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Found 3 results

  1. ON DAGGER'S WINGS, BOOK ONE OF THE SPIRAL WAR SAGA It was a mistake. A misunderstanding, but, the first contact ignited the galactic war - the destruction of the starship Mallard provoked the bloody conflict between the Universal Confederation of Sentient Beings and the Galactic Federation and changed billions of human and alien lives forever... Peace is a fleeting state, the last written words of Blazer Vaughnt’s father echo through Blazer’s young mind as he comes of age and enters the Confederation Space Force’s Academy. Intent on becoming a pilot and do his part in ending the hard-fought, centuries-long war which cruely stole his parents, he joins the elite Blade Force and their Dagger Space Fighters. Blazer’s journey through the academy will test his loyalty for his new found comrades and, more importantly, his faith in himself. With enemies near, far and unseen encroaching on the Confederation, will Blazer have the courage to rise to the call, gain his wings, fly his Dagger into battle among the stars and end the bloodshed once and for all? On Daggers’s Wings is the first book in the Spiral War sci-fi thriller series, set in a myriad of colony worlds, it follows the adventures of young space fighter cadet, Blazer, as he strives to overcome adversity and extract revenge for his parent’s deaths. IN DEATH'S SHADOW, BOOK TWO OF THE SPIRAL WAR SAGA Darkness can hide in the hearts and past of even the most virtuous. Barely having time to catch their breaths after the Galactic Federation’s attack on the academy, the Monstero Nach proceed into Special Operations training without a clear leader. This place them under the tutelage of the fearsome Telshin Warrior, Tadeh Qudas. The opening salvos of the course will push them all their limits and beyond, and not all of them will make it through. All the while ghost from Blazer’s past emerge to ahunt him and his family. The Electrolites, a cult of Energy Gatherers, though long dead, reach out to follow Blazer and his sister, Jell. Their actions resurrect memories and events, though buried, that threaten not only the siblings, but all the cadets fight for. With their losses mounting the Blade Force will be tested as never before, and even their training might not be enough. In Death’s Shadow is the second book in the Spiral War military sci-fi series, and will take the reader across the Confederation and it’s homeworlds. It opens a new chapter in the Blade Force’s training as threats from within their own borders destabilize all they hold dear. RISING WARRIOR/RISING THREAT, BOOK THREE OF THE SPIRAL WAR SAGA Coverart by our very own Super Ostrich. Things just got real. As the cadets enter their final annura at the academy, they leave the simulator behind to engage in real universe missions throughout Confed Space. Their training will also see the cadets leave the nest and set out on their own to explore a trio of empty solar systems. Once on their own however the cadets fraction, with the “Blue Force” throwing their flag behind the Zithe led Monstero Nach, and the “Red Force” aligning with Cherstin. Meanwhile, an ancient evil, thought relegated to legend, silenty hunts throughout known space. It is a time of transition for the cadet as bitter rivalries come to a head and threaten the lives of the entire class of cadets and the confederation itself. Rising Warrior, Rising Threat is the third book in the Spiral War sci-fi thriller series, set against an increasing backdrop of worlds and locations. It continues the adventures of the Blade Force as they strive to complete their training and bring an end to this destructive conflict. Coming Soon.... ARMAGEDDON'S PALL, BOOK FOUR OF THE SPIRAL WAR SAGA For those of you who don't know, I signed on with a small press publisher last year. It did not go well, and after much heartache and work I have won back the rights to my book series. I am therefore re-releasing (again) under my own imprint. Pick up your copies today, and please leave reviews, they help a great deal with indie authors like me.
  2. Book Two of the Spiral War Saga, In Death's Shadow is now available on Amazon Kindle. Still reeling from the attack on their academy, that cost the Monstero Nach their squadron commander, the cadets proceed into Special Operations training. There they come under the tutelage of the menacing Tadeh Qudas, a fearsome Telshin warrior. Their instruction will be fraught with danger and not all of them will make it through. Forces all around the Blade Force tear at them as they proceed, endangering their lives, loves, and the Confederation itself. Back on their homeworld of Anul, the Electrolites, a long dead cult of Energy Gatherers, sets their sights on Blazer's sitster, Jell. In doing so, they resurrect a ghost from Blazer's family's past that threatens not only the Vaughnt siblings, but all that the cadet's fight for. Only their training can save them, but will that training be enough? Character cover art by our own Greg Lane. BUY NOW Also available: Spiral War: On The Cusp Novella, Book 0 of Spiral War Saga. Jard's job was simple: investigate spacecraft wreckage. He never expected this to lead him to discover a stellar empire that would threaten the Confederation. But investigating a destroyed alien cruiser embroiled him in a political firestorm that would change not only his life, but the whole galaxy. On the Cusp tells a galaxy-spanning tale of first contact gone wrong, seen though the eyes of an engineer as he get swept up in events beyond his control. BUY NOW Still Available: Spiral War Book1: On Dagger's Wings Peace is a fleeting state. The last written words of Blazer Vaughnt’s father echo through his mind after he comes of age and joins the UCSB Space Forces Academy . His hope, to become an officer. He does not join alone and his three comrades from the Navigator’s Guild join him. There they will join the Blade Force and meet the alluring Marda Sciminder., driving a wedge between Blazer and his closest friend. His time at the academy will test his loyalty to his friends and his faith in himself as conflicts arise from within and without. Will Blazer rise to the call and become the leader of the Blade Force? Will he allow his heart to distract him from his destiny? Will he gain his wings and take his Dagger into the heavens to end the centuries long conflict? Character Artwork by our own Alex Villareal, aka EXO. BUY NOW!!! The holidays are coming up and Books make great gifts.
  3. Yesterday morning at about 4:00 AM, I finished episoded 110 of the Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Wow... It took me about three weeks to finish it all from start to end and it was more than worth it. I have to say, without any hesitation, that this is one of the greatest series of all time. More often than not, I can predict fairly well where a show is going and how it will end, but not with this one. It took so many twists and turns along the way that the only thing I could do was just hang on and see what happens next. Plus, how can I not like a setting where the boarding weapon of choice is the battle axe? Anyway, I highly recommend the show for those who haven't seen it yet (there's a petition to bring it over to the US at: http://www.gineigoods.com/form/ . Also, any thoughts or comments from fellow LotGH fans?
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