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  1. I seen DR strange this week and does this movie take place during "Iron Man Two" or CA:Civil War", Or is SItwell's Steven Strange name drop from Winter soldier just a aberration.
  2. I always liked the Faded paint jobs on Russian planes.
  3. I just finished the book it was interesting it had many things about the production of Star wars I was not aware of.
  4. Has any one read any of Carrie Fisher's other Books?
  5. I got a new Cat last night and its already shot down my SV-51 mass production type lost a elevator and one of my canards.
  6. What is wrong with the nozzles on the F-14 model? From what I understand the Iranians ran out of usable AIM-54s during the Iran/Iraq war, and supposedly Jerry-rigged Hawk missiles to launch from the F-14s.
  7. Sorry for using a thread for somthing other than its stated topic. Is the X-Box1 Blue Ray player able to play HD BR/4K disks.
  8. I was able to watch it at my sister, and it seamed like the hole was a almost non issue sorry.
  9. You still have to put your Cable provider into the sight and if you don't have XD they wont let you watch it.
  10. Now I have do decide if waiting a few weeks for them to show Rebels on regular Disney is worth it or just find it on a questionable part of the internet.
  11. They better not make Higgins and Mag best friends/Partners like they did Jack Dalton in Mac giver remake. Speakind of TV clasic remakes did any one catch the CGI/Ghost of Jack lord haunting Steve Margarett of H-50 last night?
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