they have been available on release day for a modest markup, don't give into paranoia and the scalpers.
  10. Thanks man, even had time to sign in, (only site I didn't have up)
  11. Not up yet, but keep an eye on Okini Land, they came through for me on Max and Hikaru. https://okini.land/en/search?controller=search&in-stock=1&s=VF-1
  12. Got one Amazon, keep your eye on Okini Land, they've come through for me on the last two.
  13. levzloi


    And it can be yours, you can even pick it up in Cottonwood Heights.
  14. levzloi


    No problem, more comments move it up the list....
  15. Turns out the "screws" are metal pegs with anchoring grooves, they will come out if you slowly and gently pry them up with a small screw driver while turning the laser in a circle. So deconstructing a Yamato VF-1J head can be accomplished. When I'm finished I'll have to post pictures of my finished custom VF-1J Cavaliers.
  16. So I finally followed through on this, and I've included the results in the pictures below (instruction page courtesy of Anymoon.com). I was able to remove the front of the visor and the colored green plastic with just a razor blade and not much fuss. The rest required an overnight soak in GooGone. As you can see it also did a reasonable job softening up the paint for me and I was able to wipe most of it off. Using a razor blade and small screwdriver to attack the joints I was able to carefully pry off the head cap, and then it was easy to split the other pieces. Where I am now, is trying to get the screws/pegs off of the head lasers. Has anyone done this before or assembled the kit? They don't seem to be unscrewing when I use the pliers to twist them, are they just glued metal pegs? Would another GooGone bath do the trick?
  17. Clearly you’ve never taken a pt test.
  18. Mine just arrived, and I can second everything that's been said about the engineering..... WOW! Somebody really earned their money designing this. The good news is the TREAD "should" be much simpler, but I'm sure RIOBOT will figure out a way to over-engineer it. That said, I love it, for now I have him in Soldier mode sitting next to my DX VF-1A Max on my desk. Not a toy by any means, but probably the best transforming LEGIOSS with as few compromises as we're ever likely to get.
  19. I don't drink, so I'm not in danger of alcohol poisoning, but I also don't want my bladder to pop, soooooooooo....... no
  20. If I'm not able to secure this pre-order, I have a still in shipper box unopened MSIB VF-1S Hikaru that I've been saving for barter and I'll trade strait across for a Roy VF-1S. Just putting it out there.
  21. I believe they've already teased the red Legioss, so most likely that next with the green following, and then HOPEFULLY someday a TREAD.
  22. This is an expensive hobby, everybody knows that. I can understand saying to rich for my blood, but at the end of the day this appears to be a fantastically engineered model/toy that is scaled perfectly for the "hopefully" forthcoming TREAD. Anybody who hasn't seen the size of a 1/48 TREAD might be forgiven for saying it's to small, but after you've seen a Toynami Beta (which depending on the reference art is oversized), you understand completely why this LEGIOSS is so small.
  23. Amazon order says arriving July 3-6, hasn't shipped yet.
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